Proposal for heroes

Since many players have a lot of 5* hero duplicates (or even 3 and more), I would like to offer a new system feature. Allow us “disevolve” or “degrade” 5 start heroes. Therefore, players will be able to obtain additional items and resources to upgrade new heroes that they have got, corresponding to a hero’s color. Or, for example, would be great to use, let’s say, 7 heroes of the same color to receive a random same color 5 star hero, with a chance to obtain one of previous months’ heroes.
The same idea might be applied for epic 4* heroes as well

Good idea, but I’d like to add the following:

  1. Disevolving should return only 1/2 of the resources (e.g. disevolving a red 5* should return 2 hidden blades, 3 rings, 0 damascuss blades and 0 tomes of tactics).

  2. Idea to obtain previous month’s heroes - fantastic!
    I’d say three 5* heroes can be combined into 1 5* hero of the same color (but NOT the same hero), with a ~10% chance to get a hero of the month.
    E.g. 3 Horgals can be combined into a random green 5*, but not Horgal, with a (let’s say) 10% chance to get a green hero of the month.

Really, guys.
It’ll motivate players to spend crystals on summoning 5* of a particular color.
Good way to get more money :wink:

I could see that idea working, but getting 3 rings would be insanely strong. I know a number of top players with 4-5 copies of many 5s they haven’t had the heart to throw away. Giving them another 12-15 4 mats would make the game even more P2W. 1 hidden blade and 1 ring would be the most materials I imagine could be balanced.

For top players that’s true.

I’m talking about the player who got Kadilen, evolved her, and after a few days got Lianna.
It’ll take him about 4-5 months to get needed tonics, with average luck (1-2 tonics from titans/chests/vision). A bit long, if you ask me :slight_smile:
But with a return of 2-3 tonics from disevolving Kadilen it’ll be 2-3 months, which is rather more motivating :slight_smile:

P.S. Noone will disevolve a 5* for 1 ring.
No 5* is THAT useless :))
I’d say 2 or 3.

I was reading this idea to say: “Devolving a hero returns half the ascension mats used to evolve that hero.” So you wouldn’t get any rings back unless you had taken that red 5* hero to final ascension. Simply turning in an undeveloped 5* would yield no ascension mats returned.

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Oh, I was reading that as dissolving a 1-1 5* for mats. I agree that if you already spent rings to ascend a hero you should get 3 back.

Of course, it’s a return of already invested resources :slight_smile:
E.g. disevolving 3/70 red 5* will get no rings, 'cause no rings were invested to get 3/70 :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was reading it as “Get rid of your useless 1-1 5*s for ridiculous amounts of mats!” That’s why I thought it was over powered :slight_smile:.

here it is a question of other resources. We disassemble several heroes 5 * and on these resources we collect one 5 * (the same color, but the fallout is random)

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