Profile change problems from iOS to Android

Every time a new problem … You can never play serene … this time I find myself having to pass the profile from iOS to Android as I have my iPhone broken and when I go to generate the code to connect my iOS profile my Android email stops me all because the profile is already connected … But connected to an email that no longer exists … com is possible? The email I work has been deleted no longer exists even the link … now Because having created a new gmail in spite of the game is on the iPhone, I can not run a simple switch of account from iOS to Android? Support increasingly useless … answer after days and always with automatic answers that do not help me at all

this is the photo to show that my email is no longer existing … now Why can not I have the game I normally use on ios on a new email? Is it so difficult to make a switch from iOS to Android? Every time more and more disappointed

I was thinking to change the profile from Android to IOS but got to know that the emai issue will be there. I am currently having an issue with the email as I am having outlook 0x8004010f and I need to fix that before changing.

Dear support.1 week ago I lost my phone. I bought a device for which I downloaded the game. I would like to re-enter my old avatar. Thanks in advance.

Hi @pisti;

If the two devices are the same operating system (e.g. both iOS or both Android) you simply need to login to your Game Centre / Google Play account & it will load-up progress (may have to recomplete the tutorial again).

If the two devices are DIFFERENT operating systems, follow the instructions in this article:

the old device is lost. the old device was android, the new ios

I would suggest getting an emulator on your PC then as you NEED to login to the account on the old operating system in order to generate the code.

Ones include NOX or Bluestacks.

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