Proof of elemental chests (loot) being random

So many words to say nothing.

While I can’t personally think of a time where there was better loot for doing the ‘boss’ levels on the map, there was certainly a time when silver tokens and farmable 3* items were NOT in the rewards so maybe there was a possibility (though I never experienced this). Not joking, it used to be all unfarmables and 3 gold tokens (troop or hero) in every, single, one.

The devs have gone on the record saying they never nerfed the elemental chest loot, but there may be a technicality where whatever algorithm or loot table they used resulted in the downgrading of tokens and unfarmables as a result of increased loot rolls being added (emblems, atlantis coins, etc.). In that way, it is true they didn’t nerf it. Or maybe it is a bug they don’t want to acknowledge or something else.

I can say that I am experiencing more farmable 3* ascension items since emblems were added.

My dataset is a year getting garbage elemental loot from both 8-7 and some of the best red Elite enemies on the board. It makes no difference.

You trying to get a rise out of me cupcake?

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These my girl got filling fire today from S2

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That is two 3* unfarmable AM, epic tokens, titan flask, they are nothing new to me despite never filling my chest upward of S1:10-6. I don’t keep track of epic token but I do remember that I have experience 3 epic token too.

I got one 4* and one 3* unfarmable by filling it in S1 province 7/8.

Map Date 4☆ Unfarmable 3☆
7-5 (Boss) 6-Mar-19 Mystic Rings Orb of Magic
7-5 (Boss) 16-Mar-19 - Orb of Magic
4-1 25-Mar-19 - Fine Gloves, Warm Cape
10-6 (Boss) 8-Apr-19 - -
8-7 14-Apr-19 Damascus Blade Trap Tools
7-4 24-Apr-19 Damascus Blade Trap Tools
10-6 (Boss) 8-May-19 - Sturdy Shield

See the number of unfarmable AM in the table, I got two 3* unfarmable by filling a chest in S1:4-1 compared to just one 3* unfarmable from filling two chest in S1:10-6.

The fact that our experience are contrary to each other mean that there is no difference when combined.

Why don’t we ask the people who posted in this thread?

@_John_Doe , you seems to get many fire chests, did you fill it at province 4 or province 19/20?

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Season 2 - 3/4 or 3/8

It seems your result is not as good as this one despite filling from S2 too:

its about am (4* mainly), not eht. you’ll see later in the game.

also its random…

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I think the elemental chests have been nerfed again recently (probably early 2019). I used to get 3 gold coins (hero or troop) almost every time. Now I get pretty much a minimum of 2, sometimes 3 of the common summons silver coin. And it seems more red books and less 4* ascension loot. I am not logging, sometimes I fill with the boss monsters or regular ways. That doesn’t seem to matter as Eddard pointed out, but it certainly seems to have nerfed in general for everyone in our alliance.

hi. my first post. i am level 56. i open 3-4 chest a day.
i have about 3 elemental chest a month
since xmas I fill them in “harder” boss level from s2
and also with as much enemy color from raid as possible (farming a team 3 times.when he has 2 color i need for exemple)
so I finish a elementchest within 6-12hours with about 10-20ennemies from raid (depends of using stamina potion or not)
and good news for me, i have ascending meterial for about 40-50% of my chest.
so I get about 2 ascending material per month from element chest.

I will track my elementchest from now
with rewards picture

it could be random n i am just lucky since 6months.
but my rewards looks far better since I do it like that.
i am in the french expert chat in game.most of time.

PS . i am a free player. the game is good with me. quite fair to free players.

since the beginning i ve got
20 damascus
21 telescop (for blue)
23 tonic (for green)
24 mystic ring (red)
23 darts (holy)
18 tabard (dark item)
20 tome tactics

I am doing well with titans 10-12
rank A+ to B

That is actually very low… I also have 3 elemental chests each month, if you look at my elemental chest rewards in previous posts (I fill them in lower level of season 1):

  • I have ascending material for about 90% of my elemental chest.
  • I get about 4-5 ascending material per month from element chests.

They are good source of it.

i am talking only about 4* ascending meterial.
can you count how many did u get and what level are u? it could help us.
i ve get about 130 x 4* AM with 20months of game. so about 6+ per month

If we are talking specifically about 4* AM then we had the same rate from chests.

Unfortunately I don’t keep track of the source of it and I only keep track of my elemental chests reward from March, so it can’t be used to be evidence that the OP wanted.

I am a level 40 F2P with 7.5 months playing time, I only fought 8-9* titans, and I have not completed Atlantis Hard which give a lot of 4* AM. Currently I have 54 4* AM (7.2 4* AM/months).

to know. u just have to add the 54 AM to 8AM for each legendary unit u have evolve
1 damascus + 1tome tactics + 6 item of colour
if you have 10 legendary cards maxed for exemple : 54+80 items

I have not ascend my legendaries… so it is 54.

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