🕵 Prof. Lidenbrock – S4 Hero – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Sounds good - I’m fielding 6 4200+ war teams - not sure if that’s considered well developed. I was leaning towards the Professor…thanks!

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So my review of the Prof.

She’s pretty tanky, heal is decent, cleanse is decent. I was chuffed to get her special in 5 tiles in the last rush war (had a lucky starting L).

But she’s not as amazing as I kinda hoped. Yes the never ending heal is nice and with a full set of mana troops it’s healing more than the card says but I don’t know. Was she as impactful as my Gullibursti +20??? I mean his hit all is a genuine life saver at times.

It’s weird to sit and compare a 4* to a 5* but I’m really on the fence. I think if I have a DoT opposite me I’d go Prof but if it’s a lot of snipers I’d be inclined to bring the war pig.

Her extra Mana is useful but so far she’s charged at the same time Gullibursti would (ghosted tiles) it’s just that singular starting L in Rush where she suddenly shined brighter.

But a defence over 900 can never be sneezed at. She’s not a must have though. If you have Viv’s costume, Gullibursti or even Woolerton you aren’t missing out I don’t think


I have just maxed her and all I can say is that she is wow! I strongly suggest you to couple her with Mica and Killhare and/or Lepus. If you are not too unlucky of lacking a single yellow stone, you could become invincible in raids. That she cleanses first and that she could give infinite health are not compareable.

However, I can not be that positive in the defensive side. My defensce with Oxyn, Frigg, Prof, BK and Dr in reverse formation mamaged to get only 28 games out of 41 last night.

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What a ridiculous thing to say. To compare Prof with Woolerton is akin to comparing a T-bone steak with a Quorn sausage.


And can you imagine, there are people who would take the Quarn sausage over the T-bone steak! :slight_smile:

With that said, I got Lidenbrock today and will max her ASAP and she will replace my fully emblemed Lady W and Gulli in most settings. I reeally wanted the professor since I have mats for her and about 1200 emblems that I was considering to put on either Grazul or Elk because I have no one else.

Well since I have all 4 and have used all 4 I think I can make a statement based on my own experience.

Woolerton as a fast healer is actually incredibly useful in certain situations.

Prof is good but she’s not OP by any stretch. If you are raiding mono and you need a yellow healer Woolerton would certainly do just as good as job.

I believe that mono attack is gambling and too risky. There is no real achievement in it, a matter of luck. The real accomplishment and strategy achieved with 3-2 or 3-1-1 etc. selection in my opinion in attack and in my experience good strategy outweighs mono. Therefore, I pointed at synergies.

Whatever works for you and your game :+1:

I like building synergy with mono teams, you don’t. No right or wrong answers here.

That’s true. Just my opinion is that mono teams do not require synergy as much as others which are less risky once the teams are more or less the same.

You still need to consider all your choices in mono. It’s not a case of just the starting board. You need to be able to play through a poor start and synergy of specials makes a massive difference. You want your buffs, debuffs, damage and heals to all work together. Sure throwing random reds might work occasionally but playing mono needs more nuance than that. Especially at 2700+ where there’s defences full of the best and can easily win when only 3 heroes left.

Have her at +14 after resetting two Rigard-C.

Been experimenting with attrition teams. Variations on three healers…current team is:
MN / Sif / Evelyn / Prof Lidenbrock / Toxicandra
Have run with Hel instead of Evelyn (put Eve in when the Daily Challenge for PoV wanted a triple up for raids, liked the result and haven’t switched back).

This gives two cleansers and a dispeller, mana boosts, protection and here am happy to have the enemy fire while the riposte is up. always fire the professor last to get the overheal…MN rezzes just in case…it is fun and it works.

If you aren’t paying attention against a Bera team, you can easily be 800 points above max health on a couple of heroes. Some of the other overheal heroes are front loaded with a much larger single heal. The reset of the oHoT is very easy to underestimate, it builds up quickly and rarely do you find an opponent that doesn’t cast ailments. Her cleanse means you don’t suffer the ailments for long but do receive the benefit.

Initially I thought she was good, towards the upper end but not one to be bowled over by.
In practice, she is top notch. I find that she pairs extremely well with another big upfront healer to really increase the odds of being overhealed.

I didn’t run her as the lone healer many times. When I did my results were poor but the sample size is small and the enemies were top tier (unlike the experimental team I was trying out).
I BELIEVE that she is best as part of a pair and have focused on that (please, please, please don’t match her with another HoT hero, the odds of wasting healing AND having a hero killed are much higher).

I’m under the assumption that you dont have her, the Prof. It might change your mind as to your comparison you’ve laid out. It seems as if you might the comparison with Melandor over Hiemdall

Well you know what they say about assuming…

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If she isn’t that good and you have better yellow healers, why 19 emblems?

I never said she wasn’t that good. I said she wasn’t OP and if you had one of the other yellow healers you are still going to do fine.

I took her to 19 because I had over 2000 cleric emblems. So I figured I’d go to the max and she how she did.

She’s solid but the HoT can be stopped and in some match ups you will want the instant heal that Woolerton or Gulli give.

Just because she’s new doesn’t mean she the best healer in the game.

Tbh if I had Vivica costume I’d strip all them emblems back and put them on Viv


Except from Bera counter, she seems to be quite good Alfrike counter. If only she wouldn’t be hit with the cube (which she can resist with her talent btw), the next turn she can clean ailments from the rest of the cursed and agonized friends and then counter the heal reduction. Can’t wait to gather 3 more darts!

Even if she’s hit with the cubes, she can undo good deal of Alfrike’s damage assuming she fired beforehand, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem with her initial starting mana. The cubes inflict statuses so as long as her OHoT isn’t dispelled, it will get its duration reset, so basically most of the damage from cubes gets healed back and that’s not counting the heal from before, and with that, three turns of Mindless should be manageable. She’s really good.


Could have added “This effect can’t be dispelled.”

Question for those who have her, would you max her emblem node to 20? Is the healing bonus just to herself (caster) or the entire team?

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It’s just for herself.

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