Prof. LIDENBROOK bug. Casts status change although hit with Malosi

So, there is a bug with Prof. Lidenbrook. Hit her with Malosi. So she shouldn’t be able to cast status effects. She casts her increased health, which is ok as it is no status effect, but she also casts the health increase over several rounds, which is indicated by a status effect. Which she shouldn’t be able to.
Change this bug please.

Had she fired already before malosi hit her?

And who else was on the team?

It is because Prof. Lidenbrook’s skill cleanse before the status effect. That is why she can cast status effects even with Malosi’s ailment.


Ah. So not a bug, just a complete owerpowering of S4 heroes to make other Seasons obsolete. Well done, SG.

Cleansing first hardly makes her OP. Kage removes buffs before hitting and nobody moans about him

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Kage has been complained about since he was intrduced.

Unless I’ve been playing a different game and visiting a different forum for the last three years, he really really really hasn’t been.


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