I started new alliance for people who did not find right fit. I did try to find home, but noticed that established alliances have exclusive core group. Rules are not always apply for them. Their interest go first. Secondly most of them reluctant to any changes. Something worked for them long time, but doesn’t work any more with new rosters, members and etc, but they hang on old way doing things. New Project BadUs will try to bring all wisdom from travelers and established new way of doing things where advanced players could use their own judgement and don’t need to be micromanaged! Let’s build our BadUs team together. JOIN Project BadUs or contact me Line Brooklyn_gal.


Hi & Welcome Tsunami!

I tried to lookup your alliance and found 1 member in Project BadUs, have you had any luck yet?

If not, maybe you would consider a merge with Gozen’s Goons. We are a new alliance, but have seasoned members. The core of our group was frustrated with previous lack of leadership and banded together to move forward. We are a fun & active group and also use WhatsApp for Q&A and togetherness!

Good luck on your quest!
Peace & Unity,
One Brooklyn girl to another

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