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I’ve got my second Gretel’s pic, like Merlin in Avalon… I want to ask you if it’s possible to change this second pic with the epic challenge’s pic (Hansel)…

You will learn the hard way, how the game works.

Oh! and no you cant

What heroes you have on your bench has nothing to do with what hero’s avatars you have. The Gretel avatar is awarded as a prize to the top 10 players in the Epic tier (I think—I have her, somthat seems likely) and he winner of the Rare tier. If that wasn’t you, then you can’t use her as an avatar.

If you were in this elite group, then tap tour avatar in game, click Change, and select her.


Yes, I know, I arrived twice in legendary top100 of grimforest, so I received again Gretel’s pic…
Hansel was the top100 epic pic price :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked to have an other price and not a duplicate… ):

My 2 Gretel prices:

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Sorry I didn’t understand your original intent—language issues. It would be nice to have a bonus for repeated wins. Perhaps some unique border on the repeat?

Instead of the duplicate, I would like another figure, Hansel for example (corresponding to the epic top100 price).
It could be an idea for upcoming events…

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Just be a blond girl for a change :smile:

The profile pictures are a price you can win, that cannot be changed, imagine that chaos: I have three Gretel is that worth one Guin Pic?

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Awn :stuck_out_tongue: it was only to change Merlin with some other pic :joy: I don’t love Gretel so much :3

I have her as a profile picture and we always call her Botox-Girl :-).

Just get into the top 100 in epic next time and you will be Hansel, then we can do nice pictures together :slight_smile:

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