Proposal: increased odds for event heroes on repeated pull over time

We all know the very little odds of pulling event heroes, but let me talk a bit about my personal experience. I’m playing since 18+ months and I have constantly tried a 10x pull on the event gates (and sometimes more than one…). While I never got a 5* hero, I had the luck to pulls 2 jackal, one falcon, one hansel, and two gretel, and I’m quite happy with them.

However, the excitement that once came with event gates opening is quite totally vanished. I know well now that the chance of getting a good hero - and in particular one that I miss - are so low that it’s not even worth trying. Last Guardians event I only tried a couple of pulls hunting the panther but no more, and probably will do the same for next events.

So I’d like to share with you a possible compromise solution for long-time players.
It would be interesting if the devs adjust the odds of pulling event heroes according to how many times you tried a pull over time in a gate and how many pulls you did. Let me clarify a bit, and adopt Guardians event as our example.

Guardians gate opened in July, and now in November, and we expect it in March (unless a green reflect event is inserted in rotation before). Now consider this scenario: every time the gate opens and you make a pull, you earn some bonus points, depending on how many pull you did. Obviously devs can place a cut-off that at least N (= 5, 10, 20, ?) pulls are required to obtain the points. Then, after you earned points in say 4 Guardians events (thus requiring at least 1 year of playing), the odds of pulling Guardians heroes are increased in the subsequent gate openings. The increase is proportional to your points.
In this way long-time players will maintain interest in pulling heroes from the gates, hoping to finally get these eluding 5*. The devs also wil be happy, because we’ll continue to spend gems…

Well, something has got to give. Their RNG is set way, way too low. I’ve cancelled my VIP access and just don’t bother spending money any more. It’s more productive to just set my money on fire at this point, because at least fire provides a little heat.

I’ve been playing for well over a year and I only have three 5star characters, with none at max ascension. The only unique summon character that who is above three stars that I’ve managed to pull is Gobbler from Atlantis. It’s not worth wasting money and resources when I know I’m only going to get the same three star characters over and over and over.

If I’m going to spend money on a game like this, I’d much rather spend it on L:GoH because at least they give you a chance to earn powerful cards just by playing.

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