PROPOSAL - Give sense and bonus to player LEVEL


Hello, this time I would like to propose something linked to leveling.

I think that players with an higher level should have some bonuses in order to feel motivated to level up and especially to prevent annoying situations like being pillaged by low level players only cause they had a super combo board.

Some idea:

  1. Reduce Alliance Energy Cooldown. It can be something like:
    10 minutes reduction at level 10
    20 minutes reduction at level 20
    40 minutes reduction at level 30
    60 minutes reduction at level 40
    and so on

  2. Giving heroes stat overall bonuses. It can be something like:
    10% stat bonus at level 20
    20% stat bonus at level 30
    30% stat bonus at level 40
    and so on

  3. Reduce time needed for every craft/training/building. It can be something like:
    5% time reduction at lvl 20
    10% time reduction at lvl 30
    20% time reduction at lvl 40
    and so on

  4. Additional chance to get a 5 star hero when rolling an epic token, legendary training or calling for 300 gems. It can be something like:
    +1% chance at lvl 20
    +3% chance at lvl 30
    +5% chance at lvl 40
    and so on

  5. Looting additional food/iron. It can be something like:
    +10% food/iron at lvl 20
    +15% food/iron at lvl 30
    +20% food/iron at lvl 40
    and so on

Basically, there are several possibilities to explore to give old players an additional reason to remain well connected to the game and to let them feel motivated to continue playing/leveling.
And one of the best “indicators” is exactly the player level: this is a huge incentive also for players who don’t want to spend money but want just to play the game without hitting the “pay to win” wall.

Have a nice day all!


I like this line of thinking a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

As it stands the only benefit to leveling beyond lvl 10 right now is the increased hero capacity and the occational energy refil the leveling it self gives.

It does however need some serious consideration to the possible boosts, so the entire game balance isnt fudged up!

Great post, thought and incentive!


I really like 3 and 4:

Building times are pretty hefty, and everyone wants to get a 5*.

Nice list!