Progress from One Year as a C2P 🎂

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of playing Empires and Puzzles! :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s been many posts similar to this before which I have really enjoyed so I thought I would share my own. RNG can be incredibly frustrating, but I also find it charming that it gives such a diverse experience for different players of the same game. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Player Profile/Statistics

Notable stats:
I have probably raided way more than is healthy. :rofl: I averaged about 13 raid wins per day over the past year…and I definitely do more raids than that per day because this doesn’t factor in my losses haha. This is also without ever purchasing a raid refill or purchasing flasks. The highest rank I have achieved so far is number 2 in US and number 15 Global. Still hoping to one day make that number 1 spot! Even if for 2 seconds haha. Maybe by next year. :slightly_smiling_face:

Titans are definitely still my biggest weakness. I did not get Wu Kong until about 9 months into the game, and my only elemental defense down is Nordri. Currently saving up challenge coins for Teltoc, fingers crossed!

Best personal finish in a tournament (4* Buff Booster No Fire):

Personal Bests in Challenge Events (I’m really not a big competitor here but here are my best finishes this year in each tier with my limited roster and without flasking.)


Most of my 5*s were from TC20 (I have had 2 running since May) but I’ve had a few notable extremely lucky random pulls! I’m still missing a lot of “key” non-season 1 four starts such as Proteus, Hansel, Costume Rigard, but can’t expect all the good ones when you’re not pulling that often. Overall I feel pretty lucky with my pulls given that I have mostly just used free coins and have only done four gem 10-pulls from saved gems over the past year.


I also feel extremely fortunate to have a rainbow set of mana troops. (I did not have any green 4* troops until about a month ago.) Don’t ask me why I leveled the 3* troops I did hahaha, they were just the first ones I got of each color I think. Troop development is still something I really need to work on as I did not focus on it very much early on as I didn’t have many 4* troops.

Ascension Mats/Current Leveling Plan

The only ascension mat I purchased was the one from POV2. This I feel has been the most random part of the game for me. The game only gave me 4 darts in the first 8 months or so of the game and now suddenly I have 12. I also seem to be a magnet for orbs for some strange reason. :roll_eyes: :laughing:


I had a few 3 stars emblemed earlier on in the game for raids/wars and now have reset all of them (except for Nordri who is key for me on red titans and can survive exactly one hit at 20 nodes with turtle banners/axes from 11* titans.) I found very marginal benefit for 3 star tournaments with only a few emblemed 3 stars. I think if you want to do well in 3 star tournaments, you need to emblem a diverse 3 star roster. Otherwise, it’s almost better to not emblem them at all. I’ve chosen to mostly spend emblems on my 4 stars for now to round out my roster and to “make my own 5 stars.” I will likely eventually reset some of them for 5 stars. I don’t think I’ve regretted any of my embleming decisions. I am really glad SG is increasing the availability of emblems as I really think they are a way to customize your roster and some heroes that lack luster otherwise can really shine when properly emblemed. :slightly_smiling_face:

$$ Spent

I was F2P until December 2019 when the Share the Gems and Rudolph Pass came out and that was my gateway to start spending. :laughing:
I looked through my Google Play purchases over the past year.
Total spent on E&P (including tax) = 108.87 US Dollars
About 20$ of that was Google Play credit from doing surveys.
I purchased 1 POV Pass in May, a few one month VIP Passes, every share the gems offer, and 3 costume deals. I also received a 50$ Google Play gift card from my close friends for my birthday which I used to buy a one year VIP Pass. (265 Days remaining :wink:)
So I’ve spent about 40$ out of my own pocket over the past year.

I’m probably a sardine as far as SG is concerned, but this is still exponentially more than I have ever spent on a mobile app! However, if I consider the countless hours of entertainment this game has provided me I think it was worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Shameless Link to my Youtube Channel

Itty_EP - I started a YouTube Channel :)

In summary, even if I have a few complaints, overall this has been an extremely fun game! SG, please keep up what you’re doing and keep improving and developing the game. I have no plans to stop playing anytime soon. Also thanks to all the players that have made the game so fun for me, especially the ones I’ve had the honor of being in an alliance with and all of the players on the forum. Cheers to one year! Wishing everyone best of luck with the RNG and favorable tiles in the year to come! :smiley:


Congrats on your year playing!! You have some very good 5s like frigga, clarissa and GM so I am happy for your pulls!
Now just keep enjoying the game and beating milestones!! (more 5
maxed, better challenges placements, …)

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Congrats on your game anniversary! That looks like very good progress to me in one year, definitely a lot stronger and further than I was at that point, looking back at my own “inventory” back then… nice touch to link those btw! It looks like even the “one year anniversary” posts have become better since then… :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

May you continue to enjoy the game years more, and may the odds be in your favor! :grin:


Amazing achievements, especially with your roaster! Very well played so far, congratulations! I am playing since 9 months, but never could complete a legendary event quest, and couldn’t yet beat Ursena.

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Thank you! :blush:
You’ll get there! Everyone plays at their own pace. :slight_smile: Also as far as quests and map stages go, you might be surprised what you can beat with an underpowered team, a bit of patience and a bunch of items haha. Time stops and bombs go a long way haha. (And might be worth it for the rewards depending on what it is. I used to do the last level of emblem quests with mostly 3s or not fully leveled 4s/5s. The emblems were worth the items! Same with the last stages of legendary for challenge events haha, I still use mostly 4s but will bring a heavy stack and timestops.) Good gaming and best of luck!

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