Proposal for an easy to implement QoL improvement

Hello SG,
can you please implement the following: Let us convert a Lvl 20 Forge to an Advanced Forge. If the player had the Hunters lodge, it will automatically merged into the advanced Forge with no additional costs of iron and food. This forge will have two queues, one for traditional forge items, the other for hunters lodge items. All recipes remain the same, all things already researched in forge or lodge could be crafted.
If a player did not have the lodge, the conversion to an advanced forge costs as many iron, as converting any lvl5 forge to a lodge.

With regards

With this improvement we could use all advanced buildings/features without sacrifieing a farm or mine.


I will say late game you don’t have as much iron need, and the barracks doesn’t need to be left out all the time.

What I’ve done to solve this is I leave the HL AL HA out in he 3 extra forges and then whenever I need to do troops I convert a mine to barracks, do the leveling, then convert it right back.

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While suggestion isn’t bad… but irrelevant for me
I am done with my base
Since, don’t use Barracks all the time, I alternate between : HL, Barracks, 2 Forge-level 5 for mini mana / antidotes.

I m sure most, easily do the same….

Therefore you need an unused builder, many players with SH25 have not maxed all buildings. If you have to level troops for PoV you can not wait two or three days for a free builder.
Even if you maxed all buildings, if you are in acompetitive alliance, you need lots of iron for HA7/5, AL and Lodge. Tornadoes, Dragon Attacs and Timestops will consume a lot too for events and titans.

It should be easy for SG to implement, double or triple queuing buildings ( AL, HA) are already designed, the code could be easily adjusted.

Happy gaming

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I don’t see this happening.

If you have the free builder hiding the barracks most of the time is all you need. Of course some people with SH25 are still building but they will soon finish their base.

You only lose the mine for a few minutes so it doesn’t impact your production to any noticeable effect.