Proof of elemental chests (loot) being random

hi. my first post. i am level 56. i open 3-4 chest a day.
i have about 3 elemental chest a month
since xmas I fill them in “harder” boss level from s2
and also with as much enemy color from raid as possible (farming a team 3 times.when he has 2 color i need for exemple)
so I finish a elementchest within 6-12hours with about 10-20ennemies from raid (depends of using stamina potion or not)
and good news for me, i have ascending meterial for about 40-50% of my chest.
so I get about 2 ascending material per month from element chest.

I will track my elementchest from now
with rewards picture

it could be random n i am just lucky since 6months.
but my rewards looks far better since I do it like that.
i am in the french expert chat in game.most of time.

PS . i am a free player. the game is good with me. quite fair to free players.

since the beginning i ve got
20 damascus
21 telescop (for blue)
23 tonic (for green)
24 mystic ring (red)
23 darts (holy)
18 tabard (dark item)
20 tome tactics

I am doing well with titans 10-12
rank A+ to B

That is actually very low… I also have 3 elemental chests each month, if you look at my elemental chest rewards in previous posts (I fill them in lower level of season 1):

  • I have ascending material for about 90% of my elemental chest.
  • I get about 4-5 ascending material per month from element chests.

They are good source of it.

i am talking only about 4* ascending meterial.
can you count how many did u get and what level are u? it could help us.
i ve get about 130 x 4* AM with 20months of game. so about 6+ per month

If we are talking specifically about 4* AM then we had the same rate from chests.

Unfortunately I don’t keep track of the source of it and I only keep track of my elemental chests reward from March, so it can’t be used to be evidence that the OP wanted.

I am a level 40 F2P with 7.5 months playing time, I only fought 8-9* titans, and I have not completed Atlantis Hard which give a lot of 4* AM. Currently I have 54 4* AM (7.2 4* AM/months).

to know. u just have to add the 54 AM to 8AM for each legendary unit u have evolve
1 damascus + 1tome tactics + 6 item of colour
if you have 10 legendary cards maxed for exemple : 54+80 items

I have not ascend my legendaries… so it is 54.

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