PROJECT --- Elemental chests loot analysis

I can add around 35 chests. Have the data in an excel sheet is there a way I can get this to you in bulk without filling out the google form for each one?

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@Dorkus that would be excellent!
Mail to

Hi @Dorkus, just want let you know that I have one question for you in email and that I merged your data with the previous one! Thanks for your help.
I would appreciate if from now on (next elemental chest) you can start putting the data in the google form once you get the chests (should take 1 min to complete each) as it would help me to get it quicker.
Thanks again!

Is that all from 1 account since September 2019?

It ended up being 40 chests, almost exactly 1 year of tracking (Jan 2019-Jan 2020) with 9.3 days average (min: 4, max: 17) between chests- agrees with the other forum about elemental chests intervals. However, I don’t feel the data shows strong correlation between skipped (gems to accelerate) chests and elemental chests appearing more often- but honestly need someone better at stats to help verify as there are two inputs (both monster and raid skips) to one output (days between elemental chests). Please reply if you can help I would like to write a lengthy forum post about the tracking over a year. Of the 40 chests I only got 6 4* Ascension Materials. So those are pretty darn rare even in rare locations.

There are multiple person tracking their elemental chests in this thread, some of them have more than 1 year of tracking:

@zephyr1 often use gem skip but I don’t know how frequent or which of monster or raid that is skipped. He got 42 in 2019.

In 2019 I got 39 without skipping.

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I have just started tracking at the start of 2020. I have had three so far this month. Does anyone need me to chart my loot for any reason?

If you can put what you got in the Google form it would be great! If you have the date in which you got them even better (it is a voluntary question in the Google form)

I took videos of the loot when I opened the chests so I have the dates and everything

Excellent! Your help will be appreciated!
There is a small group of guys putting their data so we should have a good sample size in some weeks. If you can do it from now on it would be perfect

I am confused on where I am entering my data.

Is it still limited to the elemental chest from September 2019 onwards?

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here buddy Elemental chest form

I guess it is so as to preserve the information, however if you want you can send me previous data and I can do a data analysis of it to see if it looks like having the same proportion as current chests (before keys were introduced)

Thanks I will keep track and enter all Element chest data until I hear otherwise…:sunglasses:

Unfortunately, I only have AM data:

No Element Source Date 4☆ 3☆ (Unfarmable)
1 Nature Raid 6-Mar-19 1 1
2 Nature Monster 16-Mar-19 0 1
3 Fire Raid 25-Mar-19 0 2
4 Holy Monster 8-Apr-19 0 0
5 Ice Monster 14-Apr-19 1 1
6 Dark Raid 24-Apr-19 1 1
7 Holy Raid 8-May-19 0 1
8 Holy Monster 18-May-19 0 2
9 Holy Raid 24-May-19 0 2
10 Nature Raid 1-Jun-19 0 1
11 Holy Monster 11-Jun-19 0 1
12 Fire Raid 21-Jun-19 0 1
13 Ice Monster 25-Jun-19 0 1
14 Ice Raid 3-Jul-19 0 1
15 Nature Raid 15-Jul-19 0 1
16 Nature Raid 24-Jul-19 0 1
17 Nature Raid 4-Aug-19 1 0
18 Nature Monster 9-Aug-19 0 2
19 Nature Monster 17-Aug-19 0 1
20 Nature Raid 24-Aug-19 1 0

The other forum post has become difficult to read with everyone posting in different formats. @ierazo’s approach to aggregating data entry with the google form should yield more concise results . If the Elemental Chests Summary graphic can occasionally be updated and included in the original post (high on the page) that would be pretty powerful. :+1:

As an aside:—
Rare titans appear at almost the same frequency as elemental boxes, average of 10 days with min of 4 and max of 17. Rare quests (at least the Rare quests of old- you can tell SGG has recently been pushing those when they might interfere with high World Energy events like Challenge events or Atlantis (thx SGG, that’s just polite!) are about the same interval.

So in addition to my elemental box appearances not being closely related to when I accelerated boxes and when I didn’t, the similar timings of these events is another reason I suspect the appearance of elemental boxes might be controlled with a random timer with min and max value instead of based on a chance per spawned box.

I will check at it tomorrow, but I already have some updated results to show with some extra data that I may post soon

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From my experience, probability seems to be higher in raid chests, but that is far from certain as of now

Looking forward to your update. I think my titan box appearances might skew your data! (7 of 40 appearances were in titan slot).

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