Progress from Three Years as FTP

Sometime this week - I forget the exact day - will mark three years since I started playing E&P. Having already made a similar post for my two-year anniversary, I thought I might as well give an update, since I’m still around. Might encourage some of the non-spenders or those who are considering going to no-spend.

Same disclaimer from last year: some might not consider me pure FTP because I’ve spent probably less than $30 in Google Play credit in three years. I consider FTP to be “no money out of my wallet”. It was nice for Google to buy me a few gems and other summon currency. Also, that low number of summons over the course of three years is unlikely to be significant; a little luck here or there, and I might be in the same place (or better) without them. Finally, I’ve been hoarding EHTs since last Christmas to summon for Halloween. Currently sitting on 38, and will get 2 from finishing the event for an even 40. So you might consider it likely that I will have Vlad, Jack, at least one of Valeria or Frank, and maybe a five-star Halloween hero, if I’m lucky! :crossed_fingers: :pray:

Player level: 72
SH level: 25

Legendary Heroes (dupes omitted)

  • Yellow: Poseidon +18, Vivica +18, Onatel +19, Joon +19, Justice 4^80 (+CB), Leonidas +9 (+1 level CB), Norns 3^70, Ranvir 3^70, Devana 3^46
  • Purple: Domitia +c18, Sartana +18, Quintus +8, Zulag 4^80, Obakan 3^70
  • Red: Yang Mai +19, Marjana +18, Elena +18, Khagan +16, Azlar 4^80
  • Blue: Krampus +20, Vela +18, Thorne: +16, Isarnia +7 (+3 levels CB), Magni 4^80, Raffaele 4^80, Russula 3^70, Richard 3^36
  • Green: Heimdall +19, Lianna +18, Bertila +7, Horghall 2^52, Kadilen +3, Elkanen 1^1

Lots of emblems since last year, and a few new toys, most notably Krampus and Heimdall, who are two of my absolute favorites. Finished out my collection of S1 legendaries thanks to HA 10 producing my first Richard and first Elkanen (and :poop: else in 48 retrains, except a costume for Isarnia).

HotM pulls have been pretty pleasing this year. Zulag was my consolation prize for missing out on pulling Gefjon when she was featured. She has been underwhelming, but has still found a place on my roster.

Prioritized Christmas pulls in December to try and get Reuben, since my legendary reds needed help. I missed out, and that was a blessing in disguise. Christmas pulls also got me Krampus, so - win-win!

Went big on the costume portal in January and landed Bertila. Also, a dupe Bertila from pulling Guardians that month.

Yang Mai was the one I chased and almost didn’t get. If not for a last-minute Google Play purchase of Underwild coins, she’d have gotten away. I just needed a little something extra in red. She’s not the be-all-and-end-all, but she does pretty well.

Devana was a dang nice surprise for my birthday month in July. Just a few costume pulls, but boom, she showed up anyway!

Also landed costumes for Leonidas (woot!), Domitia (my homegirl!), Isarnia (still leveling), and Justice (meh).

Epic Heroes

  • Yellow: Gretel 4^75+20, Guillinbursti 4^75+18, Chao +17 (+CB), Li Xiu +CB, Wu Kong 4^70, Danzaburo 4^70, Hu Tao 4^70 (+CB)
  • Purple: Rigard +c20, Tiburtus +c20, Sabina +c20, Rigard +c18, Stonecleave +20, Proteus +18, Gafar +18, Cyprian 4^70 (+CB), Ameonna 4^70, Fura 4^70, Proteus 4^43
  • Red: Boldtusk 4^75+c20, Gormek 4^75+c20, Wilbur +20, G. Falcon +18, Kelile +18 (+3 levels CB), Scarlett +18, Colen 4^70 (+CB), Boldtusk 4^70 (+CB), Sumitomo 4^70, Mack 4^70, Shadereave 4^70, Boldtusk 1^1
  • Blue: Kiril 4^75+c20, Grimm 4^75+c18, Sonya +c20, Sonya 4^70 (+CB), Boril 4^70, Kiril 3^60
  • Green: Brynhild 4^75+19, Melendor +c20, Little John +20 (+1 level CB), Caedmon +c18, Buddy +19, Almur +18, Hansel +18, Skittleskull 4^70 (+CB), Kasshrek 4^70 (+CB), Gobbler 4^70, Tettukh 4^70, Caedmon 4^70, Melendor 4^70

Not surprisingly, this is where the bulk of my roster development happened. As of earlier this month, I have costumes for all my S1 epics except Boril and Scarlett. I also scored HUGE by landing both Hansel and Gretel in the same Grimforest event on about a dozen pulls. Finally, I got elemental defense down in red (Falcon) and green (Almur), which was really nice, and I no longer have to chase Jackal after landing C. Leo earlier in the month. I really wish I’d been able to land Mist before exhausting my S3 coins.

Lots of limit breaking going on at this level, too. C. Kiril is a monster, and Grimm has an attack well north of 900. Boldtusk just keeps tusking along, and Gormek was the sentimental choice over Falcon or Wilbur in red. Yellows were easy, as the Pig and Gretel are well above my other options. Green aethers go to Brynhild, who continues to sit in the back-center of my double defense, being annoying with her fast heal and making Krampus’ taunt undispellable. Lots of good options for a second green epic to break, but I want to bump LJ’s survivability by leveling his costume first. And the costume is pretty sweet in its own right.

Rare heroes

  • Yellow: Kvasir 3^55+18, Melia 3^55+18, Kailani +c18, Bane 3^50 (+CB), Dawa 3^50 (+CB), Poppy 3^50, Arman 3^50, Gan Ju 1^1 (with costume)
  • Purple: Gill-Ra +19, Chochin +19, Prisca 3^50 (+CB), Oberon 3^50 (+CB), Renfeld 3^50 (+CB), Tyrum 3^50 (+CB), Balthazar 3^50 (+CB), Morris 3^50, An-Windr 3^50, Bjorn 3^50, Guardian Bat 3^50
  • Red: Hawkmoon 3^55+c18, Nashgar 3^55+c18, Namahage +20, Janhangir +19 (+CB), Azar +18 (+CB), Ei-Dunn 3^50, Rudolph 3^50
  • Blue: Frosty 3^55+19, Nordri 3^55+20, Karil +c19, Jarvur +18, Helo +14, Ulmer 3^50 (+CB), Graymane 3^50 (+CB), Gunnar 3^50 (+CB), Valen 3^50 (+CB), Gato 3^50
  • Green: Grevle 3^55+17, Mnesseus +18, Isstak 3^50 (+CB), Berden 3^50 (+CB), Carver 3^50 (+CB), Belith 3^50 (+CB), Brienne 3^50 (+CB), Muggy 3^50, Hisan 3^50, Friar Tuck 3^34 (+CB)

Collected all the rare S1 costumes when I landed Gan Ju earlier this month. Also did lots of limit breaking here. My mono red rare squad can be pretty scary. Kinda wish I could do more with my non-S1 heroes, but fighter (Arman, Rudolph, Gato, Muggy) and wizard (G. Bat, Hisan) emblems are just too in-demand. Barbarian and sorcerer are not, as you can see.

Ascension mats

Currently, I’m in the best shape on tonics, with enough to max two more green legendaries. Enough tabards for a single purple, but I’m waiting to see if that is Victor (hopefully!) or Obakan (meh). Enough rings for one red legendary. With luck, those will go to either Russell or Vanda after my Halloween pulls. Without luck, I guess they just sit. Darts are most likely going to Devana when I get two more. Scopes is where I’m the most short, with Richard and Russula being the current candidates, but only a single scope.

Four-star Troops

I now have crit and mana troops in all colors, and I’m only missing blue in ninja troops. Maxed my first four-star troops the other day (purple crit, just 'cause I like to finish what I start). The rest are between levels 26 and 29, with a set of purple mana troops at level 9.

Map levels
Have completed S1, S2, and S3 (normal and hard). Up to S4 province 20, level 2 (normal and hard). Don’t have any real urgency about pulling again in S4, and I’m sitting on almost 1700 Underwild coins. Wouldn’t have pulled there at all except I was chasing Yang Mai.

Defense team power: 4609
Defense team: (double formation) Krampus +20 and Elena +18 in front; Yang Mai +19, Brynhild 4^75+19, and Poseidon +18 in the back
Raid wins: 10,473
Longest Raid Win Streak: 42
Cup range: 2450-2600
Max cups: 2902

I’m still not an avid raider, but the major change here was drawing Krampus. The dude just made an otherworldly difference in my defense’s effectiveness. (That, and raid formations.) I don’t remember the last time I dropped out of diamond, and it’s not unusual for me to gain cups overnight. Because my defense holds cups better, I have bested my max cups a couple of times this year, quite by accident. Was just doing normal raiding, looked up, and was like, “Man, that’s a lot of cups!” That is less the case today, when every defense seems to have either Frigg or C. Kadilen in it.

Titans killed: 850
Finishing blows: 514
Highest Titan Damage: 144,371
Most Powerful Titan Defeated: 4* Emerald Dragon

I play in a small friends and family alliance, so we will never hit big Titans. In fact, it’s basically down to me and one other guy now, which is kind of sad, but I just prefer to know the people I game with. Still, my titan scores are getting better, and I have beaten my best titan damage several times lately. My mono blue team for red titans is unquestionably my best, while my mono yellow team for purple titans is clearly the worst. C. Leo should help with that, though.

Alliance wars
Nothing noteworthy here. Every war is basically my bench against the opponents’ bench. The other guy who still wars with me is pretty casual.

Events and quests
Still annoyed by the time commitment involved with Ninja Tower, and I don’t especially enjoy the gameplay either. Like the extra curses for certain classes aspect of Magic Tower, but not so much the having to pay for flasks to finish it. (Eh, who am I kidding? I won’t take the time to finish it anyway. It’s just the principle of the thing.) The new events and event heroes are clearly a way to keep SGG’s coffers full. Whatever. I won’t have most of these heroes anyway, and I don’t know what most of them do. The new quest that is upcoming that takes a whole alliance to complete is really gonna suck for me, since I choose to be in a small alliance. Other than the towers, I finish PvE content pretty easily.

I really didn’t expect to have a year three post when I posted my year two recap. Figured I’d run out of projects (and hence, motivation) by then. I still fear that will be the case sooner than I would like. My HA 10 has been absolutely no help in that regard, and odds are not getting any better for summoning interesting heroes. IF SGG values the FTP base, they will have to loosen up the odds of getting non-S1 heroes (even older ones or three- and four-star ones). Most of us aren’t picky. We just want new stuff to play around with once in a while. That’s it from the Weasel. Hope you enjoyed.


Wow, that’s a nice story, thanks for sharing. The last sentance, just give a new hero to play with…yep…that’s all we want. Doesn’t have to be the newest latest shiny overpowered one, but something else then the S1💩


I’m pretty sure that I read your 2-year post also. Nice to see you’re getting enjoyment from a FTP perspective.


Thx for sharing this @Noble_Weasel


You, and players like you, are true heros of this game and community in my opinion. I have decided to stop investing in this game recently, and only now I have a real perspective how little one can expect to get from active daily playing. Being able to do it for 3 years and to make such an amazing progress is just awesome. Congrats on this achievement! :muscle:


Nice progress @Noble_Weasel . Astounding 5* yellow bench, and you’ve made some good summoning and levelling choices along the way for sure.

Re alliance, I feel you really keeping it small - I do the same. The people are a big part of enjoying a game, after all

I very much agree with you on better odds and access for older heroes - they will be obsolete for the top spenders anyway, so at least let the rest of us enjoy them too, with a time delay that doesn’t deprive the spenders of their advantage


Heck, figuring out how to use the quirky ones effectively is part of the fun! Who wants an “I win” button?

On the flip side, seeing all the posts from spenders complaining about how little they got from the ton of summons they bought helps me gain perspective on how little you may get from spending. I saved for months to do that big costume summon back in January, and the “highlight” was a costume for Justice which was literally at the top of the list of costumes I really didn’t want. If I had paid money for that? Ouch!

Thanks. Lack of dispel has kept me from using it more - since I usually go mono - but Devana’s about to change all that!

Thanks again. You and the other homies (and homiettes) at the FTP Rebellion have helped a lot in that regard.

Wish SGG was feeling it with us. This latest event being nearly off-limits to small alliances concerns me.

Yep. We’re gonna be on season 7, and SGG will still be like, “Putting non-S1 heroes in TC20 will ruin the game economy… or something.”


yup exactly! I agree with you and @El_Jefe - I don’t need (or even want) all the latest OP heroes as soon as they’re released… I just want some variety :slight_smile: I’d welcome even quirky niche 3* and 4*, it’s just nice to mix up my farming team so I can try new hero combinations

thanks for the appreciation re the FTP advice :wink: I do appreciate that most of us there have fewer options for ascension, so we often land in the same boat when it comes to making leveling decisions!

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