Progress from Two Years as FTP

@PlayForFun @udee @Seymour @Quinn3 and any others, inviting you to this fun thread :slight_smile:


I’ll throw my bit in, I’ve never spent a cent. I’ve been playing about 27 months (June 2018) and at player level 68.

When it comes to heroes, I think I’m luckier than most when you consider I usually just use the free coins, tokens and TC20. I ran 2x TC20s and that pretty much got most of my S1 5*. Only running 1 now as food storage while I used at TC to become my HA. I have only fed a Horghall, otherwise I kept all my 5*s. The only TC20 hero I’m missing is Khagan.

5*: Horghall, Domitia
4*: Tiburtus, Rigard, Boril, Melendor, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Sonya
3*: All except Friar Tuck and Carver

Clarissa+12 and (1/1), Malosi+7, Bai Yeong (1/21), Athena (4/80) (from ToL portal), Jean-Francois+16, Zimkitha+9 and (3/70)

Purple: Domitia (4/80) and (1/1), Sartana (4/80) and (1/1), Quintus (2/60), Obakan (2/60) and (1/1)
Yellow: Vivica+17, Joon+7 and (2/22), Leonidas+6, Justice (3/70) and 2x (1/1)
Blue: Magni+11, Richard (4/80), Thorne (3/70) and (1/1), Isarnia (2/53)
Green: Lianna+7 and 2x (1/1), Kadilen+5 and (1/1), Elkanen (4/80) and (1/1), Horghall (1/28) and 2x (1/1)
Red: Marjana+9 and 2x(1/1), Elena+5, Azlar (3/70) and 2x (1/1)

4*: Would be a lot of S1 duplicates, so I’ll just list those that aren’t S1
Purple: Proteus+19 and (4/70) and (4/36), Ameonna+18, Jabbar (4/70), Merlin (4/70)
Yellow: Mist+7 and (4/70), Lady Woolerton+4
Blue: Mireweave (4/70), Triton (4/70) and (1/17)
Green: Brynhild+19, Buddy+14 and (1/1), Peters+14 and +1, Gobbler+7
Red: Wilbur+20

3*: as per 4*, except no S1 duplicates
Purple: Gill-ra+20, Bjorn (3/50) and (1/1), An-Windr (1/1)
Yellow: Kvasir+20 and (1/1), Agnes (3/50), Melia (3/50), Arman (3/50)
Blue: Nordri+18 and (1/22), Chick Jr (3/50), Jarvur (3/50), Gato (3/50)
Green: Mnesseus+19, By-Ulf (3/50) and (1/1), Muggy (3/50), Hisan (3/50)
Red: Ei-Dunn (3/50), Namahage (3/50), Rudolph (3/50), Squire Wabbit (3/50).

My HA is 10 days away from level 10, but I need to upgrade all my advanced food storage to research which will take a few months. In the meantime, I’ll make use of the trainer heroes and 2* troops (I find 3* is a bit expensive when it comes to materials).

As far as S3 progress is concerned, I’m trying to complete all the special missions as I go, so I’m working on the Niflheim special missions which should be completed in a few weeks. It just means I’ll be a bit behind the story progress.

Edit: Forgot about Rana+3, my only event 5*.


Thx for the invite :slight_smile: I am in :slight_smile:


I feel exactly the same way. @PlayForFun noted that I have some good non-vanillas, and it was all luck. As FTP I set my expectations low - getting a non-vanilla 3* or 4* already makes me happy…

2x Hansel and 2x Pixie came from a saved up 10x pull in Grim-forest, I figured that Grim-forest among all 5 events would give me the best chance of getting a useful 3* or 4*. (especially, my early x2 Proteus spoiled me a bit and made me appreciate how useful mana control is for completion!)

Saving up for a 10x pull in Guardians to improve my Titan game, though I’m seriously considering saving up for a 30x pull elsewhere instead - maybe Valhalla because my luck there has been bad so far, so I have a better chance of getting something good.

The luck in this game is weird. like @Quinn3 I’ve had decent luck with summons, but I used up most of it. No joke, my first eight 5*s were all non-vanilla - Aegir, Aeron, Lepus, Inari, Margaret, Gregorion, Rana and Seshat all showed up before my first vanilla (Domitia). From Lepus to Seshat, they all came in about 4 months, one after the other…

Then I had a dry spell, after Seshat in July 2019, the next non-Vanilla was Malosi in April 2020… and nothing since then.

On the other hand, my TC20 luck picked up rapidly since April 2020 this year, with 9/15 of my vanilla 5*s appearing in the last 6 months.

I am about to finish maxing every 3* and 4* I have so far, and new ones won’t take long… and I am already working on some dupe 5*s (decided to keep Joon and Sartana as I have their costumes and could use more snipers in those colors; but dupe Elena and Richard will probably be fed into Hero Academy).


Yup, the luck is wierd. My first HoTM were the 2x Zimkitha back in Nov 2018. Then nothing until J-F this year in February, which also corresponded with a sudden production of new 5* in my TC20. And my first 4* were a rotation of Rigard, Boldtusk, Little John, and Hu Tao, with the odd Grimm. Basically, I was able to run mirror teams based on those 5 heroes.

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thx for tagging @ThePirateKing


almost 3 years full F2P

Anzogh, Zimkitha, Noor
Telluria, Zocc
Delilah, Bai Yeong
Queen of Harts, Guardian Kong, Puss in Boots
I dont have Sartana, Lianna and Thorne, others i have but some of them will never get mats (Khagan, Elena, Azlar…)

mana 4* of each color lvl 23 or higher
mana 4* of each color lvl 11 or higher
mana 4* of each color lvl 5 or higher
additional mana and crit at least 3 of each color lvl 1

Captain of Diamonds, Buddy, Hansel, 2xJackal, Falcon, Wilbur, Gullinbursti

3x Nordri, 2x Kvasir, 4x Namahage, Squire Rabbit, Rudolph, Chick Jr…

I have all vanilla 4* full (yes even danzaburo)
I have all vanilla 3* full
OCD makes me keep and upgrade all unique 4* and 3*
Kadilen, Rigard, Sonya, Boril, Caedmon, Tiburtus, Gunnar

Love my red, yellow and green raid teams
Wilbur, Falcon, Zimkitha, Anzogh, Guardian Kong (GM, Tell, Vela killed with ease)
Dellilah, Jackal, Joon, Leonidas, Vivica (Bai is close to full so ill test do i replace Viv or leonidas, if somone has some input I would appreciate)
Tell, Zocc, Buddy/Hansel, Kadilen, Elkanen
Purple and Blue are not so good but I still hope.

Second good red team
Puss, QoH, Lancelot, Marjana, Noor (noor is waiting for 2 more rings)

Notable 3* mono team, mainly used at events
cGunnar, Nordri, Nordri, Nordri, Chick Jr (some stages i replace one nordri with healer)

24 tabards - i dont want to upgrade second domitia or obakan and i dont like quintus at all

I have so much luck with red heroes its incredible. On the other hand I would love to get one more jackal, wilbur, falcon and I need Almur/Eve, Frida, Panther.

Emblems were awarded to Delilah, Zim, Anz, Tell, Wilbur, Guardian Kong, Wu Kong, Falcon, Jackal, Rigard, Elkanen,

Hero Academy will be running in approx. 2 months (i need to upgrade few more food storages and complete the research)

Def team power 4523, Highest trophies 3174, Highest titan damage 119056.

I hope SGG will add some non vanilla 4* heroes to academy.
Also i see large disproportion between number of 5* heroes and 4* AM i receive and i think they should also add new content for AM or increase chances on existing content (not too much just to make us more busy with upgrading heroes). Current meta is pushing me to make some tough choices.


@Boolz_San_CK and @jahjah you have nice roosters :slight_smile:


I think we need a “Three Years Progress as FTP” thread for some of our amazing fellow warriors :grin:


Very appreciated with such an overview, so I know what I can expect :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the time to write it all!

Was there like, a point, during your gameplay, where you got that feeling of “Oh, alright, now we are going places!” ?


I would say getting Onatel as my first five-star. Not just because of the elation of getting my first five-star, and not just the elation of getting my first HotM - both of which were substantial. But once I got her to 3^70 and used her regularly for events, I realized how absolutely critical mana control is to being able to complete harder content. Most people had this realization when they drew Proteus, but I got him very late. Regardless, the vanilla mana controllers “ain’t much pun’kin”, as we say in my neck of the woods. My favorite among them is actually the much-maligned Little John, but only after beefing him up with emblems so he can survive.

Anyway, Onatel let me start finishing rare quests and event tiers, which let me land the ascension mats I needed to progress my better heroes. I still remember the feeling of getting Kelile to 3^60 and being unable to ascend her because I needed four hidden blades and had zero. I was like, “Are hidden blades even a thing in this game?” (Actually, that’s what initially led me to the forum.) Going from fruitlessly filling chests in hopes of landing this elusive hidden blade McGuffin to being able to land such materials on a semi-regular basis and understanding how my four- and five-star heroes would eventually progress was definitely a turning point for me.

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Personally, I think it was when I finally got 2x TC20 and started to get some of the S1 5* to fill out my roster. I have an archived 1 yr roster snapshot and I had a total of 2 maxed 5*. Once my base was set up with the TCs it seemed that things kind of started to settle down before all the advanced buildings showed up.

Nice roster! :smiley:

This thread is getting more and more depressing for me, as I feel I was quite unlucky in my pulls compared to most other FTP rosters :cry:

My roster is not very good either :frowning:

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True. But considering I am player level 72 and playing over three years, if you pull only one HOTM this year and nothing else, you will be where I am at.

I hope you are luckier than that :smiley:, wish you all the best!

Of course, I still do not give up hope too. If I did, I would already not be playing anymore. Will do several pulls in near future too (30x Valhalla in October, at least 8x Guardians in November, at least 10 Halloween or Christmas seasonal event (still undecided).


I guess I am where you are at. I managed to pull only one HOTM (Telluria) this year from all the free pulls. But I did pull Master Lepus with an EHT during Easter. Hoping I will get atleast one more HOTM with all the saved EHTs during Halloween and Christmas, but I am definitely not keeping my hopes up. I will be reaching 2 years soon. :slight_smile:


I got absolutely positively unnaturally lucky and pulled Proteus very early (less than 3 months into playing!) but even then I already realized how powerful mana control was… I immediately knew I had struck gold, and maxed him very quickly. (before then i was relying on Renfeld as my Purple, sigh)

My AHA moment was when I pulled my first 4* Healers, Kiril and Sabina (they came within a week of each other). Proteus was already letting me finish harder content, so I had the mats to ascend them on hand pretty soon. Before that I had to rely on poor Belith and Hawkmoon and a 2/60 Aegir for healing… um… yeah…

I was also on the forums early as a lurker, so I knew early on to focus on 3s, then 4s first, and leave 5s for last. I ascended my first 5s - Margaret, Inari and Lepus - after almost a year of playing. About 9 months. Seshat was ascended in my 11th month. By then I had a very solid base of 4s (at least three maxed 4s per color - except Yellow, where Hu and Wu wouldn’t arrive until after). That was another major breakthrough…

… as was finally getting a Red 5* (Marjana) in my 15th month of playing.


@Noble_Weasel I understand what you mean - I have come to notice that as well; those mana controlling heroes is a pain to go up against too! I got Kvasir, and he has really been a great help for me during those rare quests. Until stronger heroes comes along, I think he is the best asset I have. I do miss those ascension mats too, currently, but all in good time. I read somewhere this is a turtle race, which is very accurate and good to keep in mind. I can´t wait to be where you are :slight_smile: Thank you again!

@Quinn3 Thank you for weighing in, Quinn - I read that multiple places too, and have been focused on reaching that point as well. Slowly building my base, I believe my Stronghold is at level 16 now, but my storages could use some love, as they are sitting on level 11! Thank you :slight_smile:

@sleepyhead Wauw, that is super lucky! Congrats :slight_smile: Ah yes, I came across Sabina too, and spotted she can dispell buffs as well, so she is high on my list to level, once I find the materials I need. I went up against a rare Titan that had a nasty debuff, that absolutely needs dispelling.
The forum has been so helpful to me as well, and it´s a lot of fun to keep getting better and obtain more and more knowledge. Thank you :slight_smile:


@Gwniver Sabina is brilliant, I have her at +20, she was my first hero to reach that. Great attack stat too :slight_smile: She and Proteus were on all my raid teams and almost all my map teams, when I was starting out. keep that great attitude, and keep learning and building your team, sounds like you are well on your way!

you will eventually need to upgrade storages :slight_smile: I do recommend prioritizing training camps, once you get one to level 20… that’s where most of my 4* and 5* came from


Ooh, good to know, lucky me, then! :slight_smile: Thank you, yes, I have just begun to upgrade them all - it makes sense to have most buildings close to each others level - aside from all the forges, isn´t that so. Yes! I really need to get those troops out of my Training Camp so it can be levelled a bit too, it has been sitting on 13 for too long. :slight_smile:

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