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I have 2 game accounts on empires one at liv44 the other liv16, yesterday morning around 9 I entered the game with the liv44 after a few minutes the game disconnected me, and cleared the progress, I wrote more mail yesterday to support, I they replied that because of many blocked accounts it takes a long time to give me an answer, I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall, I tried to uninstall play games and reinstall, but every time I try to get into liv44, the shermata goes out to create a new id instead with liv16 I can enter the game without problems, I noticed that I was also changed the number of id of the game I would like to know who to contact to solve the problem and if you can recover the progress of the account

Ever tried to get through the tutorial and then connect to your old Profile?
Worked for me after I got a new phone. Made tutorial and then connected to Google Play account.


I tried to do all the possible procedures, but without any useful results, thanks for the advice

Unfortunately no one on the forum can help with individual account issues. You’ll just have to wait for support to get back to you I’m afraid.

I have already written and will continue to write until I solve the problem, I spent a lot of money and I do not get ripped by them, I am also willing to go legal, since I have all the receipts of payment, must guarantee the security of the account since to have good heroes and material to complete them you have to spend money

I’m just a player like you, and I’m certainly not a lawyer, but I’d recommend you a) wait for support to get back to you, and b) carefully review the Terms of Service, before considering legal action.

thanks for the advice, first aspect answers from the supportho uncle a lawyer and he will see if 'you can take legal action

@Kki78 make sure your device is logged into the correct Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android) account. All the information is stored there, so once you log into the correct account and clear E&P out of memory, forcing it to restart the app, you should be able to bring up the correct account.

Trying to bounce between two accounts on one device is a PITA. I know play my main solely on my iPad and my alt solely on my iPhone. Makes for a lot fewer headaches.


I tried to do the procedure indicated by you and I 'create a new account I put a screen on the home page when I put the account of the lost accountScreenshot_20190304-204934_Google%20Play%20Games

I tried to do the procedure indicated by you and I 'create a new account I put a screen on the home page when I put the account of the lost account

Sorry, I’m outmf my depth—I’ve never used an Andriooid device, and certainly not one in Italian.

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sorry my e-mail mailbox was stolen and they put that picture

I removed the photos, thanks!


Thanks for the quick change…i am a big Girl and don’t bother but I am sure others do :wink:

this photo that was put worries me, my google account has been hacked I’m afraid that someone has even canceled the progress of my game account,:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

That seems highly unlikely, that someone would be interfering with your game. Your game account exists server side, not client side. The most someone could do, even with complete physical access to your cellphone, is sign you out and delete the game off your phone.

Certainly, if you think your password with Google is compromised, you should change it right away and contact Google for further assistance.

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