Prof with glasses

Hi there.
I want to try out Prof Lidenbrock in my defense alliance war team but I don’t know where to position her.
My war team at this moment is:
Alasie Frigg Ursena Guin Marjana
I think she should be left flank but I don’t want to replace Frigg. Is right flank or left wing better?
Please share your thoughts.

She can be good on wing but only in vfast wars, best place would be left flank but I think that she might be ok at right flank.

Personally I recommend you to try her on both flanks (switching with Frigg) for 2-3 wars each and check which one works better.


I’m going for right flank now and see how that works out. Thanks.

I’ve tried her on right flank in def war but that was a big disappointment. Problably because my yellow mana troops were lvl 8. I am upgrading them and they are currently at lvl 11. Not going to use her till I got mana troops 17.
All my mana troops are 23, 1 at 19. Yellow crit also19.
I wanted to converse yellow crit 19 via HA 9. That was a misunderstanding as you just get a lvl 1 in return.
Patience is the key here.

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