Progress from Two Years as FTP

@Noble_Weasel I understand what you mean - I have come to notice that as well; those mana controlling heroes is a pain to go up against too! I got Kvasir, and he has really been a great help for me during those rare quests. Until stronger heroes comes along, I think he is the best asset I have. I do miss those ascension mats too, currently, but all in good time. I read somewhere this is a turtle race, which is very accurate and good to keep in mind. I can´t wait to be where you are :slight_smile: Thank you again!

@Quinn3 Thank you for weighing in, Quinn - I read that multiple places too, and have been focused on reaching that point as well. Slowly building my base, I believe my Stronghold is at level 16 now, but my storages could use some love, as they are sitting on level 11! Thank you :slight_smile:

@sleepyhead Wauw, that is super lucky! Congrats :slight_smile: Ah yes, I came across Sabina too, and spotted she can dispell buffs as well, so she is high on my list to level, once I find the materials I need. I went up against a rare Titan that had a nasty debuff, that absolutely needs dispelling.
The forum has been so helpful to me as well, and it´s a lot of fun to keep getting better and obtain more and more knowledge. Thank you :slight_smile:


@Gwniver Sabina is brilliant, I have her at +20, she was my first hero to reach that. Great attack stat too :slight_smile: She and Proteus were on all my raid teams and almost all my map teams, when I was starting out. keep that great attitude, and keep learning and building your team, sounds like you are well on your way!

you will eventually need to upgrade storages :slight_smile: I do recommend prioritizing training camps, once you get one to level 20… that’s where most of my 4* and 5* came from


Ooh, good to know, lucky me, then! :slight_smile: Thank you, yes, I have just begun to upgrade them all - it makes sense to have most buildings close to each others level - aside from all the forges, isn´t that so. Yes! I really need to get those troops out of my Training Camp so it can be levelled a bit too, it has been sitting on 13 for too long. :slight_smile:

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the game kind of forces you to upgrade storages from time to time :stuck_out_tongue: some building upgrades (or researches of training / forge) will require more food or iron than you can currently store, so that means you have to upgrade the storage at that time.

it is definitely a turtle race :slight_smile:


18 October 2020 (2nd year Anniversary):

Click for Hero Progress.

Rare-Epic-Legendary Heroes Collected:

Element Quantity
5 Fire 7
Nature 7
Ice 10
Holy 5
Dark 17
Total 46
4 Fire 53
Nature 40
Ice 40
Holy 39
Dark 44
Total 216
3 Fire 142
Nature 214
Ice 152
Holy 133
Dark 194
Total 835

Hero List (Non-Dupe):

Element Hero Level Costume
5 Fire Mitsuko 4/80+13 -
Marjana 4/80+12 -
Tyr 4/80+6 -
Noor 4/80 -
Azlar 3/70 -
Elena 3/70 -
Nature Lianna 4/80+11 -
Elkanen 4/80 -
Kadilen 4/80 -
Ice Ariel 4/80+12 -
Vela 4/80+10 -
Magni 4/80+8 -
Raffaele 4/80 -
Isarnia 3/70 -
Misandra 2/60 -
Thorne 2/60 -
Richard 2/60 -
Holy Joon 4/80+11 4/80+11
Vivica 4/80 -
Leonidas 2/33 -
Dark Sartana 4/80+11 -
Clarissa 4/80+9 -
Aeron 4/80 -
Thoth-Amun 3/70 -
Domitia 3/70 -
Obakan 3/70 -
Quintus 2/50 -
4 Fire Boldtusk 4/70+20 4/70+20
Guardian Falcon 4/70+20 -
Gormek 4/70+20 -
Scarlett 4/70+20 -
Kelile 4/70 -
Colen 4/70 -
Sumitomo 4/54 -
Nature Caedmon 4/70+20 4/70+20
Melendor 4/70+20 4/70+20
Little John 4/70 4/70
Jack O’Hare 4/70 -
Gadeirus 4/70 -
Skittleskull 4/70 -
Kashhrek 4/70 -
Gobbler 4/61 -
Ice Kiril 4/70+20 4/70+20
Sonya 4/70+20 4/70+20
Grimm 4/70 -
Triton 4/70 -
Boril 4/70 -
Agwe 4/54 -
Mireweave 1/1 -
Holy Mist 4/70+20 -
Wu Kong 4/70+20 -
Hu Tao 4/70+20 -
Li Xiu 4/70 4/70
Danzaburo 4/70 -
Chao 4/70 -
Gullinbursti 4/58 -
Dark Tiburtus 4/70+20 4/70+20
Proteus 4/70+20 -
Rigard 4/70+20 -
Sabina 4/70+20 -
Ameonna 4/70 -
Gafar 4/70 -
Cyprian 4/70 -
Stonecleave 4/63 -
Fura 1/1 -
3 Fire Hawkmoon 3/50 3/50
Azar 3/50 3/50
Ei-Dunn 3/50 -
Sudri 3/50 -
Namahage 3/50 -
Rudolph 3/50 -
Jahangir 3/50 -
Nashgar 3/50 -
Nature Friar Tuck 3/50 3/50
Berden 3/50 3/50
Carver 3/50 3/50
Belith 3/50 3/50
Brienne 3/50 3/50
Grevle 3/50 -
By-Ulf 3/50 -
Muggy 3/50 -
Hisan 3/50 -
Mnesseus 3/50 -
Isshtak 3/50 -
Ice Jarvur 3/50 -
Karil 3/50 3/50
Gunnar 3/50 3/50
Nordri 3/50 -
Gato 3/50 -
Ulmer 3/50 -
Valen 3/50 -
Graymane 3/50 -
Holy Bane 3/50 3/50
Kvasir 3/50 -
Melia 3/50 -
Arman 3/50 -
Kailani 3/50 -
Gan Ju 3/50 -
Dawa 3/50 -
Dark Prisca 3/50 3/50
Tyrum 3/50 3/50
An-Windr 3/50 -
Bjorn 3/50 -
Guardian Bat 3/50 -
Gill-Ra 3/50 -
Chochin 3/50 -
Oberon 3/50 -
Renfeld 3/50 -
Balthazar 3/50 -
Click for Troop Progress.

4☆ Troop Collected:

Element Type Level
Fire Mana 24
Critical 13
Ninja 1
Nature Mana 28
Critical 1
Ninja 1
Ice Mana 28
Critical 1
Holy Mana 27
Critical 1
Ninja 1
Dark Mana 28
Critical 1
Click for Ascension Material Progress.

Unfarmable Ascension Material Collected:

Ascension Material Used Remaining Total
4 Mystic Rings 24 9 33
Mysterious Tonic 18 16 34
Farsight Telescope 24 4 28
Poison Darts 12 16 28
Royal Tabard 18 15 33
Damascus Blade 16 15 31
Tome of Tactics 16 12 28
Total 128 87 215
3 Hidden Blade 69 56 125
Sturdy Shield 59 64 123
Warm Cape 62 50 112
Orb of Magic 49 54 103
Trap Tools 65 61 126
Compass 57 54 111
Fine Gloves 57 56 113
Total 406 395 801
Click for Emblem Progress.

Emblem Collected:

Emblems Used Remaining Total
Barbarian 1010 696 1706
Cleric 1820 108 1928
Druid 1705 236 1941
Fighter 1860 90 1950
Monk 1250 581 1831
Paladin 1580 102 1682
Ranger 1250 769 2019
Rogue 1315 527 1842
Sorcerer 1365 620 1985
Wizard 1755 159 1914
Total 14910 3888 18798
Click for Rank Progress.

Highest Rank:

Category Rank
Global Leaderboard 25th
Rare Challenge Event 3132nd
Epic Challenge Event 1092nd
Legendary Challenge Event 1494th
Raid Tournament 53rd
Ninja Tower 29062nd

The 4☆ AM I collected in the 1st year is 94. As in 2 years I collected 215, that means in the 2nd year I collected 121. It means that in the last year, my 4☆ AM rate is 10.083/month.

Today, exactly at my 2nd anniversary playing this game (F2P), I completed the Ninja Tower with my last free flags and use the collected token for summon. Here is the anniversary present that SG give me:

A fat ninja…


Today I completed 2 years as a F2P player. Started playing on Nov 6th, 2018. I am a level 73 player who has been a beta tester for almost a year now, and currently the coleader of one of the most chill and friendliest alliance in the game. I will keep it short and just want to say that I love the game very much, it’s very enjoyable and I truly cherish the company of all the wonderful players that I have met through the game. :slight_smile:

Profile Stats

Full Hero Roster

Troop Levels

War Defense Team

Total Ascension Materials Acquired

TC20 Pull Statistics

Hopefully, will make it to 3 year anniversary. Happy gaming to all and may RNG bless you with the best. :slight_smile:


Congratulations and thank you for sharing!



247 4* AM in 2 years as F2P… :scream:


I collected roughly the same amount of 4* AM. Albeit I played a few months longer. Have you collected significantly less in 2 years?

No, it is just some people do not believe me when I said I got 10 4* AM per month this year.

Here is mine:

Fair enough, if I reverse engineer what I got:

238 4* AMs

3x Purple (18x Tabards, 3x Tomes, 3x Damascus Blades)
5x Yellow (30x Darts, 5x Tomes, 5x Damascus Blades)
4x Blue (24x Telescopes, 4x Tomes, 4x Damascus Blades)
3x Green (18x Tonics, 3x Tomes, 3x Damascus Blades)
4x Red (24x Rings, 4x Tomes, 4x Damascus Blades)
Inventory: 19x Tabards, 5x Darts, 6x Telescopes, 18x Tonics, 11x Rings, 13x Tomes, 14x Blades
That works out to
37x Tabards
35x Darts
30x Telescopes
36x Tonics
35x Rings
32x Tomes
33x Blades

Sure if you average it out it works out to a little less than 10/month for me. The funny thing is that when you look at it that way, it seems a lot and I couldn’t say where I get them. The only guaranteed ones are from the rare quests which will give 3/month, and Seasonal Events which give 1 every 3 months.

Edit: Forgot PoV, 1 every 2 months.


Apart from the usual sources, my drop rate of 4 star AM has indeed increased by a significant amount in this last year. I think the main reason is that for the majority of this 2nd year, my alliance has been chaining 14 star titans, so that’s 4 rolls of AM every day. Even though it doesn’t seem that the loot is good when analysed in a short window, the drop rate does add up over the timespan of a year. :slight_smile:


Happy game anniversary @ThePirateKing!

I will not even attempt to compare my roster to yours, as I know yours is far superior. And I even spent some money on the game.

I could easily brush it off and chalk it up to you just being luckier than me, but I know the reality is that you are a far more dedicated a player than I will ever be. Filling every chest and fighting 14* titans every day, it’s only natural that you have surpassed my own progress in the game.

I started off very hardcore myself, but reduced my efforts significantly since then… combination of being annoyed at the game’s summoning odds, real life situations, drama within my first alliance, etc. I don’t tryhard in the game anymore, because I decided the “rewards” weren’t worth it for me personally.

But absolute kudos to you and everything you have accomplished. You are proof that a player can still start off in this game with absolutely no advantages, and still manage to work their way up to top tiers with enough hard work and dedication.

You are absolutely a beacon of light and hope to the rest of the F2P community. :+1:


Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement @TGW, really appreciate it my friend. I really enjoy all our interesting discussions and banter in the F2P group, it brings me much joy to see everyone’s daily achievements in the game and being able to share my own. It’s fun and hopefully we will inspire other players to enjoy the game in a similar capacity. The beginning or the end doesn’t matter, we must enjoy the journey. :slight_smile:


It’s not just kind words. I mean it absolutely sincerely. I have a reputation around here as being mostly a jokester and/or whiner, or both (and mostly guilty as charged on both counts)…

But you on the other hand… you don’t whine, you don’t joke around or play casual… you went into this game with no money and worked your way towards destroying every obstacle in your path, without ever having to swipe a single credit card to buy yourself an advantage.

For all of my whining on here about the game being way too spendy and cash-driven, etc., (which I still believe it mostly is), you are one of the few top players I know of who didn’t simply just buy their way to the top.

I’ll fully admit that I no longer have that level of dedication myself. I’m tired, worn out, disenfranchised, disillusioned. Overall mostly, I’m just too old for this tryhard :poop: anymore. But you? You keep fighting the good fight, and tirelessly so.

I may never be good enough myself to fight by your side, but I’ve certainly got your back.


A fantastic post!

Permit me, if you will, to briefly tell you my E&P story. I considered myself C2P or possibly P2P at an average of $30-$50 (NZ) per month, over my life in the game.

My roster had it’s moments (Alasie, Kunchen, Kiona, Ariel) being my standouts, imo. I raided #1 global, hit titan up to and including 11* for 100k+ in one shot, nothing remarkable in those stats vs 10’s thousands of others and so on.

My point being, you’ve spent almost nothing, and have a bench comparable to what I had amassed, so who had better value from the game? I don’t regret what I spent, as I never exceeded my budget per month, but other than SG, who benefited?

I have fond memories of the game and the players I met along the way, but in terms of tangible rewards, F2P is the way forward, if you have the patience.

A big tip of the hat to you, Sir :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing, and for the kind words. The FTP life is indeed one of patience, but I have learned to enjoy (parts of) the grind. I kind of see the wall out there ahead where I can no longer level heroes that benefit me, but I’m planning a massive (for FTP; ~50 pulls) costume pull when the new ones are released, and I’m hoping that will keep me going until SGG decides to finally make some of their older special heroes easier to obtain. :crossed_fingers:

It is rather remarkable that I have gotten more than two years of daily enjoyment out of a game I have paid exactly $0 out of pocket for. (I wouldn’t have used Google Play credit on anything else, probably.) I do envy your Ariel, though! :smiley:


OFF TOPIC: They wont let me use my google play credits to makes purchases on this game. How do YOU do it? I have 5,300 + credits.

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When I go to buy an offer in-game, it just pops up my available balance, and I hit “one-touch buy”, hit my fingerprint sensor, and that’s it.

Odd. My Google Play balance is in dollars. Perhaps there is some mechanism by which you have to convert credits to currency. :man_shrugging:

There was some discussion of this, I think, in this thread:

Good luck.

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Lovely topic.
28 months in the grind so far.

Red: Marjana+12, Azlar+14, Khagan 3/70 and that’s all, pathetic
Blue: Vela+18, Magni+15, Isarnia+4, Skadi4/80, Master Lepus 3/70, Richard 2/60 and 5 duplicates waiting for HA lvl10
Green: Telluria+8, Lianna+13, Zocc+5, Kadilen 3/70, Elkanen 3/70 and 3 dupes
Purple: Clarissa+4, Sartana+9, Domitia+6, Clarisa 3/70, Sartana 2/60 and 3 dupes
Yellow: Joon+9, Viviva+7, Justice 4/80 and 1 dupe

15 maxed and 7 more possible with leftover mats.
186 4* ascension materials collected so far. (seems low compared to others in this topic)

HOTM: Telluria, 2x Vela, 2x Clarissa, Zocc
Telluria arrived on the last day with a desperate EHT, by the way it was after 17 month of playing this pure f2p :slight_smile:

S2 Atlantis: no 5* star, all tokens spent, no hopes left

S3 Valhalla: Skadi, oh boy, she is a beast against minion summoners.
Actually i play a high success fun rainbow team planned around her:
cRigard+20, Wilbur+20, Zocc+5, Lady wool+13, Skadi

Customes: Isarnia, Richard, Rigard, Boril, Little John, Melendor, Boldtusk, Sonya, Li Xiu + 12 3*

Notable non standard 4*:
2x Wilbur, 2x Lady Wool, 2x Buddy, Jack O’Hare, Valeria, Sir Lancelot, Sumitomo, Triton, Ameonna, Gadeirus, Gobbler, Jott, Stonecleave, Fura, Captain of Diamonds

Player lvl 64
Raid: 2450-2650 (before double Tell-Vela doublenerf it was 2550-2700)
Highest: 2813
Strongest titan: 11* volcanic dragon


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