Progress from One Year as a Free to Play (F2P) Player [MASTER]

Congrats on the deep roster you’ve assembled and #1 ranking. Both very impressive feats. My best is not even top 1000 but I haven’t really made any effort yet. I’m still working on my deep bench after 18 months.


Hero pulls not your luckiest part of the game? Wow! The rest of your luck must be amazing! lol I’m at a year and a half as 100% F2P and you have a far better roster than me right now. Anzogh is my only HotM and Danzaburo is my only Atlantis hero. Other than that all my heroes are classic (almost all from TC20). I’d kill for a Proteus or Wilbur or Kunchen. Heck you’ve got doubles of Triton and Sumitomo too! The worst thing hindering me is that I JUST finally pulled my very first blue 5* (Thorne) this week. Now a few of my 20 telescopes can finally be put to use! lol

Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on one year as a F2P and I’m seriously impressed by your roster, you’ve had some very good luck with the non-classic heroes.


@Noble_Weasel Thanks for the heads up!

I merged the other recent thread into this one, and updated the title to help make it easier for people to find in the future. :heart_decoration:

Looking forward to your update!


That’s pretty awesome @_John_Doe

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Nice post, congrats on #1!

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Many thanks, Merge Master. Update coming on or around September 24. Was hoping I could report a second maxed five-star (Domitia) by then, but that’s looking unlikely. She’ll be close, though.

Woohoo! Quick update… I finally just pulled a Yellow 4* troop tonight. So with my Blue 5* hero a couple weeks ago and now this troop, I have finally acquired the full double rainbow. It took me just a few days shy of 18 months to get one of every color 5* hero and 4* troop. I’m sure that’s far longer than it takes most people, but dang does it feel good to finally be there.


Happy one-year E&P anniversary to me! Been F2P all the way, so I thought I’d give an update for those interested.

Player level: 45
SH level: 21

Legendary Heroes

  • Yellow: Poseidon +2, Onatel 3^70, Vivica 3^37, Leonidas 2^60, and Ranvir 2^60
  • Purple: Domitia 4^67, Domitia 1^1
  • Red: Azlar 3^51
  • Blue: Thorne: 4^36, Thorne 1^1
  • Green: none :frowning_face:

All of these are from TC 20 except Poseidon, Onatel, and Ranvir, who are not available from TC 20, or course. I consider myself to have had extraordinary luck to have pulled 2 HotM in a year. Hate that they were both yellow, though. I regularly run 2 TC 20s.

Epic Heroes

  • Yellow: Danzaburo +19, Li Xiu +9, Wu Kong 1^1, Hu Tao 1^1, Chao 1^1, 2 x Danzaburo 1^1
  • Purple: Rigard +20, Sabina +19, Tiburtus +17, Ameonna 3^60, 2 x Cyprian 1^1, 2 x Rigard 1^1, 4 x Tiburtus 1^1
  • Red: Gormek +19, Boldtusk +14, Colen 4^70, Kelile 4^70, Kelile 3^60, Colen 1^1
  • Blue: Kiril +19, Sonya +14, Grimm 4^70, Boril 4^70, Kiril 1^1, 2 x Grimm 1^1, 3 x Sonya 1^1
  • Green: Melendor +18, Caedmon 4^70, Little John 4^70, Skittleskull 4^70, Melendor 3^60, Caedmon 2^33, Little John 1^1

I’m missing two classic epics: Scarlett and Kashrek. I care about Scarlett, not so much about Kashrek.

You can see how drawing legendary yellows hamstrung my development of epic yellows. That’s OK, because the epics aren’t that great. I do wish I’d gotten Chao earlier for ranger quests. I just pulled him week before last.

I’m still saving some dupes for Hero Academy, and I will likely level at least one dupe of every classic epic in preparation for costumes.

Notable rares

  • Yellow: Bane +20, Melia 3^50, Arman 2^12
  • Purple: Gill-Ra 3^50
  • Red: Namahage 3^50
  • Blue: Gato 3^50
  • Green: Muggy 3^50, Hisan 3^50, Mnesseus 3^50

I’ve had terrible luck drawing event heroes, except at the rare level last Easter. I still wouldn’t mind getting Chochin from S2.

Ascension mats

  • 12 x Damascus Blades (3 used)
  • 11 x Tome of Tactics (3 used)
  • 11 x Mystic Rings
  • 11 x Poison Darts (6 used)
  • 9 x Farsight Telescopes (6 used)
  • 7 x Royal Tabards (6 used)
  • 7 x Mysterious Tonics
  • 27 x Compass (15 used)
  • 18 x Fine Gloves (15 used)
  • 31 x Orbs of Magic (24 used)
  • 29 x Sturdy Shields (16 used)
  • 28 x Warm Capes (24 used)
  • 25 x Hidden Blades (16 used)
  • 24 x Trap Tools (20 used)

Three-star mats have been coming in at a good enough rate to keep up with my leveling projects. Darts haven’t been, because I’m so yellow-heavy, but the rest have been OK.

Four-star Troops

  • Yellow: Crit (level 13)
  • Purple: Crit (level 15), Crit (level 1), 2 x Mana (level 1)
  • Red: Mana (level 12), Crit (level 1)
  • Blue: Mana (level 13), 2 x Mana
  • Green: Mana (level 12)

Feel great about having all five colors. Thought I’d never draw a green. I know mana troops seem to be preferred over crit, but I’ve just been leveling whatever I started with. At least in the case of purple, at least, I think that will be OK. Domitia could use a little extra survivability.

Map levels
Have completed both S1 and S2 (normal and hard). Really wish there were a more reliable way to earn Atlantis coins now besides chasing the stupid sea dragon.

Defense team power: 3876
Defense team: Melendor +18, Boldtusk +14, Boril 4^70, Poseidon + 2, Domitia 4^67
Raid wins: 3915
Longest Raid Win Streak: 42
Cup range: 2200-2400
Max cups: 2506

I basically only raid to fill chests, which means I usually re-roll until I find an opponent I think I have a good chance of beating. I can sometimes get up into diamond - I have 20 wins there - but my defense team can’t quite keep me there yet. Hoping when I emblem Domitia, max and emblem Thorne, and max Azlar, it will be a different story.

Current mission progress: 9/500 (not sure how many total Titans that means, but I’ve hit every one my alliance has killed)
Finishing blows: 119
Highest Titan Damage: 91,279
Most Powerful Titan Defeated: 3* Goblin King

I play in a small friends and family alliance, so we will never hit big Titans. I am always my alliance’s leader in Titan damage. I’ve been playing the longest, so this makes sense. It used to be close with one other member, but then I got Ranvir.

Alliance wars
I am always my alliance’s best player, and it generally isn’t close. My next most senior member drew Kaidlen and Sartana early, and it still hamstrings his bench depth. I was fortunate enough not to draw any big guns until @Gryphonknight had educated me about the importance of leveling rares and epics before legendaries.

Events and quests
I have been able to finish all rare quests for a while now.

The first challenge event that I finished was the first iteration of Wonderland in February (?), although it didn’t count because I finished the boss about 10 minutes after the event ended. Glad SGG has fixed that now. Drawing Onatel in January made the difference. It’s honestly ridiculous how important mana control is to finish these events.

I didn’t have a ton of trouble finishing the revamped Avalon this time, and I was actually able to compete for a decent reward tier. Really love the new format. Great job, SGG. Saving all challenge coins for Guardians, as I am targeting both Jackal and Falcon. After that, Hansel from Grimforest.

As for seasonal events, the first one I managed to finish was Springvale 2019. So glad I was able to finish Sand Empire for the darts. Looking forward to unleashing Poseidon on the vampires. I was a complete noob last time Morlovia came around.

That’s about it. Still loving this game and the ability to do lots of fun stuff without having to spend money. Happy gaming, all.


Great post and great progress! Fairly similar to my situation at 1 year, though a bit better luck on non-classic heroes and troops.

One comment in particular stood out to me… how ridiculously important mana control is to finish the events. That is SO true and is one of my most painfully missing components with my lack of non-classic heroes. Whenever I struggle to beat one of the events, my alliance always says oh I just used Proteus or Hansel or whatever and I’m like yeah… great, must be nice. Leo and Chao certainly help, but they’re nowhere close to the power of the non-classic heroes that have mana control.

Anyway, nice job as F2P, keep it up and good luck landing a green 5!

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As a fellow member of the no-Proteus club, I feel your pain. Epic is often harder than legendary, because I can’t use Onatel on epic. Also can’t use her on Guardians because of the yellow reflect. Makes it much harder. Although he is squishy, Little John can help. He and Li together might be a good combo. Not Proteus, Hel, or Onatel, though.

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:balloon::tada::confetti_ball: Anniversary

Happy Anniversary :balloon::tada::confetti_ball:


4* ascension items

Better than my first 12 months

Raiding info

And this is probably why you have a decent stream of 4* ascension items. Platinum/ Diamond chests.

Which is sad. Everyone playing can theoretically work up to fighting 8* titans ( but many do not ). Only a small percentage can open Platinum/ Diamond chests.

Titans are king

Titan info

And this is why you do not have more darts.

My alliance recently got a very very big spender who buys iron for harpoons, usually Tier 2 on most titans, and collects all the HotM. So I am finally getting Titan loot tier 9 on a consistent basis. We cannot sustain 8* titans without this one player ( used to be 6* titans ). Titan loot tier 9 is really helping with Mystic Rings and Mysterious Tonics. But the spender is dropping a lot of money each day on iron and even more on HotM.


4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires. Forge level 17 is the backbone of class quests. But money is the backbone of 5* Heroes.

Roster depth

I Know Right?

Gryphonkit, my wife, has more leveled 5* heroes than me, but cannot complete some of the class quests and seasonal events because she is out of Dragon bones and has awesome 4* heroes stuck at 4* 1.1 ( looking at you Boldtusk and Kiril ).

Food is very expensive for 5* heroes

And 5* Hero XP

Mana Control

Proteus/ Hel/ Onatel make an insane impact on finishing any triple Boss encounter ( though Titanium Shield and Panacea can help ).

For 4* heroes, Proteus is only 1 of 2 heroes I used off color, 1 day, power leveling to get to 4*+5 .

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I tend to see it the other way. Eventually, everyone should be able to get a roster to move into platinum/diamond. But unless you are OK joining up with randos in an alliance, you cannot reach high level Titans. It’s the only source of high level loot that requires such. And, as you point out:

Which seems kind of unfair to me. Even a small alliance can compete in alliance wars, but small alliances cannot reach high level Titans, which are the most consistent source of high level mats.

At least Shiloh is today. Onatel will finally reach her full potential! Although I was very tempted by my shiny new Vivica.

As long as I had to wait for those two, it makes me sad to know someone let them languish. Holy cow, are they good!


Today is exactly 1 year after I started to play this game, I have always play as an F2P, the only VIP I had used is only from invite feature.

Quantity of Rare to Legendary Heroes I have collected:

Element Quantity
5 Fire 2
Nature 1
Ice 2
Holy 3
Dark 3
Total 11
4 Fire 15
Nature 12
Ice 9
Holy 11
Dark 17
Total 64
3 Fire 49
Nature 82
Ice 59
Holy 47
Dark 68
Total 305
Click for List of Heroes Raised
Element Hero Level
5 Fire Mitsuko 4/80+1
Elena 1/47
Nature Elkanen 3/70
Ice Ariel 4/80+1
Magni 3/61
Holy Joon 4/80+1
Vivica 3/65
Dark Sartana 4/80+1
Domitia 3/62
Thoth-Amun 3/58
4 Fire Scarlett 4/70+18
Boldtusk 4/70+15
Colen 3/60
Kelile 3/60
Nature Caedmon 4/70+18
Melendor 4/70+13
Little John 3/60
Kashhrek 3/60
Skittleskull 3/60
Gobbler 3/60
Gadeirus 3/60
Jack O’Hare 3/60
Ice Grimm 4/70+18
Sonya 4/70+18
Kiril 4/70+11
Boril 3/60
Agwe 3/11
Holy Wu Kong 4/70+18
Hu Tao 4/70+13
Li Xiu* 3/60
Chao 3/60
Danzaburo 3/60
Dark Rigard 4/70+18
Sabina 4/70+15
Proteus 4/70+15
Ammeona 4/70+11
Tiburtus 3/60
Cyprian 3/60
Gafar 3/60
3 Fire Hawkmoon 3/50
Nashgar 3/50
Azar 3/50
Jahangir 3/50
Namahage 3/50
Rudolph 3/50
Nature Belith 3/50
Brienne 3/50
Berden 3/50
Isshtak 3/50
Carver 3/50
Friar Tuck 3/50
Mnesseus 3/50
Muggy 3/50
Hisan 3/50
Ice Gunnar 3/50
Valen 3/50
Ulmer 3/50
Graymane 3/50
Karil 3/50
Gato 3/50
Holy Kailani 3/50
Bane 3/50
Gan Ju 3/50
Dawa 3/50
Melia 3/50
Arman 3/50
Dark Balthazar 3/50
Tyrum 3/50
Renfeld 3/50
Prisca 3/50
Oberon 3/50
Gill-Ra 3/50
Chochin 3/50
2 Fire Zudak 3/40
Shaarkot 3/40
Nature Needler 3/40
Jenneh 3/40
Ice Olaf 3/40
Ragnhild 3/40
Holy Sha Ji 3/40
Nash 3/40
Dark Layla 3/40
Julius 3/40

*I have not raised any duplicates except another 3/60 Li Xiu with only 6/8 Special Skill Level, will be sacrificed in the future…

The other 5☆ is 1 Joon who is still at 1/1…

Click for List of 4☆ Troops
Element Type Level
Fire Critical 13
Nature Mana 13
Critical 1
Ice Mana 14
Critical 1
Holy Mana 13
Critical 1
Dark Mana 13
Click for List of Unfarmable AMs Collected
Ascension Material Used Remaining Total
4 Mystic Rings 6 8 14
Mysterious Tonic 0 13 13
Farsight Telescope 6 10 16
Poison Darts 6 4 10
Royal Tabard 6 8 14
Damascus Blade 4 9 13
Tome of Tactics 4 10 14
Total 32 62 94
3 Hidden Blade 16 29 45
Sturdy Shield 12 41 53
Warm Cape 24 15 39
Orb of Magic 20 21 41
Trap Tools 32 24 56
Compass 22 19 41
Fine Gloves 22 16 38
Total 148 165 313
Click for List of Emblems Collected
Emblems Used Remaining Total
Barbarian 395 253 648
Cleric 460 258 718
Druid 700 8 708
Fighter 655 10 665
Monk 460 174 634
Paladin 395 208 603
Ranger 0 706 706
Rogue 395 281 676
Sorcerer 675 29 704
Wizard 675 8 683
Total 4810 1935 6745

Today, a very good friend of mine reached his one year anniversary in the game. He is also a F2P player and has shared his experience/progress in the game in a Reddit post. I wanted to share it here so that it might help other players who are just starting out and give them a good idea of what can or cannot be achieved in a year with minimal or no money spent on the game. Feel free to give it a read. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this @ThePirateKing :slightly_smiling_face:, it was very informative and I appreciate your friend’s tips and insights :star:.

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Thank you @Kerrang, really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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I am finally F2P too. I am playing now for a little
more than 12 months:
My player Level is 56, my stronghold is Level 23
My defense team has a strength of 4300
I have 16 5* 11 of them ascended to 4th chevron, 2 more in 3rd chevron.
More than 40 4* and some ten fully ascended and emblemed 3* for tournaments and quests.
Until now i have feeded more than 15 4* and uncounted 3* to my heroes.
I run 2 TC20 continously giving me one 5* heroe aproximately every month.
I am coleader of my alliance of 30 members finishing 8* titans being one of the top five players regularly. Usually i am one of the top 3 players in alliance war.
My six war Teams have following strengths: 4300, 4130,4020,3990,3890,3860

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I am also F2P for 8 months.
Level: 51
TP: 4076
I have 8 five-star heroes and 22 four-star heroes.
(Includes 2 HOTM)

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It’s My 1st Game Anniversary today.


good progress! keep it up!!


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