Proof of balance of war not working

First off, thanks to the devs for trying, but if anything, we’re getting worse mismatches since they “fixed” the balance problem. Proof? I do statistics for fun, and make databases of each war. I didn’t start saving them until the last 9 wars, but I keep track of everything. Since I didn’t save the first bunch of war databases, I don’t know exactly how many we’ve had total, I’m guessing about 15? In every single one of them, my team has been the underdog. The average level of all the members of each team, this war they average 4 levels above us. That’s a huge difference. Alliance scores? In 15 wars, we have never had a higher Alliance score. I can see if we were the underdogs 4 or 5 times in a row, but 15 out of 15 (or however many it’s been)? We’re a little over halfway through this war, and we’re losing by over 1500 points. Kinda takes the fun out of it. I’d be happy to not be the underdog in one out of 10 wars, my team would be thrilled at that, how messed up is that? The fact that we’ve actually won some of these things is frankly amazing.
Love the game, love the CONCEPT of wars, but we’re like a group of 10 year olds fighting a group of teenagers, over and over and over ad nauseum. Maybe give us a break one of these times?


This is great news!

According to @mhalttu, and SGGs analysis of the wars since the match-making changed, the matching is better than ever.

And he specifically asked for wars/situations where the matching fails. And boooom, here you are with fresh and meticulously recorded data.

Send it to SGG so they can look at it and improve.

Now wasnt this a good start to everybodys weekend? :slight_smile:


I think sg will give it more time before they make more changes.
But the picture you paint sounds familiar. We won the last war… Just, but my alliance and our opponents were close alliance score wise this time our opponents are about 5000 points in front.
We are getting kinda slaughtered.
Now this could be a one off, but if this is how things are going to be for us and alot of other alliances, I can see people not bothering with war at all.

They never said they were using top 5…just tope heroes of each alliance member - could be top 1, 5 or something else. IMO, why not take top 30? We all need 30 to use all six flags. If someone doesn’t have 30 because they are new or at low level, use base score as if they grabbed 2* out of training… Something in change made match making in wars worse from what I’ve seen - definitely agree there.

Petri has confirmed in another thread that the top 30 heroes of each player is one of the matching criteria. We still don’t know exactly how they use that data for matching.

“And he specifically asked for wars/situations where the matching fails. And boooom, here you are with fresh and meticulously recorded data.”

Seriously? How about this:
That’s up to about an hour ago, and I have more data than that. For the last 10 wars. Names have been changed to protect the innocent…

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I’ll put up an updated database when the war is over. As of this database, we still have more attacks left then them, but it’s not going to make a difference, we’ve been here before…

Here is the post I’m referring to

We overpower our opponent by quite a bit but they had higher top teams. We are winning by 1500 but 1k of those points are from me and my smart play with my flimsy ranks (I have a 2713 defense team, a few more 3 50 3*, a few 3 40 2*, a couple more 1 1 4* and a whole roster of various level 1 3*. I play smart and color stack to clear low power teams in a few moves). It’s still a ton better than the last war where we literally faced three 3500 teams and didn’t score 100 points to their 4800. To put it in perspective I have the most powerful team in my alliance and at 1400 cups I have nearly double the next person behind me at 800 and we only have 5 silver or above players.

War is over, here’s the final:

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Another war, we’re underdogs again. What’s that, 16 for 16? Here’s what we’re looking at:

Their average level is almost 3.5 points above our average. They have 3 more teams than us. And their alliance totals are over 5000 above ours. We just lost a player because he was so fed up, figured the odds had to be better elsewhere. Sure is fun to know we lost before the fight has even started!