Proposal - Cup knockout competition


It would be cool, if we could test our teams (single player not alliance) against other players also in the Cup like competition while we wait the team wars.

It could work f.ex. in this way:


  1. First you would assign your cup team (team should contain only 3*, 4* or 5* heroes). There would be three different cup categories (3*, 4* and 5*) in similar way, like there is at the events. The teams couldn’t be changed after the assignment. If you delete a member of your cup team before the cup ends, you will be knocked out from the competition.
  2. Then system would randomly select your opponent. You will fight against your opponent and the system will calculate the the damage total of both players (real one and the AI controlled). When the other player logs in, he/she re-fights the same battle again. The player whose damagetotal is higher after two matches continues forward and the other player is knocked out from the competition
  3. If the player doesn’t response the cup challenge f.ex. during in the 10 hours, he/she will be automatically eliminated and the other player continues on. Same happens if there’s no opponent left to draw for the single player, but it will be still calculated for the victory in both cses.
  4. Player gets rewards after the certain number of victories.
  5. When there’s f.ex. only 16 players left in each category (and after that 8, 4, 2) the battle drawings are made in real time (f.ex. 10 pm CET) so everyone will see them and everyone can watch from the cup table how the cup gets in the end.

The cup adds the surpise element in the game. The potential winner candidate could get tough opponent at the very early stages of Cup and be knocked out, but with the good luck the weaker team could get relatively far and win the boosts for his/her team. Cup winners would win the rewards and the glory and honor. He/she could also earn a permament small badge at his/her portrait.