Proposal Development concept Ship,adventures and alliance island (PVE)

I’d like to present an idea or proposals. For the developers of the game. I was wondering where the river came from.Which flows through our fortresses.Then I came up with an idea.Create a Sea and port or maybe Shipyard (There’d be a logical story. How did they get to season 2 or 3? ).

1.We could add a new lumberjack building and a new wooden board material. Used in ship building
or repair. A ship upgrade (it flows faster and takes less time to reach the goal.Take more battle
items for an adventure or more Heroes on ship deck).
2.What if created a new Energy adventure?( energy renewal 7 days) (e.g. Yellow with white ship.
(Something like world Energy,Raid Energy,Titan Energy) We can buy from Gems faster time to get
Back ship whit Crew.(For example, to get heroes back faster, because they are needed) When we
send heroes to the adventure. Then they would be blocked and we wouldn’t be able to use them
for a while. Even during defense against raids or even during an alliance war or tournament. But
enery will be block setting off on another adventure (Block from grinding)).
3.The expedition whit the ship would cost a food and recruits. I think that you could choose the level
of adventure depending on the power of the team.(Finally, at the beginning, Heroes 3* will be
useful for something (just dusting into the hero list).
4.When the ship goes on an adventure it could be randomly attacked by Pirates or Vikings (When
we lose, it’s the end of the trip. We’ll have to fix the wrack ship.)
5.When it reaches the island it will takes time. When it arrives. Will be available a new map with
tasks that we can choose like as on the map of Quests (we can repeat the stages even if we lose.
But with the help of only those heroes we took on board) or Automatic battle with a chance to win.
6.The return of the ship will also takes time. I propose to throw in the prizes better loots of Ascension
Materil 4* and 3* and Emblems.It will takes a lot of time but the prize should be sure or ( if we
complete all stages of the adventure, after returning we will also get random chests with treasures
(Bronze, silver and gold) Whit better loot of (Atlantis coin,Challenge Coin,Costiume key,Legends
Coin,Valhalla Coin,Summon Token,Alkashards).
7.The ship should be repaired after the adventure With using wood.
8.The watchtower should be turned into a lighthouse.It makes more sense than the Tower in the
mountains.Where the castle is bigger than that.
9. New construction areas for building should be created.
10. Another Idea An alliance island could be created. Where colonies could be created together with
members. The allies would put resources on the building. Where resources were transported by
ships from the allies fortress. There could be stages on the island. Where it would pass with the
alliance. Like in war but PvE.
11.Easter eggs related to pirates in films, myths, pop culture
12.Yes, I know there’s an event with the Pirates of Corellia

Maybe something of it will be used from that Ideas.It’s nice as if there’s some freshness in the game.Especially on high levels.The next expansion of the warehouse is boring. You don’t even feel that satisfaction. Cheers, everyone. Would it be nice if you could write down what you think about it? It’s just a sketch of an idea.

A very creative idea. You have a lot of imagination. I like it.



Not sure a port makes sense given where the fortress sits in the map…


They can always make corrections. What is it? Remove the mountain. :smiley: or make a lake.

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Or we could get flying ships…

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Great idea. Like in the Heroes Tower Town.Some idea too. Watchtower make landing zone for Airship (something like Steampunk). They don’t have horses. So every time they go on foot until season 2 and 3? Back to the fortress in the mountains.No wonder why they need so many energy world :smiley: .On a difficult level, they probably take more gear.With airship or a ship.You could make a cheaper Energy world and don’t go around the S1 8.7.Because it’s cheap. it’s just a game everything can be changed.:slight_smile: It is important that this keeps the economy. These are just proposals.Maybe they’ll be used someday.:slight_smile: just cool and interesting to see if something of it is used.

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Capture and tame one (or more) of those dragons that flies past the stronghold all the time. Vivica has a baby, why not introduce big ones too? There’s your flying ship(s). We’d need a dragon stable and a trainer. Level up your dragons until they can carry one or more heroes.


dragons sound great. Just like training heroes 1* 2*.It’s funny.For example, you need 100 recruits and a sharp stone.They murder before one of them stays alive. Then we get the legendary hero.Even the level increase is funny.We have one star hero to train him he had to kill 4 recruits but he has a sword.Then he stands in front of the 5 star hero and dies.The body is probably thrown into the river or eaten. So for such a dragon a lot of human flesh would go to train him.:slight_smile: