Proposal: Fix the odds in event summon or Provide a way to use duplicate heroes, especially 4* and HOTM

I am surely not the only one that get screwed in summoning large amount of heroes with the hope of getting an event hero. While other people are very lucky and get a 5* from one 300Gems draw.

This looks completely unfair. I think, statistically speaking, the draws should be much favorable. From 180 draws you get only one 5*. COMMON! I don’t know what the algorithm is but surely needs improvement.

And if you don’t want to do that, just because there will be enough stupid people like me, to keep spending and trying, maybe you can find an alternative of using those useless heroes duplicates of 4* and HOTM. It is very frustrating to feed them to other heroes just because you don’t have space in the inventory.

Something like: trade 5, or even 10 4* or 5* heroes for a guaranteed summon of a 5* hero. That would reduce the frustration of spending tons of gems for almost nothing.

Thank you!

PS You can see my almost failed drawing here: Extremely low chance on drawing 5* event heroes


Serious question:

Are you suggesting that you could exchange 5 or 10 cards for a guaranteed known 5*? Would this only be for Epic (generic) cards, or for Event or HOTM card as well? (10 Event 5* for X other Event 5*)

Wouldn’t this unbalance the game between F2P and P2W?

Interesting idea, though! Hmm…

I would make it something like 10 same 4* give you a random 5* and lets make it 20 for a chance of Event/Hotm

Converting 10 Cyprian could give you anything from Azlar to Quintus (excluding Events and HotM)
Converting 20 Cyprian could give you anything from Azlar to Quintus (including Events and HotM)

Of course, this would immediately give P2W players a massive advantage over F2P. As an F2P player, I would strongly oppose this.

I thank you for your spending. I appreciate you paying for the game that I play. One of the reasons I choose to play it is that I know you won’t just be able to buy success. That is a good thing.

If you really, really want to get a bunch of 5* heroes then you can always spend more - eventually your luck will change. Probably.

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Hi Rook,

What Grendoline proposed is somehow very close to what I was thinking.

What Brobb is saying is also valuable, as some P2W players would be able to assemble a good team fast. Still they have to level up and ascend their heroes. And you cannot but 1* and 2* heroes for leveling and you cannot buy ascension items as fast as you would like.

I am not a strong P2W player, I was pushing for some more gems every month and stop buying when I got the HOTM and at least one event hero. I don’t understand what happened yesterday and why I really wanted a 5* event hero. Maybe I was just frustrated by the 10 3* heroes I got in the beginning and I grew up my frustration. I mean, I spent as muchmoney as the previous 5 months all together.

And my proposal just wanted to give a less bitter ending after such a big spending campaign.

All the best,

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And in order to make it even harder for a P2W player, the number of the 4* heroes needed for a 5* guarantee summon token, can increase. I mean the first one can be 10 heroes, the second 15, and so on. So if somebody is really a heavy P2W player it should increase the pay in order to get something valuable.

Good morning,
I liked the idea, since there are many players with a lot of heroes, (many of them stopped for lack of materials) and to increase the house it is necessary to spend, it would be a good improvement, maybe it was also a good idea to take on a certain number of heroes to exchange for materials of ascent, because it becomes very difficult and frustrating when you spend € to have good heroes and they are months on end stopped …

As a cheap to play player (all I buy are ascension items really) who will never pay to win, I would support some sort of scaling as people invest and roll. The ascension materials needed to make a 5* hero shine are so rare that there is a natural balance there (generally speaking). I’m almost a year in and have about 12 5* heroes (too lazy to look) and 4 fully ascended, one almost there, and another on their way with the mats. I have half o them still sitting at level 1/1!

The pay to win people already have better access to everything anyways because they, well, pay for it and keep the game free for all of us (speaking broadly).

Interesting but … there will be a lynch mob oitside SG offices.

I for one have fed away my duplicates.

To make a change like this will be highly unfair.

You also have limited space so I assume most are in my shoes.

Why have 15 Gormeks, feed then to two. Make this change means if I kept them I would have had 5*s in stead of some level upped Gormeks.

Also Imagine element summon. I do 5 ten pulls and end up with 10 already had 4* Colens as well as an Azlar. No worry pay for the chance of another Azlar with what the summongate gave me, basically giving me a bonus draw.

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id Suggest something like this:

Add summoning tokens that do not exist in the general game - except in extremely rare milestones.

A- Guaranteed 5* hero - random
B- Guaranteed 4* troop - troop

Example: Finish season 1 - get A

Trade ins should give you more chances, but must (MUST) use the existing mechanisms that - while random - have been tested and are supported.

Trade in 3*+ cards for a pull from a special pool to use at the portal, and like skill ups, have what you turn in marganilly improve the odds.

Most turn ins would net very small amounts of Atlantis coins - but there’s always a chance to pull a better token. Example - turn in 10Hotm for a 100% chance at a 5* token… you still may pull Obikan.

It creates a nice overlap between the areas different folks enjoy - TC traders, spenders, etc. and gives an alternative to summon - then eat 10x 3*

The problem with trading is it needs a lot of support, you have to police it and it can be a magnet for lots of different kinds fraud.

Agreed. In other games the odds go considerably higher (guaranteed epic, etc) on large pulls. Especially at how they price this game for gems, it’s immensely unbalanced and unfair. It’s these sort of things that make you have a love/hate relationship with the game and developer.

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