PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab

How about a building to create Crystal’s? Made available once at least one of each other buildings reaches level 20.

Considering the slowness at which they are offered and keeping in line with that the 3 or 4 days might be a bit tight.

If your going to pay for them through some sort of lab then maybe 7 days would sound more inline with the game.

Has there been any updated news since the December sneak peak on this… especially a potential release date?

I currently have three dozen 4* and 5* heroes stuck at 3^ and have 80+ summonings stockpiled at the portal because, if I use them on top of my regular gameplay I will end up with another 5 or 6 heroes in the same situation.

I desperately need this feature otherwise I will have to stop playing for a while ootherwise I will be playing for no purpose.

Yes, the Alchemy Lab is listed as “Coming Soon” in Beta, and requiring Stronghold 23.

The top post of this thread has the tiny bit of information that’s available: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v22) – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: New Buildings & Titan Battle Items


I think this is the best idea to help improve satisfaction and reduce attrition from the frustration of having heroes u can’t level. I have been trying to fully level Tarlak for months and months, just about ready to call it quits. I have nine fully leveled 5* heroes and only one fully leveled nature hero in a year and a half of playing. I have 4 heroes stuck at 3/70 soon to be 5 since I just started working on Kageburado and 8 more just sitting there because I can’t fully level them anyway.

I think SG is loosing a lot money with people quitting out of the frustration with heroes they can’t level. They are also loosing revenue because once you get backed up with 5* heroes u can’t level you stop doing summons altogether aside from trying for 4* hero you may want.

It doesn’t have to be easy, I think it should take sh20 or maybe sh21 and a level 20 building such as iron storage. I’ve heard rumors that this may actually be the case. Using gems however is a bad idea because you can already buy ascension items and u don’t want to create more division between the haves and have nots. Once players are able to level the heroes they have, SG will get plenty of gem sales from people once again doing summons. It’s been a while since I’ve done any summons, what would be the point when I already have 5* heroes stuck at 3/70 and another collection already sitting there hopeless?

If you could level up a 5* hero in each element every 3 or 4 months, I think that would make the game much more interesting and diversified for each player. They would have fun learning to use different team configurations in wars, events, raids and tournaments. It already takes a very long time to build up your base and getting those first 5* fully leveled. I hope SG realizes that the ascension bottleneck hurts both players and their bottom line.

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The first version of the Alchemy Lab has entered Beta!

=> Click Here for initial information on the Beta version of Alchemy Lab


I don’t know if I’m just being daft here, but I can’t see anywhere to simply “like” your original post. I can like your replies and vote for your original idea, but am I missing something. I am still something of a newbie to the forums (signed up ages ago, just started using it like 2-3 days ago lol). But I always thought myself relatively savvy even for my “old age” as my kids would call it, at 35 :scream:

Top posts in #ideas-feature-requests don’t have a like option — that’s effectively what voting is for.

But you can like replies in the thread, as you noted.

So you’ve got it figured out, even in your old age. :slight_smile:


Since I’m not sure where to make a suggestion I’ll just reply here instead. I want to suggest a training camp 21 to train Atlantis heros and the occasional seasonal heros. I’m personally tired of doing the summons for those groups and getting generic 2 or 3* heros that I can train in the training camps. The only reason I do those summons is to get the better special characters not to keep getting duplicates of the useless ones I use to level up the better heros with. Yes I’m getting tired of the game and its excessive wait times over 2 days for something to complete.

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Dude, I’ll trade your grey hair for my baldness. Let me know.:grin:

Great game guys- have been a daily player for months- only a tiny suggestion- The longer and longer you play you wind up with resources that you don’t need. Of course, that’s always going to be the case unless you can sell them, share them, or trash them. I imagine my character as a bit of a hoarder at this point as I have thousands of common crafting materials that will never be used.

I would love to be able to sell my common herbs back to a shop- it could be a single gold each- just some way of managing my inventory. Alternatively, it would be great to be able to pool resources within a clan or at least share with another person.

Thank you for your consideration and keep up the great work!

Start a market garden and sell them for profit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Brilliant! This needs to be added to keep the game going.

Well our votes were heard and with v23, the Alchemy Lab Let just hope it lives up the the promises.

" * * * Items of lower rarity can be transmutated to battle, crafting, or ascension items of higher rarities.

  • New Item Alkashard added.
    • All Alchemy Lab Transmutations produce Alkashards. Combine 10,000 Alkashards to high rarity items."

If early indications are accurate— the beta does not live up to the request.

Whoopee. at least I don’t have to waste time upgrading it… or even building it.

Do we know when the update will be completed for all players so that the Alchemy Lab and stronghold upgrades are live?

Now that this is live is there a thread with details?

Not me, nope, not willing to go there & have no need to use it. SG did NOT listen to its customers. Anyone who doesn’t upgrade will be much better off. More ham, more iron & less stress! Period.

Que significa AM ?, no logro entender esa referencia. Alguien me puede orientar. Gracias

@Brayden do you specific questions about it?

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