Progress from One Year as a Free to Play (F2P) Player [MASTER]

I just hit my one year anniversary today and decided to take stock of what I’ve accomplished in this game so far as 100% free to play. Others might find this interesting or useful, so I figured I’d post my results.

Player Level: 47
Defense Team: 3800
Trophies: 2300

I’ve been with the same alliance since day one and it’s been fun rising in the ranks and becoming one of the top 10 members. We’ve gone from struggling to tangle with 6 or 7* titans to taking down 8*s on a regular basis now.

5 Star Heroes received: 9 (Domitia x 3, Leonidas x 2, Kadilen, Elkanen, Elena, Quintus)
4 Star Heroes received: 54 (16 yellow, 14 red, 12 purple, 6 green, 6 blue)

I have every standard 4* except Skittleskull. Still haven’t managed to get that one. I also just got Gormek and Grimm within the last couple weeks. It sucked not having two of the main pulverizers for so long.

Now there are two big things to mention here that are a major source of pain about my heroes. First, I don’t have a single non-standard hero. Zero HotMs, zero special event heroes, and zero Atlantis 4s or 5s (I have a few Atlantis 3*s). This hinders my options greatly as my heroes don’t do any of the interesting or unique things, just standard basic stuff. Never hitting a HotM is probably the second most annoying lack of luck I have. Especially when so many alliance mates post about getting one randomly here and there all the time. Often when they don’t even need them or have gotten multiple copies of the same one. Given how many pulls I’ve done in a year, I should have gotten about 2 or 3 by now on average, so zero isn’t that far off, but it still sucks.

The second major thing is my lack of Blue heroes and Green to a lesser extent (I literally just got two of my blues within the last month, so I’ve been running on just 4 blues for almost a year). The disproportion of my colors is pretty nasty and it hurts my war bench. I’ve been running two TC20s non-stop for about 6 months now. I told myself I’d cut it back to one once I got a blue 5, but despite getting three Doms, I can’t seem to get a blue, so I just keep the LTs going.

4 Star Troops: 2 (Purple and Red)

This is my single most frustrating lack of luck. It’s remarkably bad. I’ve done two 10-pulls on troops, neither gave me a 4. My purple I’ve had for just 4 months, and the Red I just got within the last month. I almost had just a single 4* troop after a whole year of playing. I have 3* troops leveled up to 17 in each color, so it’s not horrible, but wow is this some bad luck. If the posted 10% chance is correct, then I should have around 12 or so by now. And I’ve gotten TWO. At this rate I doubt I’ll ever get a 4* troop of every color before I stop playing this game. And even if I do start getting them, it’ll take so long to level them that it won’t even matter. There needs to be another way to get 4* troops.

Total Damascus Blades: 5
Total Tome of Tactics: 8
Total Farsight Telescopes: 9
Total Mysterious Tonics: 12
Total Mystic Rings: 11
Total Poison Darts: 9
Total Royal Tabards: 7
Total Fine Gloves: 27
Total Compasses: 37
Total Hidden Blades: 28
Total Orbs of Magic: 34
Total Sturdy Shields: 33
Total Trap Tools: 32
Total Warm Capes: 25

Pretty good distribution of ascension mats and plenty to keep me going for awhile. I can ascend a blue 5* and 7 fours with what I currently have in stock. Of note is that I did have a serious lack of Fine Gloves for the longest time. I’m up to 9 spare gloves now, but there was a stretch of several months where I had 5 heroes waiting on gloves and absolutely none would drop.

My war bench is solid. My top 30 heroes are all over 500 power. I have 4 full rainbow teams of maxed 4*s or better and will be finishing that out to all 6 teams within a few months I’d guess.

All in all I’d say I’m doing fine for being 100% free to play. My heroes are competitive, and other than lacking special event heroes and 4* troops, I certainly can’t complain. It’s been fun and I’m still looking forward to finally getting my first HotM and blue 5* at some point!


Ha! Well played SG. Mere minutes after posting this topic, someone in my alliance just got a random hero token. Pulled a HotM from it. He’s already gotten Frida earlier this month too. Way to rub it in SG.


I’ve gotten two hotm from random epic tokens too. Somebody in my alliance also received two Frida’s in the same pull! You have to get lucky sometimes. Hope you get yours soon!


Nice summary and very good work on your part.

I’m a month behind you and have a little more fortunate in 5* and rare heroes - Evelyn, Proteus, Gadeirus, Ameona and Agwe, as well as seven classic 5*.

That being said, I’ve no Sonya, gormek or Grimm and only three red 4* and no red 5*

Such are the vagaries of RNG.

Have you levelled all your heroes? I’ve had to stop my tc20s so I can put as many levels as possible on my roster


Really nice summary of what is like being full 100% f2p.
I think SG should really find a more clever way to give those 4* troops, make you earn them somehow especially now that they got really stingy with those Troop II quests missions. The fact that troops are let completely to the rng system is a let down, that fact that you have a 10% chance to pull them but you dont, feels almost like trying to get Tarlak with a 0.3 probability.
I understand that this system works good with heroes and makes people spend a lot of money on pulls, but a f2p can play with the vanilla heroes without doing any pull [or get good heroes from the TC] and still be competitive. Troops unlike heroes, are unique, even in war you basically use the same ones for every war flag.


If this isn’t problem I can share my F2P accout after 1 year

Def team TP-4080
Highest trophies-2925
Normally ~2500

My 9 5*
Khaganx2, Elenax2, Marjana, Joon, Leonidas, Isarnia, MN

My 40 4*
6 yellow, 7 purple, 15 blue, 6 green, 6 red

I have a few evets and S2 heroes

4* mats
10 D.blades
10 tomes
14 scopes
11 tonics
15 rings
7 darts
12 tabards

3* mats
36 compass
32 this for hands (I forgot name :joy:)
43 orbs
34 trap tools
36 shields
35 h blades
39 capes

4* troops
1 purple, 3 blue, 2 red, 4 green, 0 yellow


Cudos to you. I think you’ve been lucky with ascension mats!


Great job for a f2p! You are extremely lucky on 5* heroes and 4* troops, both… in almost eight month (f2p, level 41 as well) I only got two 5* heroes (Kadilen and Horghall, never leveled them past 2/60, I hope for a better green until I get two more tonics) and three 4* troops… tell me please, how did you use the gems? Did you do individual pulls or collected them for 10x pulls? I hope to hit 3K by the next Atlantis summon… would you spend 3K on Atlantis or keep them for a 10x Avalon?


I’m making signgle pulls on events(almost always 2 on every) but I have only 2 5* from pulls.
Avalon>S2 for me
But S2 10x pulls can be better idea, you have more special heroes with better chance than in event and chest with AM.

Also I think I spend 1000-1200 gems for troops but my 4* comes from tokens.


Nice write up. I will be doing my own in May! I am F2P as well minus the Valentine’s Day offer.

I would give you one of my skittleskulls. I have pulled 5 of them.


I will share also my F2P jouney (even if im C2P Now)

lvl 42, def power, 3900

S1: Joon x2, Marjanna, Leonidas, Quintus, Domitia, Horghall

S2/HOTM: Atomos, Ares, Khiona

S1: Kiril x2, Wukong x3, Tiburtus x2, Sabina x2, Melendor x2, Cyprian, Boril, Gormeck, Sonya x2, Li xiu, Hu tao, Chao (the bird of course)

S2: Danzaburo, Wilbur x2, Triton, Protheus, Gobbler
Event: Buddy, Gretel

Got lucky. except Atomos, got all heroes without buying anything. Some members of my alliance are jealous of me because im so lucky in video games.


How comes you have a 3200 TP defense with all those heroes? I’m nowhere near your roster and my current defense is 3588 (no 5* in the defense line) Are you intentionally keeping it underpowered?

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This is a living proof of no need to spend your money till they widen gaps between 4 star and 5 star. So all the money and effort you put to get those exclusive heros and max them, for what? To do exactly what others can do with free 4 stars?

No more spending on this game, no need to.


Have you levelled all your heroes? I’ve had to stop my tc20s so I can put as many levels as possible on my roster

I’ve leveled about half of my heroes. Running two TC20s to try to get a blue 5 is slowing my leveling progress a bit. Leo and Dom are on their final ascension and 40 levels from max. Kadilen is max. Elena just hit her final ascension. I also still have 10 4*s or so that are 3/60 that I need to finish up.

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F2P here too and playing a bit longer than you might have (about a month or two).

There are very many similarities between you and I.

  • The only classic 4* I am missing just also happens to be Skittleskull as well.
  • I do not have any event hero, seasonal hero, or any HoTM and always hear alliance members getting them on single EHT pull. My lack of luck is annoying, but I learned to live with it.
  • Did 1 x 10X Pull on the Troop, but stopped right there when I got no 4* troops in it.

Some differences.

  • Did have a few Atlantis 4*, but none of the more “coveted” ones like Wilbur, Proteus, Triton.
  • I am running TC20 x 3 and in addition to missing Skittles, I am missing 9 5* classic heroes (there were some duplicate 5* along the way, but were fed, because I don’t keep doppelgangers, and unless there are some solid information on whether they will be ways to use heroes to acquire heroes of same tier from within, it will continue to be so).
  • Not sure if you did or not, but I didn’t spend gems on increasing roster cap (another reason I don’t keep duplicates).
  • I am missing a 4* Red Troop and have at least 1 of the colors (but not both varieties).
  • I did not stay with the alliance I first joined when leadership went AWOL and started my own approximately 4 months into playing.
  • I do not Raid and do not do War

Here is hoping that both of us will eventually get one event/seasonal/HoTM before we call it quits.


My daughter has been playing free since December 2017.
She is not very active in the game, so she is only at the level 36. Her defense team is 3450 poins.

She’s got a rainbow of 4* troops recently.
She has 4 5* (Justice, Magni, Azlar and Quintus) not maxed yet.

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The only considerable difference between my daughter’s f2p roster and my c2p roster is that I have some event 3* and 4* heroes while she doesn’t. All my 5* are from TC20 as her’s.

Whoooops, wrong number, i didn’t paid enough attention to that when im typing on a phone. And because im french, its pretty annoying to type in english because of that autocorrector.

My real def power is around 3900

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That’s more like it :grinning:

Ok . I’m f2p as well , everyone has gotten different stuff. I’ve been playing 1 year 1 month and here is my summary:

I’ve gotten 2 HOTM and all elements for 4* troops ( 2 different 4*s for yellow and green):top::soon::end::back::notes:

My full deck power is just about 3760.
Level - 47

5* - Sartana, Evelyn ,Elkanen ,Horgh, Azlar, Elenax2, Joon X2, justice , Leonidas, Magni, Isarnia. (13)

I do have evey 4* from season 1.

Ascension mats: :arrow_right:

Telescope 9
Tonic 10
Rings 9
Darts 8
Tabard 9
Tomes 5
Gloves 25
Hidden blades 23
Orbs 27
Sturdy shields 34
Warm capes 27
Trap tools 28

As you can tell, I’ve not been lucky with high level ascension mats or hidden blades.

Total Flasks obtained
60 world energy
50 raid energy
23 titan energy

P.s i.must.admit.i. messed up in the beginning months …never read. guides or the forum till almost 5 months in.

Personally TCs are overated , I’ll take ascension mats over heroes any day #quotemeforlife


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