Progress from Two Years as FTP

I know there is a thread for progress in one year as FTP, but yesterday was my two-year game anniversary, and I don’t see a corresponding thread for that. If one exists, I’d ask a mod to please merge.

Also, some might not consider me pure FTP because I’ve spent less than $20 in Google Play credit in two years. I consider FTP to be “no money out of my wallet”. It was nice for Google to buy me a few gems and Atlantis/Valhalla coins. Also, that low number of summons over the course of two years is unlikely to be significant; a little luck here or there, and I might be in the same place (or better) without them.

All that said, on to the meat of the post.

Player level: 61
SH level: 25

Legendary Heroes

  • Yellow: Poseidon +13, Vivica +9, Onatel +7, Justice 3^70, Leonidas 3^70, Norns 3^70, Joon 3^8, Ranvir 2^60, Justice 1^1, and Leonidas 1^1
  • Purple: Domitia +18, Sartana +2, Quintus 3^49, Domitia 1^1 (x3), Quintus 1^1, Sartana 1^1, and Obakan 1^1
  • Red: Marjana 4^80, Elena 4^80, Azlar 4^80, Khagan 3^70, Khagan 1^1 (x2), Marjana 1^1 (x2), Elena 1^1 (x3)
  • Blue: Vela +7, Thorne: +6, Magni 4^80, Raffaele 2^59, Thorne 1^1, Vela 1^1
  • Green: Lianna 4^51, Horghall 2^20, Kadilen 1^1, Lianna 1^1 (x2)

I am sad for those who say TC 20 doesn’t deliver, but that’s not been the case for me. In year 2, my TC 20s have really stepped up. I now have all classic legendaries except Richard, Isarnia, and Elkanen. Only Horghall came from a summon. Still running rich on yellows, and greens only started showing up this past July, so I’m behind on those, but I have lots of tonics for them! :smile: Also, I have enough dupes to feed my HA 10 for a while (looking at you, Khagan!)

Pleased with the HotM that I have pulled - except Ranvir; what a waste! I’m now at the point that I’m saving pulls and targeting specific HotM.

Epic Heroes

  • Yellow: Li Xiu +20, Wu Kong +18, Chao +16, Danzaburo 4^70, Hu Tao 4^70
  • Purple: Rigard +c20, Tiburtus +c20, Sabina +20, Ameonna +19, Cyprian +18, Proteus +18, Gafar +18, Rigard 3^60, Rigard 3^14, Stonecleave 1^1, Proteus 1^1, Rigard 1^1
  • Red: Boldtusk +c20, Wilbur +20, Gormek +20, Sumitomo 4^70, Colen 4^70, Kelile 4^70, Scarlett 4^70, Boldtusk 2^34, Boldtusk 1^1
  • Blue: Kiril +c20, Sonya +c20, Grimm +18, Sonya 4^70 (with full costume bonus), Boril 4^70, Kiril 3^60
  • Green: Melendor +c20, Little John +20, Skittleskull +c18, Buddy +19, Caedmon +18, Brynhild +15, Kasshrek 4^70 (with full costume bonus), Gobbler 4^70, Caedmon 4^70, Melendor 4^70

I love my epics, and I will level one of anybody (witness Sumitomo). Costumes have been a game changer, and I almost never run Melendor, Rigard, Kasshrek, or Tiburtus out of costume. Sonya and Kiril are useful in and out of costume and get switched regularly. Still no legendary costumes, though. :sad: I’m only missing a few epic costumes now, so I’m waiting for the rest to be released before I pull for those again.

Pleased to have added special heroes like Brynhild, Buddy, and Gafar in the last year, although I’m disappointed to have made about 25 Guardians pulls over the last two events and still not having Jackal or Falcon. November looms. I also managed to add Wilbur and Proteus before Atlantis coins got nerfed into the ground, so that was good.

Notable rares

  • Yellow: Melia 3^50, Arman 3^50, Kvasir 3^50, Costume Bane 3^50
  • Purple: Gill-Ra 3^50, Chochin 3^50, Guardian Bat 3^50, Costume Renfeld 3^50, Costume Tyrum 3^50, Costume Prisca 1^1
  • Red: Namahage 3^50, Ei-Dunn 3^50, Costume Azar 3^50
  • Blue: Gato 3^50, Nordri 3^50, Costume Gunnar 3^50
  • Green: Muggy 3^50, Hisan 3^50, Mnesseus 3^50, Costume Belith 3^50, Costume Brienne 3^50, Berden 3^50 (costume 1^1), Isshtak (1^1; costume 1^1), Carver (1^1; costume 1^1), Friar Tuck (1^1; costume 1^1)

Kvasir and Nordri are the prizes here. SGG finally made Renfeld relevant, as he’s great in costume. Ended up keeping some rares that I had previously fed away because I drew their costumes; I’ll get around to re-leveling them eventually. If I could ever get the epic Guardians, I’d love to go after some of the event rares like Pixie and Shrubbear.

Ascension mats

Not going to the trouble of re-tallying how many I have and have used. I will never be short on Tomes or D. Blades; legendaries don’t come in at a rate fast enough to make that an issue. I have enough tonics to max two more legendaries and still have some left over, since green legendaries showed up late. I also have the mats to max Quintus, which I will, if no one better shows up before time. Waiting on scopes for Raffaele. Hoping to pull a better red legendary (Gefjon or Reuben) for my next set of rings, but don’t think I won’t max Khagan at some point if they don’t show. Have six darts, and they have Joon’s name on them.

Three-star mats are no longer a real issue, although I could use a few more hidden blades.

Four-star Troops

I am now only missing yellow mana troops. I’m still maxing the first four-star troops I got in every color, which means mana in green, red, and blue, and crit in purple and yellow. They are all between levels 21 and 24.

Map levels
Have completed both S1 and S2 (normal and hard). Up to S3 province 21, level 2 (normal and hard), but will use flasks if I have to in order to finish everything that’s open next month, as I want to make a run at Gefjon. Still missing some S3 epics and rares that I’d like to have, too (looking at you, Mist). No sense going after Odin or Thor, as I’m already overrun with yellow legendaries and short on darts.

Defense team power: 4342
Defense team: Vela +7, Poseidon +13, Domitia +18, Onatel +7, Azlar 4^80
Raid wins: 7403
Longest Raid Win Streak: 42
Cup range: 2350-2550
Max cups: 2696

I basically only raid to fill chests, which means I usually re-roll until I find an opponent I think I have a good chance of beating. About 80% of the time, this defense keeps me in diamond, but I’m still not super happy with it. Unfortunately, my best two heroes are yellow, and I don’t have a dead-lock-cinch tank, so constructing a good defense has been a bit of a challenge.

Current mission progress: 298/500 (not sure how many total Titans that means, but I’ve hit every one my alliance has killed)
Finishing blows: 279
Highest Titan Damage: 111,775
Most Powerful Titan Defeated: 4* Emerald Dragon

I play in a small friends and family alliance, so we will never hit big Titans. In fact, it’s basically down to me and one other guy now, which is kind of sad, but I just prefer to know the people I game with. Only notable thing here is that I broke 100K damage on a titan three times in the last couple of months. All on 1- and 2-star titans, of course, but it still felt good. My mono red and mono blue titan teams are best; my mono green team is garbage.

Alliance wars
Nothing noteworthy here. Every war is basically my bench against the opponents’ bench. The other guy who still wars with me is pretty casual and usually can’t even flip one team.

Events and quests
Revamping seasonal and challenge events was a great move by SGG. Love the expanded format, and I can obviously finish them all on every tier, even if items have to get involved occasionally.

ToL takes the most preparation and yields the least reward, but at least they added a shot at the current HotM. As F2P, any shot at the HotM that I don’t have to pay for is welcome. PoV can be a pain, but typically, I can get the four-star mat, and that’s the main thing.

I’m still amazed that E&P holds this much charm for me two years in and without spending money. Now, I do foresee a point where, if SGG doesn’t loosen the reigns on some of its paywalled heroes, I will lose interest. There’s only so many duplicate Kirils and Boldtusks and Rigards that one needs. You gotta keep the new stuff flowing for everyone, SGG. Will there be a year three post for the Weasel? We’ll see.

This was my one-year post for comparison:

Tagging @GryphonKnight, as you expressed interest in seeing this. Couldn’t have done it without your early advice.


You have 5 hotm in 2 years as FTP… Ok, I hope I can reach the same milestone :grin:

I Have been playing for 20 months now. So far I have spent on 2x VIP offer, 1 Valor, and some cheap gem offers… probably my total spending is around $30. So I don’t know if this is still considered as f2p or not…

Current level : 62, SH 25.

5* Yellow : Joon 4.80 +4; Leo 4.80 +1; Bai Yeong 2.31
5* purple : Killhare 4.80 +11; victor 3.70; Obakan 3.70
5* red : GM 4.80+18 ; Grazul 4.80+9; Elena 3.70; Azlar 3.70; Khagan 3.70, elena 1.1 (×2)
5* Green : Liana 4.80+8; Tarlak 4.80+8; Zocc 4.80+8; Elkanen 3.70; Kadilen 3.70; Horghall 2.50
5* Blue : Thorne 4.80+7; Richard 4.80+6; Magni 3.70; thorne 1.1 (×2)

Missing Viv, Dom, Quint, Sar, Just, and Isarnia from classic 5*. No costume either

Have all 3* and 4* classic. Notable non classic 4* are:
Yellow ; Lady wool, Gullin
Purple : stonecleave, Merlin, Gafar, Boomer
Red : Sumle, Lancelot, Sumitomo, Shradereave
Green : Buddy, jack o hare, Gobbler
Blue : Triton, Mireweave, agwe, cap Diamond

So far only 1 s2 5*, 0 s3 5*, 0 costume 5*; 0 challenge heroes 5* and 2 seasonal 5*

Have 4 Hotm, 1 returning from atlantis and 3 featured (including back to back Zocc and BY)


+1000x :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Empires is built on an amazing game ( pre emblems) but the HotM 5* / 4* ascension item business model really turns it into P2P at a certain point.

SGG / Zynga has a chance to fix this with Mythical Titans, but their track record is not great since emblems.

I would gladly trade you Isarnia and 2x 5* to be named for Ranvir.

A friend of mine loved Ranvir in Beta.

But Ranvir does not fit well with your roster especially if you get costume Vivica ( Costumes were another disappointment).

I understand SGG/ Zynga making new 5* tougher to summon, and level, but most long running MMO have catch up mechanics for older content ( Khagan 5* 4.80 would be more popular if 1x Mystic Ring and 80% Hero XP discount to level ).

Several of my rage quits have been after Guardians. Still no 4* Guardian Falcon for me while several friends have duplicates.

Diamond raid chests are the second best source of 4* ascension items.

I think you are doing awesome with SGG/ Zynga locking improvements to your roster behind assorted paywalls ( Merciless RNG, low summon odds, huge summon result pools, unrecoverable ascension items, non farmable ascension items, Hero XP costs, food costs, etc. ).

Thank you.

I am glad you benefited from my advice, which I got with huge amounts of help from other players on this forum ( most of who have moved on after 2-3 years of Empires).


Yeah, I don’t even care if I get the latest OP HotM (e.g. Telluria). Just some new interesting heroes to work on consistently. And not all three- and four-stars, either. At some point, only more five-stars move the needle.

I am interested and hopeful, but like you, not optimistic.

I’d take that deal every day and twice on Sunday. But you are right - if I were hitting bigger Titans, Ranvir would be more important. For me, Wu is enough, even once I take his emblems for Joon. With my glut of yellow legendaries, I just can’t justify giving Ranvir darts right now.

Fingers crossed for that. She looks awesome. I’m already a pretty big fan of vanilla Viv.

I may fall into platinum overnight, but I always open chests in diamond.

I agree. I am pretty pleased with my progress, all things considered. I know I have fared better than many F2P I know of.


nice progress @Noble_Weasel @udee ! some nice heroes there too. glad you’re both enjoying your two year anniversary


Great progress! For FTP you have a few heroes I’m extremely jealous of. I’m glad you still love the game, with people leaving for whatever reasons it really comes down to “this game is pretty damn fun”.


Fantastic post. It’s always fascinating to read the progress of F2P players. Congrats on reaching 2 years. I wish you all the best for another year to come. May RNG be with you. :slight_smile:


thanks again for starting this thread @Noble_Weasel , and I shall add mine as I think your purpose was to make it a master thread.

I missed my 2nd anniversary, apparently I first downloaded the game 3rd September 2018… I do remember not playing very much at the beginning, at least until a lucky EHT got me Gormek AND Aegir both in one go some time in October… and Proteus came along in November (also very memorable because I was on a trip to Bordeaux then :wink: )

FTP credentials: I’ve spent only twice. A 2.99 EUR gem deal that got me Lancelot when I was new to the game, and a 3 EUR (approximately) Christmas deal (the Rudolph’s deal) for VIP.

I’ve been called out before for not being truly FTP, but in my mind it’s not a continuing spend… and 6 EUR is like a couple of fast food burgers so… not to mention my FTP rebellion brethren have fully welcomed me as an FTP, so there :wink:


  • I always keep one copy of every unique hero. I don’t care how “useless” they are (hello Vlad, Dawa, Prisca). I will make space. And if I have surplus (at least 12) of a 3* mat, I ascend any 4* (hi Agwe, Gobbler!) Haven’t had that “problem” with 5*s though.
  • 24 unique 5*s, and 4 dupes
  • 3 costumes (Joon, Sartana, Richard - coincidentally all also have dupes)
  • of the 24 uniques, 15 are vanilla; 6 HOTM; 2 Seasonal; 1 Atlantis. Zero Challenge Event and Valhalla (so far, there’s always hope eh?) 15 have been ascended, and I could ascend a Purple, a Green and a Red today if I wanted to.
Click here for breakdown of my 5*s
  • 15 vanillas (Sartana +5, Domitia 3/70, Obakan 2/60, Joon +7, Justice 1/2, Leonidas 3/70, Isarnia +4, Magni 3/70, Richard 3/70, Elkanen 2/60, Kadilen 3/70, Horghall 2/60, Azlar +0, Marjana +7, Elena +7)
  • 6 HOTMs (Seshat +7, Aeron +2, Malosi +7, Aegir +9, Gregorion +6, Margaret +5)
  • 2 Seasonals (Lepus +6, Rana +2)
  • 1 Atlantis (Inari +6)
  • Zero Challenge Event and Valhalla 5*s thus far, ah well.
  • Observations on Color: 5 Purple, 6 Yellow, 5 Blue, 5 Green, only 3 Red. And Red is the only color where I don’t have a non-Vanilla! Yellow is arguably my “luckiest” with 3 non-vanillas, but I have 2 each in Purple, Green and Blue so it’s close. Except for poor Red (ahem Gefjon maybe you’ll jump into my roster…)
  • Missing 5 vanilla 5*s total, one per color (what are the odds? don’t ask me, I’m terrible at calculating odds). Lianna, Vivica, Thorne, Khagan, Quintus.
  • 4*. I have 34 uniques, 18 dupes, and 9 costumes. I used to have triples of some top vanillas, but fed them away in favor of roster space. And anyway, in war I’m building up to 2 strong mono teams per color, which is a long-term goal in and of itself, so dupes suffice.
    • of the 34 uniques: 22 vanilla (I have them all), 6 Atlantis, 2 Challenge Event, 3 Seasonal, 1 Valhalla because the Valhalla portal loves laughing in my face. (on the other hand, 5 dupes are non-Vanilla including Proteus and Hansel and Lady Wooly, so…)
Click here for breakdown of my 4*s
* 22 vanilla (I have all the vanillas). 
* 6 Atlantis (Proteus +19, my star; Triton +7, Gadeirus +3, Danzaburo +1, Agwe 4/10, Gobbler +0)
* 2 Challenge Event (Lancelot +15, Hansel +15 - him I chased)
* 2 Seasonals (Jack O'Hare +9, Valeria +5, Lady Woolerton +15 - her I chased)
* 1 Valhalla (Shadereave +1). My Valhalla luck has baan abysmal. 
* Notable vanillas are Sabina +20, Rigard +15, Tiburtus +9, Sonya +20, Kiril +11, Li Xiu +15, Wu Kong +1, Caedmon +15, Melendor +9, Boldtusk +15, Gormek +12, Scarlett +11. Less used are Cyprian +3, Chao +3, Hu Tao +1, Boril +1, Grimm +13 (now that I have Isarnia), Little John +11 (now that I have Hansel), Skittleskull +10, Kasshrek +0, Colen +2, Kelile +3
* of the 18 dupes, 5 are non-vanilla (Proteus, Lady Wooly, Hansel, Valeria, Jack O'Hare). the other 13 are mostly key vanillas: Tibs, Sabina, Rigard, Li, Chao (for Yellow depth), Caedmon, Melendor, Sonya, Kiril, Grimm, Scarlett, Gormek, Boldy. So far dupe Chao and Grimm haven't come out for war yet; and dupe Sonya I often use alongside her sister in my mono Blue (too many $%!&#(! status casters and buffers in Diamond!)
* 9 Costumes: most are for heroes I have dupes of. Tibs, Li, Caed, Mel, Sonya, Boldy + Skittles, Boril, Kash
  • 3*. I have one of every vanilla 3*, all costumes so far except Renfeld and Belith.
    • Only dupes are Pixie (great for triple bosses!), Kvasir (still debating), Tyrum (same logic as having dupe Sonya and Caedmon), and Brienne (ditto, used to use both on lower-level Titans).
    • Other non-vanillas are: all of the Atlantis 3*s; 4 Seasonals (Vlad, Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Hisan), 2 Challenge (Pixie, Shrubbear), 7 Valhalla (An-Windr, Bjorn, Ei-Dunn, Nordri, Jarvur, Sudri, Kvasir). Not gonna break it down further, I’m tired :stuck_out_tongue:

Stats: I am a proud member of my alliance, but I’ve blurred the name as we’re a private group and don’t want to have to turn folks away. But shout outs to @TGW @Muchacho @amrath @Saphirra and @sft1965 :slight_smile: and everyone else in the alliance is just as fine as these folks.

  • That 116k Titan hit was on a 2* Red Titan, for perspective. Lepus, Isarnia, Kiril, Nordri and Wu! Though I also got a 114k on a 3* Purple, with Isarnia, Wu, Joon, Inari and Rana.

  • Those 2796 cups got me to rank 3 in Netherlands, rank 231 globally. I don’t usually aim to have a lot of cups (too stressful for me), but I was happy when it happened and pushed as far as I could go without flasking just too see.
    * Challenge Events. I’ve stopped competing because it takes too much time. But for a few months, I was able to push into Rare Top 10000, Epic Top 5000 and Legendary Top 10000 with a few flasks.

  • Also a proud veteran of the Class Quest all-Vanilla challenge. Some of those were downright brutal!


Just over two years in myself but I can’t fully claim the F2P title, as I sinned early on and fell for a couple of the traps. Can only say that what I got in exchange for my spending was not at all worth the cost, I could have gotten most of it for free (in fact most of my best heroes came from free summons, my bought gems yielded me mostly bupkis… either because I wasn’t lucky enough or maybe I just wasn’t spending enough, who knows).

Congrats on all the F2P progress! Just goes to show that you can win without paying if you’re dedicated enough.


I have started to playing on 2018/08/27, and I am true FTP I have spent $0 on this game.

I am at player level 60.
SH Level: 25

I have not got that much good heroes as you @Noble_Weasel or @sleepyhead

I have not got any season 2 or 3 or event five star heroes.
Just a few HoTMs: Grimble, Malosi, Noor, and Bai Yeong.
Season 1 five stars: Magni (with costume), Khagan (+ 2 duplicate), Elkanen, Joon, Quintus wtih costume (+ 2 duplicate), Horghall with costume (+ 2 duplicate), Justice (+ 2 duplicate), Elena, Richard, Obakan (+ 1 duplicate), Leonidas, Sartana

About 4 stars I was luckier a bit:
I have several non Season 1 four stars.
Event 4 stars: Guardian Falcon, Boomer, Captian of Diamonds,
Season 2: Wilbur, Proteus, Ameona, Gaderius
Season 3: Mist,Almur, Sumle, Mireweave

About 3 stars I have most of the non Season 1 three star heroes:
Event: Shrubbear, Bauchan, Pixie
Seasonal event: Rudolf, Hisan, Square Rabbit,
S2: Namahage, Gato, Melia, Mnesseus, Chochin, Gill-Ra, Muggy
S3: Kvasir, Sudri, Bjorn, Grevle, Jarvur, Ei-Dunn, By-Ulf, An-Windr

5 star: Magni, Quintus, Horghall,
4 star: Rigard, Skitteskull, Kashhrek, Li-Xiu
3 star: Renfeld, Belith, Brienne, Carver, Ishhtak, Hawkmoon, Azar, Bane, Gunnar, Tyrum

Here is my progress:

I am just upgrading to HA level 8, but I will have to wait several months to updrade and use level 10 as my advanced storages are only on level 5, 6 and 6.


Nice Post! I thought you might be interested in a 3 year FTP progress…

Started playing in summer 2017, Player Level: 72
5 star heroes:
I have 27 maxed 5 star heroes which comes in handy in wars.
24 of those are S1 heroes. My best hero is costumed Magni; I am thinking about maxing a third one.
I have 5 HOTMs:
Kunchen (great overall and my raid tank)
Malosi (great on offense)
Ranvir x2 (okay on titans, useless everywhere else; the dupe is even more useless)
Noor (sitting at 3/70; I think she is not really worth maxing at this point)
No S2, S3 or event 5 star heroes (and yes, I have done a LOT of pulls).
Notable missing 4 star heros: Hansel, Guardian Jackal, Guardian Falcon, Proteus

I cannot complain about my progress (killing 12/13* titans regularly, fairly active allaince with 27/30 war participants). I can do all events, map levels, quest etc. and my base is nearly maxed (working on food storages to get HA10 going at the moment - it’s going slowly without a second builder…).

Thats exactly where I am right now. I am saving 8400 gems for a Valhalla 30 pull in October. I am also saving for Guardians (60 event tickets at this point) and my EHTs for the next seasonal event.
I don’t know if I can take a whole lot of nothingness again. If all those efforts just give feeders and dupe S1 5stars again, I will probably go very casual or even quit playing at all. I like my alliance - been a member for 1154 days now - but thats the best part of the game for me by far. All I want is a little more variety in heroes. Maybe HA10 will yield that, but I doubt it because of my experiences so far.


As Fellow F2P, I solute you.
I started January of 2018, the current snapshot of my roster is easy to remember because I don’t keep dupes, not even 5*, and I have not bought roster space increases even once.

Level 71

  • All Season 1 heroes except Richard and Joon (all 5* came from TC20)
  • All Season 2 3*, missing 3 4* (Tony Danza, Blue Abs, and Fishface), no 5*
  • None of Season 3 heroes because, as you know, I am holding my Valhalla coins until season 3 is completed.
  • Shrubbear, Guardian Jackal, Lancelot, and Merlin are my only challenge event heroes.
  • Chick Jr., Squire Wabbit, Killhare, Arman, Hisan, Gafar, Vlad, and Buddy are my only seasonal event heroes.
  • Frida, Vela, Malosi, and Noor are my HoTM.

I have enough Gems to do 30x Pull, will likely do that next Atlantis, just so I can say I did one, possibly find some unique, keep feeding dupes, and not having to be forced buy roster space.

I am a few months away from Heroes Academy 10, as I am currently upgrading my Advanced Food Storages, which I will need eventually, might as well knock it out of the way so I won’t have halt the progress and come back to it later. I am still running TC20 to try to get Richard and Joon, and at later time, have some “tokens” I could use to run HA10 with.

Best of luck to you and hope to see your 3.


@PlayForFun @udee @Seymour @Quinn3 and any others, inviting you to this fun thread :slight_smile:


I’ll throw my bit in, I’ve never spent a cent. I’ve been playing about 27 months (June 2018) and at player level 68.

When it comes to heroes, I think I’m luckier than most when you consider I usually just use the free coins, tokens and TC20. I ran 2x TC20s and that pretty much got most of my S1 5*. Only running 1 now as food storage while I used at TC to become my HA. I have only fed a Horghall, otherwise I kept all my 5*s. The only TC20 hero I’m missing is Khagan.

5*: Horghall, Domitia
4*: Tiburtus, Rigard, Boril, Melendor, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Sonya
3*: All except Friar Tuck and Carver

Clarissa+12 and (1/1), Malosi+7, Bai Yeong (1/21), Athena (4/80) (from ToL portal), Jean-Francois+16, Zimkitha+9 and (3/70)

Purple: Domitia (4/80) and (1/1), Sartana (4/80) and (1/1), Quintus (2/60), Obakan (2/60) and (1/1)
Yellow: Vivica+17, Joon+7 and (2/22), Leonidas+6, Justice (3/70) and 2x (1/1)
Blue: Magni+11, Richard (4/80), Thorne (3/70) and (1/1), Isarnia (2/53)
Green: Lianna+7 and 2x (1/1), Kadilen+5 and (1/1), Elkanen (4/80) and (1/1), Horghall (1/28) and 2x (1/1)
Red: Marjana+9 and 2x(1/1), Elena+5, Azlar (3/70) and 2x (1/1)

4*: Would be a lot of S1 duplicates, so I’ll just list those that aren’t S1
Purple: Proteus+19 and (4/70) and (4/36), Ameonna+18, Jabbar (4/70), Merlin (4/70)
Yellow: Mist+7 and (4/70), Lady Woolerton+4
Blue: Mireweave (4/70), Triton (4/70) and (1/17)
Green: Brynhild+19, Buddy+14 and (1/1), Peters+14 and +1, Gobbler+7
Red: Wilbur+20

3*: as per 4*, except no S1 duplicates
Purple: Gill-ra+20, Bjorn (3/50) and (1/1), An-Windr (1/1)
Yellow: Kvasir+20 and (1/1), Agnes (3/50), Melia (3/50), Arman (3/50)
Blue: Nordri+18 and (1/22), Chick Jr (3/50), Jarvur (3/50), Gato (3/50)
Green: Mnesseus+19, By-Ulf (3/50) and (1/1), Muggy (3/50), Hisan (3/50)
Red: Ei-Dunn (3/50), Namahage (3/50), Rudolph (3/50), Squire Wabbit (3/50).

My HA is 10 days away from level 10, but I need to upgrade all my advanced food storage to research which will take a few months. In the meantime, I’ll make use of the trainer heroes and 2* troops (I find 3* is a bit expensive when it comes to materials).

As far as S3 progress is concerned, I’m trying to complete all the special missions as I go, so I’m working on the Niflheim special missions which should be completed in a few weeks. It just means I’ll be a bit behind the story progress.

Edit: Forgot about Rana+3, my only event 5*.


Thx for the invite :slight_smile: I am in :slight_smile:


I feel exactly the same way. @PlayForFun noted that I have some good non-vanillas, and it was all luck. As FTP I set my expectations low - getting a non-vanilla 3* or 4* already makes me happy…

2x Hansel and 2x Pixie came from a saved up 10x pull in Grim-forest, I figured that Grim-forest among all 5 events would give me the best chance of getting a useful 3* or 4*. (especially, my early x2 Proteus spoiled me a bit and made me appreciate how useful mana control is for completion!)

Saving up for a 10x pull in Guardians to improve my Titan game, though I’m seriously considering saving up for a 30x pull elsewhere instead - maybe Valhalla because my luck there has been bad so far, so I have a better chance of getting something good.

The luck in this game is weird. like @Quinn3 I’ve had decent luck with summons, but I used up most of it. No joke, my first eight 5*s were all non-vanilla - Aegir, Aeron, Lepus, Inari, Margaret, Gregorion, Rana and Seshat all showed up before my first vanilla (Domitia). From Lepus to Seshat, they all came in about 4 months, one after the other…

Then I had a dry spell, after Seshat in July 2019, the next non-Vanilla was Malosi in April 2020… and nothing since then.

On the other hand, my TC20 luck picked up rapidly since April 2020 this year, with 9/15 of my vanilla 5*s appearing in the last 6 months.

I am about to finish maxing every 3* and 4* I have so far, and new ones won’t take long… and I am already working on some dupe 5*s (decided to keep Joon and Sartana as I have their costumes and could use more snipers in those colors; but dupe Elena and Richard will probably be fed into Hero Academy).


Yup, the luck is wierd. My first HoTM were the 2x Zimkitha back in Nov 2018. Then nothing until J-F this year in February, which also corresponded with a sudden production of new 5* in my TC20. And my first 4* were a rotation of Rigard, Boldtusk, Little John, and Hu Tao, with the odd Grimm. Basically, I was able to run mirror teams based on those 5 heroes.

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thx for tagging @ThePirateKing


almost 3 years full F2P

Anzogh, Zimkitha, Noor
Telluria, Zocc
Delilah, Bai Yeong
Queen of Harts, Guardian Kong, Puss in Boots
I dont have Sartana, Lianna and Thorne, others i have but some of them will never get mats (Khagan, Elena, Azlar…)

mana 4* of each color lvl 23 or higher
mana 4* of each color lvl 11 or higher
mana 4* of each color lvl 5 or higher
additional mana and crit at least 3 of each color lvl 1

Captain of Diamonds, Buddy, Hansel, 2xJackal, Falcon, Wilbur, Gullinbursti

3x Nordri, 2x Kvasir, 4x Namahage, Squire Rabbit, Rudolph, Chick Jr…

I have all vanilla 4* full (yes even danzaburo)
I have all vanilla 3* full
OCD makes me keep and upgrade all unique 4* and 3*
Kadilen, Rigard, Sonya, Boril, Caedmon, Tiburtus, Gunnar

Love my red, yellow and green raid teams
Wilbur, Falcon, Zimkitha, Anzogh, Guardian Kong (GM, Tell, Vela killed with ease)
Dellilah, Jackal, Joon, Leonidas, Vivica (Bai is close to full so ill test do i replace Viv or leonidas, if somone has some input I would appreciate)
Tell, Zocc, Buddy/Hansel, Kadilen, Elkanen
Purple and Blue are not so good but I still hope.

Second good red team
Puss, QoH, Lancelot, Marjana, Noor (noor is waiting for 2 more rings)

Notable 3* mono team, mainly used at events
cGunnar, Nordri, Nordri, Nordri, Chick Jr (some stages i replace one nordri with healer)

24 tabards - i dont want to upgrade second domitia or obakan and i dont like quintus at all

I have so much luck with red heroes its incredible. On the other hand I would love to get one more jackal, wilbur, falcon and I need Almur/Eve, Frida, Panther.

Emblems were awarded to Delilah, Zim, Anz, Tell, Wilbur, Guardian Kong, Wu Kong, Falcon, Jackal, Rigard, Elkanen,

Hero Academy will be running in approx. 2 months (i need to upgrade few more food storages and complete the research)

Def team power 4523, Highest trophies 3174, Highest titan damage 119056.

I hope SGG will add some non vanilla 4* heroes to academy.
Also i see large disproportion between number of 5* heroes and 4* AM i receive and i think they should also add new content for AM or increase chances on existing content (not too much just to make us more busy with upgrading heroes). Current meta is pushing me to make some tough choices.


@Boolz_San_CK and @jahjah you have nice roosters :slight_smile:


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