Progress from Two Years as FTP

thanks again for starting this thread @Noble_Weasel , and I shall add mine as I think your purpose was to make it a master thread.

I missed my 2nd anniversary, apparently I first downloaded the game 3rd September 2018… I do remember not playing very much at the beginning, at least until a lucky EHT got me Gormek AND Aegir both in one go some time in October… and Proteus came along in November (also very memorable because I was on a trip to Bordeaux then :wink: )

FTP credentials: I’ve spent only twice. A 2.99 EUR gem deal that got me Lancelot when I was new to the game, and a 3 EUR (approximately) Christmas deal (the Rudolph’s deal) for VIP.

I’ve been called out before for not being truly FTP, but in my mind it’s not a continuing spend… and 6 EUR is like a couple of fast food burgers so… not to mention my FTP rebellion brethren have fully welcomed me as an FTP, so there :wink:


  • I always keep one copy of every unique hero. I don’t care how “useless” they are (hello Vlad, Dawa, Prisca). I will make space. And if I have surplus (at least 12) of a 3* mat, I ascend any 4* (hi Agwe, Gobbler!) Haven’t had that “problem” with 5*s though.
  • 24 unique 5*s, and 4 dupes
  • 3 costumes (Joon, Sartana, Richard - coincidentally all also have dupes)
  • of the 24 uniques, 15 are vanilla; 6 HOTM; 2 Seasonal; 1 Atlantis. Zero Challenge Event and Valhalla (so far, there’s always hope eh?) 15 have been ascended, and I could ascend a Purple, a Green and a Red today if I wanted to.
Click here for breakdown of my 5*s
  • 15 vanillas (Sartana +5, Domitia 3/70, Obakan 2/60, Joon +7, Justice 1/2, Leonidas 3/70, Isarnia +4, Magni 3/70, Richard 3/70, Elkanen 2/60, Kadilen 3/70, Horghall 2/60, Azlar +0, Marjana +7, Elena +7)
  • 6 HOTMs (Seshat +7, Aeron +2, Malosi +7, Aegir +9, Gregorion +6, Margaret +5)
  • 2 Seasonals (Lepus +6, Rana +2)
  • 1 Atlantis (Inari +6)
  • Zero Challenge Event and Valhalla 5*s thus far, ah well.
  • Observations on Color: 5 Purple, 6 Yellow, 5 Blue, 5 Green, only 3 Red. And Red is the only color where I don’t have a non-Vanilla! Yellow is arguably my “luckiest” with 3 non-vanillas, but I have 2 each in Purple, Green and Blue so it’s close. Except for poor Red (ahem Gefjon maybe you’ll jump into my roster…)
  • Missing 5 vanilla 5*s total, one per color (what are the odds? don’t ask me, I’m terrible at calculating odds). Lianna, Vivica, Thorne, Khagan, Quintus.
  • 4*. I have 34 uniques, 18 dupes, and 9 costumes. I used to have triples of some top vanillas, but fed them away in favor of roster space. And anyway, in war I’m building up to 2 strong mono teams per color, which is a long-term goal in and of itself, so dupes suffice.
    • of the 34 uniques: 22 vanilla (I have them all), 6 Atlantis, 2 Challenge Event, 3 Seasonal, 1 Valhalla because the Valhalla portal loves laughing in my face. (on the other hand, 5 dupes are non-Vanilla including Proteus and Hansel and Lady Wooly, so…)
Click here for breakdown of my 4*s
* 22 vanilla (I have all the vanillas). 
* 6 Atlantis (Proteus +19, my star; Triton +7, Gadeirus +3, Danzaburo +1, Agwe 4/10, Gobbler +0)
* 2 Challenge Event (Lancelot +15, Hansel +15 - him I chased)
* 2 Seasonals (Jack O'Hare +9, Valeria +5, Lady Woolerton +15 - her I chased)
* 1 Valhalla (Shadereave +1). My Valhalla luck has baan abysmal. 
* Notable vanillas are Sabina +20, Rigard +15, Tiburtus +9, Sonya +20, Kiril +11, Li Xiu +15, Wu Kong +1, Caedmon +15, Melendor +9, Boldtusk +15, Gormek +12, Scarlett +11. Less used are Cyprian +3, Chao +3, Hu Tao +1, Boril +1, Grimm +13 (now that I have Isarnia), Little John +11 (now that I have Hansel), Skittleskull +10, Kasshrek +0, Colen +2, Kelile +3
* of the 18 dupes, 5 are non-vanilla (Proteus, Lady Wooly, Hansel, Valeria, Jack O'Hare). the other 13 are mostly key vanillas: Tibs, Sabina, Rigard, Li, Chao (for Yellow depth), Caedmon, Melendor, Sonya, Kiril, Grimm, Scarlett, Gormek, Boldy. So far dupe Chao and Grimm haven't come out for war yet; and dupe Sonya I often use alongside her sister in my mono Blue (too many $%!&#(! status casters and buffers in Diamond!)
* 9 Costumes: most are for heroes I have dupes of. Tibs, Li, Caed, Mel, Sonya, Boldy + Skittles, Boril, Kash
  • 3*. I have one of every vanilla 3*, all costumes so far except Renfeld and Belith.
    • Only dupes are Pixie (great for triple bosses!), Kvasir (still debating), Tyrum (same logic as having dupe Sonya and Caedmon), and Brienne (ditto, used to use both on lower-level Titans).
    • Other non-vanillas are: all of the Atlantis 3*s; 4 Seasonals (Vlad, Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Hisan), 2 Challenge (Pixie, Shrubbear), 7 Valhalla (An-Windr, Bjorn, Ei-Dunn, Nordri, Jarvur, Sudri, Kvasir). Not gonna break it down further, I’m tired :stuck_out_tongue:

Stats: I am a proud member of my alliance, but I’ve blurred the name as we’re a private group and don’t want to have to turn folks away. But shout outs to @TGW @Muchacho @amrath @Saphirra and @sft1965 :slight_smile: and everyone else in the alliance is just as fine as these folks.

  • That 116k Titan hit was on a 2* Red Titan, for perspective. Lepus, Isarnia, Kiril, Nordri and Wu! Though I also got a 114k on a 3* Purple, with Isarnia, Wu, Joon, Inari and Rana.

  • Those 2796 cups got me to rank 3 in Netherlands, rank 231 globally. I don’t usually aim to have a lot of cups (too stressful for me), but I was happy when it happened and pushed as far as I could go without flasking just too see.
    * Challenge Events. I’ve stopped competing because it takes too much time. But for a few months, I was able to push into Rare Top 10000, Epic Top 5000 and Legendary Top 10000 with a few flasks.

  • Also a proud veteran of the Class Quest all-Vanilla challenge. Some of those were downright brutal!