PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab

My iron storage buildings are maxed, but my mines have been 13, 15, 15, & 16 for probably six months, so they sit there maxed. I have only collected the iron from them once or twice in the past four or five months. The iron that I receive through fighting and the Watchtower are more than enough to keep me going. In about two weeks, I will have upgraded every building that requires iron to do so, leaving crafting my only need for it… and I do not need it very often for that.

Hype train:


I just hope it isn’t something too ridiculous or a slap in the face because, let’s face it, all we really want are ways to obtain hard to find AM… am I right?


Hopefully this building allows to either convert multiple 3* items into a 4* item or a 4* item into another 4* item. Using food/iron or maybe gems. If it’s gems It might be useful to purchise VIP again.

And I also hope this will be an entirely new building and not needing to convert an existing building.


I would be delighted to find I could combine farmable 2* ingredients into 3*, and farmable 3* ingredients into 4*. I always need more midnight roots and nuggets.


I read many of long and very detailed answer in this thread and I know that there is also a suggestion/request to develop a market among the gamers.

I think that combining the two ideas/requests about alchemy and market could make the magic in an easier and more sustainable way for everybody included the game editor.


Ascending Material (AM) are rated between 1* and 5*. The common gamer have many items that do not use (but probably, will be useful in the next future because are higher stars AM) while the advanced gamer have a lot of items which are crap for him and got boring finding the very rare AM item.

After all, the Game Editor wish not that alchemy disrupt the items frequency making some quest too easy. Exchanging among gamers is a good way to keep frequencies constant.

Trading could start after level 15, 20, 25, or higher when the player had some kind of experience about the game and community.

*** EXAMPLE ***

Trading 1* AM should be done in 5 pieces at time. The player put this material on bid and wait 1 day others players make a good offer.

Trading 5* AM should be done in just 1 piece at time. The player put this material on bid and wait 5 days others players make a good offer.

As the rule of thumb: higher is the AM’s level and more time the bid stay on the market and less items are required to open the bid.


Trading bid for lowest items (1* and 2*) should limited within the alliance and the currency could be iron or food (gems as universal substitute). This allows people to trade food and iron, as well.

For higher level AM the bid could be national (3* and 4*) and global (5*). Gems became the only currency allowed. As option, the bid could be limited within an alliance in such a way the teamates could help each others.

Confusion about bids and market running could arise. On global scale it could make take over the idea that packages of items would be sold by alliance. Within an alliance, people collect some stuff and offer them on a global/national bid.

Trading fee could be collected by Game Editor.

I hope this help.

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Ya, that is my major request! Everything else I can live with.

@Juzam… This idea is awesome!!! I wish they would implement it. :smile:


I agree with this idea of an alchemy lab, but I was also thinking for converting food and iron well.

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I have five 5* hero’s on my main team that need one ascension mat ingredient to get to the final fourth level and some have been waiting there months. So instead of spending on other things like trainer packs or getting new hero’s I’m not spending a dime unless I can find that rare 600 gem “pick 2” and possibly get the desired item. Even then they so rarely drop what I need I don’t even bother to buy them. So instead of really advancing I focus on leveling up my 3* and some 4* with my self-generated hero’s and grind out titans with little or no reward. Pretty dismal, especially when you can afford to get the right materials and ascend. There isn’t any point in spending on something that never drops though. This game seriously needs another Season to go through to keep it interesting while we wait another month or two for a rare quest to get that one mystic potion or whatever to get our last ascension level. Lord knows the rare titans never drop anything if our clan even kills it. I understand making stuff difficult but making it stagnate and stale is not in the least bit entertaining. We need a way around and a system of transmutation would offer another viable means so long as you don’t make the requirements so asinine that it renders it too as pointless and ineffective as most of the others. Right now all I can do is pray for the rare quest to pop up. fingers crossed


One thing is for sure. If a market place opens up and food and iron can be traded or used as currency then the whole idea of food and iron storage amount caps completely needs to either be removed or altered significantly. There is absolutely no reason to limit people so low in how much raw material they can store. That doesn’t do anyone any good and creates situations for some where even having them going is pointless as clearly many people don’t convert their materials into battle items or leveling up certain buildings so their mines just sit full and the materials are never collected, increased or used.
A market place and transmutation capacity would offer an incentive to grow your city and use materials and buy more stuff and participate even further because of the benefit of creating an economy and adding value to the items possessed would be desired by others therefore eliminating the stagnation that has plagued this game for many for quite some time. I don’t know what the fear is of this, if the devs think it’ll be cutting into profits then you’re flat wrong. Growth and expansion generates financial growth for the company. I don’t know if their excuse is “it’s too hard to develop” then hire some programmers and developers with the vision and experience necessary to bring it to the next level. Excuses are just that, deflection from your shortcomings.
If you create a transmutation option where items and hero’s get consumed to create something different then you create the need to buy even more to build more and trade with others so you’ll need more and play more. If you don’t grow and keep up the “wow factor” and continually create this air of pay to win that so many people harbor a natural disdain for then your game dies in it’s stagnation and client side perception of the providers greed. I’ve seen the loss of interest in games that don’t deliver on the entertainment so many pay big bucks to have…
Ive looked at the upcoming ideas for 2019 and I dont know if the details are lacking but from what I see I’m none to impressed with most of it. The new raid and level specific/elemental requirement events look pretty cool though.
Giving this game an economy and further expansion of customizable options and spells and recipes for other avenues as a means to advance your AM will only expand this games appeal and the money it generates because I love to spend when it’s a good option to invest in my teams. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game. Broaden the options and expand the means to help level the playing fields for each level 1-5 (whatever your desired or afforded choice) and you’ll create an even more entertaining and appealing game. Potentially allowing someone to gain a hero in trade they never would of been able too and getting that player to stay on and play the game longer than they would of been interested in. Suppose their work situation changes during this process and all of a sudden you have a player spending for the first time or spending $100s instead of $10s. They stayed because you offered them a chance to keep advancing instead of being dominated by players who spend a couple thousand dollars a month. It doesn’t totally level the playing field but you give a player hope to possibly finally place in an event of some kind. I think the devs have done a great job at this already with the *3-*5 events but we can do better.
How about introducing a new *6 above legendary. Give the option to ascend another level and level your characters higher. Create dungeons where you can go in with your friends or clan in teams and fight chains of bosses in ever increasing difficulty and with no goofy time limits. That time limit on titans has to be one of the most annoying aspects of that entire encounter considering you’re going to die from the titan anyway, give an extra minute at least, it’s super annoying…
Okay I’m getting way off target, but my point is that transmutation and a trade economy would be a boon for this games players and devs because the two would certainly tied together and generate the buzz and motivation needed which is essential for driving the next chapter of Empires and Puzzles development to a whole new group of players.
I wish I worked for this company as a team lead in development and could help expand it. I would have people hooked on this game playing 30 hours at a time like a cracked out WoW player. We’d have their entire pay check in our account in one night. Hope this all helps. I’m bringing 33 years of gaming experience, hacking, modding and dedication to the table and this is a pretty unique and fun game that I’ve seen many try to emulate, but this one’s still the best.



Unfortunately I quit many months ago.

Happy to see that my proposal has been taken into consideration.

Have a nice day all!


Mystic Tower might be upgraded after the Guard Tower reaches the max level and it could work as trading center to exchange food VS iron and viceversa.

I know many request a way to trade. I would be happy if we had the opportunity to win more ascension items ourselves. Seems I seldom get that chance. I’ve been waiting on ascension items for these 2 for four months now.


Rugged clothes can be very useful. Training manuals are very common but rarely used.

We’ve had two Morlovia quests and the special Morlovia event in the past 4 months so you must have been using tabards and trap tools somewhere.


I kept wondering why there will be need to trade stuff, when we will have Alchemy Lab and Heroes Academy?
Trading stuff seems to be clamoring towards short cuts, and messy affairs, that are not realistic in this game and should be jettisoned.

I think it might be a little premature to assume that trading needs to be fully jettisoned as things stand. However if the alchemy lab works the way we hope it will it might be worth looking at again in time. Until that point I believe that trade and alchemy lab discussions should both continue. In my opinion, if SG has the information and opinions of both topics from players they would be better equipped to make a more informed decision, but that doesn’t mean there are not valid points and counterpoints regarding the alchemy lab, plus I think if and when it is implemented there are still questions that may need answering. Just my two cents on the whole matter of trade and alchemy lab both as it stands.

if you want the game to die, include trading.
There will be holes, there will be exploits, there will be “bad actors” to manipulate the market.

There is no right way to include trading in a game like this.

I’m sorry but, as much as I love the idea of working within my alliance, I have ‘honest intent’ as of right now. However, if I heard of an exploit? I might explore it myself, especially if I knew others were getting ahead. We’ve already seen Russian players and some others get busted for gem hacks, etc…

No. Just no. No trading.

Naivete is the only reason they would add it in.

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There won’t be trading with other players. It’s not even on the table as an option.