PROPOSAL - Food/Iron INCENTIVE to avoid people from dumping trophies

I think that this is one of the main issues affecting raids: people switching weak defense teams to voluntarily reduce their trophies.

Why people are doing this? Just for 2 reasons: the main one is that in this way they can easily farm insane amount of food. The second reason is to get an easier 40 Heroes chest.

To avoid this behavior I think the only way to do it is to create an additional ladder, a weekly/monthly average trophies ladder.

Rewards would be only food and iron.

In this way, if you want to dump your trophies you are free to do it, but people staying always high in ladder will be anyway incentived to stay where they are because there will be a loot of food/iron coming every end of the week.

Hope this is clear.

Couldn’t be bothered about the food and iron tbh… more interested in the 40 hero chest. Want to turn them over as quickly as possible to increase the likelyhood of that Rare wanted mission over time. That’s where the real good stuff is.

To me the Raids have ALWAYS been about the hero wanted missions. (Food + iron is not a scare resource - you just need patience and it will come… and tbh you can’t play this game if you don’t have patience).

While hero wanted missions can be turned over more quickly by dropping cups, the practice will continue.


If food isn’t a scarce resource, it means you aren’t leveling heroes and troops enough :).

As Infinity say, i put more effort on fill the hero chest compared to have more food.
Fighting people with lot of ham is a huge bonus, but i don’t think i give up on tanking only to get the food.

So i don’t know others, but not working with me.

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Nice dig… :slight_smile:… But not correct.

The constraint on my levelling of troops and heroes is seldom food. The constraint on these is the rate at which I can produce hero fodder and/or find troops. These are pretty much constrained by the game timers - hero fodder takes time to produce, and troop acquisition is a product of farming the map and/or random tokens. Map farming is constrained by the world energy timer.

So while waiting for the timer I’m producing enough food so that when the resources to train my heroes and troops become available (the hero fodder and the fresh troops) then I have more than enough food to meet the training requirements.

Oh… and the other constraint is higher level ascension items… and THAT is why I ‘farm’ hero wanted missions - to increase the rate at which I turn over missions to thereby increase the chance of a rare wanted mission arriving, which has a reasonable chance of providing the ascension items I’m looking for.

Food becomes an occasional constraint, generally after spending a whole bunch on research or an ascension… but it resolves itself naturally as you need to wait for the natural game energy and training timers to expire. The other time it’s a constraint is after a tough event or quest in which you’ve need to consume large numbers of potions to succeed - crafting new ones to get stocks back up is expensive. But that’s only an ocassional and temporary constraint.

Bottom line is: I don’t raid for resources, and I certainly don’t do it for fun. (I find the raid mechanic irritating). I raid for Hero Wanted Missions.


We are quite likely farming different maps then, my alt has been constrained by fodder exactly once and that was because I wasn’t playing much over the course of a week.

The main has never been in that position, I can always burn more food though I did level my barracks faster than I anticipated as I was hitting troop caps with no food dump.

Iron I earn far too much, ham I rarely have enough and there are times I’ve been critically short too.

Can’t say I’ve had this problem… and we are farming the same maps. Evidently you’re doing something different to what I am, or have a different perception of ‘not enough food’.

The maths is pretty simple:
My Cost/Time to produce fodder of a colour with adventure packs: 1 hour and 8500 food.
Over 3 training camps that’s 25500 food commitment to fodder (while I have enough adventure packs).

This only slightly exceeds my food production rate per hour of 19799… but I also earn food while farming maps.

But then I run out of adventure packs and need to use the ‘cheap’ production. That’s 2000 food every 3 hours… over 3 training camps that’s only 2000 food an hour in total… 18,000 per hour under my production rate.

So when I’m in a position to accelerate my hero fodder production I break even in food rate. When I run out and go to slower fodder production my food recovers. When I max a hero and hit a wall because of lack of necessary ascension item then I find myself with too much food.

In short, my experience is that food is not the constraint here. There are times when it’s scarce, yes. If so I put the game down for 8 hours or so and problem solved when I come back to it.

Maybe if I played it obsessively I may hit more of a wall with food… and then may be tempted to raid for food, but (thankfully) I’m not there and food isn’t a problem, so the raiding is for Wanted Missions, not food.

Well one major difference is I don’t do anything except level 1 / 2 training and the extra low cost to fill the rest of them. The color specific ones are a waste of time and resource in my opinion.

I go through ballpark 1M ham a day typically, and the alt is similar.

Touche with your own subtle dig, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who levels heroes faster than I do without either massive rolling and feeding the resultant 3/4*'s, or having a ton of heroes stacked waiting for the next new toy. I strongly suspect your levelling path is a lot slower, especially if I remember your hero lineup correctly, and speed = more ham required.

Good point about training level 1 and 2. I train colour-specific to increase chance to increase special skill, but once that’s maxed then it’s inefficient using colour specific, but I was ‘in the habit’ and had built up lots of rucksacks while all my 4* were maxed waiting on ascension items. (Paradigm shift. Unselected my colour specific and loaded up on Lvl 2. Thanks.)

Very curious to see how you reach 1M food spend a day. (Very impressive, by the way!)

Only way I figure getting close to that is using Lvl1 training. Lvl2 only consumes up to 576K a day.

Doing nothing but lvl 1 will consume 921K food a day with 4 training camps… but would also be needing 120 recruits per hour over those 4 training camps. I don’t see how you’d earn that number of recruits per hour 24 hours a day without hitting world energy constraint. Earning roughly 6 recruits per map battle taking 3 energy per battle means I hit world energy limit after 8 battles, earning 48 recruits. It then takes 240 minutes for that energy to recover.

So I’m constrained by world energy to earn on average 12 recruits per hour. That is ‘somewhat’ less than the 120 recruits per hour I’d need to get anywhere near a 1M per day food consumption.

So am I missing a way of accelerating recruit production? Because that is the constraint here, and not food.

(P.S. For me, spending gems to buy world energy refills is not an option. I’ve undertaken to not spend more money on this game as a matter of principle because I see it as little short of gambling. Not good use of real world money in my eyes. I’ve spent £45 to get where I am and that will be my limit).

You’re not counting the leveling cost of heroes and troops. On the main with 4* level 9, a 10 feed is north of 500k ham alone, and I usually have one troop ham dump a day if I don’t have an ascension to burn through.

Hero’s have similar but much smaller costs (a 5* hero is roughly 1/2 as expensive to level as a 4* troop when they’re both level 1) and that goes up by 100 / level so at level 50 we’re looking at 100k for a 10 feed… and with level 1/2 trainings backed by the other two camps doing extra low cost you’ll wind up with a bunch of heroes a day to feed.

8-7 and 7-7 both have 3 recruits / energy, 7-7 is actually my default non-monster chest filling zone right now since it’s string bonus (which is better than the common herb bonus in province 8 for me anyway), and ascensions to 4^4 or 5^3 cost 442k too. That’s what I meant you are likely farming a different zones, as I’m earning 18 recruits per hour if I maximize that, and I haven’t ever bought WE either. Depending where you are farming that may be impacting your sword / backpack generation too.

Basically I blow through a ton of ham, and the chests are maybe 1/10th of my income. Purple chests, yeah they’re nice but they’re pretty RNGish too, and for me have been less useful than titans at least as far as progression goes.


Yes - hadn’t factored in Hero levelling cost - that explains it.

(For my part I don’t earn enough troops for it to massively impact my food cost - I feed them as I find them, but normally although expensive they aren’t enough to push me to food poverty. Hero levelling cost I’ve always easily absorbed - but I don’t have that many to train. I’m only needing to actively level 2 at the moment - the rest being stuck.)

I guess it’s about focussed (power) levelling of your heroes versus not. I haven’t been finding so many heroes that I’ve reached a position where I need to power level them. I build a single stable of the best I can find and then hit the limit where I can’t ascend them… at which point my problem with food becomes a matter of having too much rather than not enough.

Informative - thanks for the time.


Until the prizes are something people can actually want and utilize the cup dropping won’t stop.

Majority of people scoff at iron unable to use the one they have as is. Food is more needed, but the rewards promised by elemental chests are too enticing for the cup droppers to care about food. Not mention many of them don’t have food problems as is for a variety of reasons (no heroes to train, no troops to train, no ascension materials).

The things people are excited to receive in this game are:

  • gems
  • rare ascension materials
  • golden summon tokens
  • troop summon tokens
  • building reduction time (ha. ha. though this could actually work)
  • unique cosmetic rewards (not everyone, but those are in general a good incentive too)

To a lesser extent:

  • fodder troops
  • fodder heroes
  • big quantities of food

I think until there are cup thresholds to attain some of the actually wanted things the cup dropping will not cease.

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