🕵 Prof. Lidenbrock – S4 Hero – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I have a bad luck to get useful 5* heroes. This month’s hotm Frost is like tailored for me, i have Seshat, Freya and Noor. But i didnt catch him over 50 pulls.

More than 2 months, 3 TC20 didnt give 5* hero (last 5* hero is Justice and i gave her 18 emblems).

Again, Prof can shine in other players teams but she is just not for me. She will sit down in the bench as 1/1 for years.

Well, good for you, I suppose. You’re missing out on a great 5* hero.

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Thank God for players like you, making our raid chests fill easy.

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I have +18 Neith, i believe she is better option for my defence.

On the bright side, you have the option of maxing her someday if she ever appeals to you. You are in a better situation than not having her and then wanting her.

That is a good positive approach, thank you. After catching 2 snipers (Griffin + Leonidas) i will max her.

She is way better than Vivica, so i hope my next yellow hero wont be Vivica :slight_smile:

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Neith is one of the worst hotm release, she is only good on very fast mana rules. Profesor on the other hand is on of the best healers in the game and she is much better defense team option :thinking:

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Did I mention yet how amazing the Prof is when farming hard-mode levels? :grin: There’s no end to her talents.

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Oh, she is! Just breezed through the latest 3 stages with her, Heimdall, Frigg, White Rabbit and Moreau. All 5 usually are constantly at 200% hp.

You’ll eventually get Joon and Leo. Hang tight. The Professor is an amazing and much rarer hero. You will find a use for her in the long run.


I’m currently maxing her (she is at 2/35 for the moment), and I use her a lot for farming. With Sif to boost her mana, she’s a beast (she is also my first 5* health booster, since I don’t own Heimdall nor Garnet). I can’t wait to test her in raids, and in my defensive team. Moreover, I really like her artwork. S4 heroes are very well executed.

As I own Mica and Queen of Heart, I think I will try that combination too.

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I would love to have lidenbrock to chain her healing with my killhare

Take it from my experience (and video posted above) - the combo of those three is lethal. As long as you’re patient, any matchup is winnable.

3.3%? Where does that come from?

Could have added “This effect can’t be dispelled.”

Well, now she is maxed +19, I try her in raid and in defense. All I can say is : she is a true marvel. She really shines against ennemies like Bera, Vela, Frigg, and others fast heroes that hit you with DOT or status ailments. As my Mica is only at 20/3 and a bit squishy, I tried with Sif and Queen of Hearts. Results : awesome. I beat teams that I would never have attacked before.


I got her for 100 underwild coins, and I am very happy and do not feel so bad anymore, that Vivica is still avoiding me. I also found out, that she pairs tremendously with Master Lepus, who gives himself a negative status effect and therefore resets the counter :rofl:

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That would be a bit OP I guess. A OHoT that renews every time a new status effect is inflicted and that can’t be dispelled would essentially mean that either you kill her fast (which may be problematic as she charges rather fast for the first time) or you have to deal with healing for the rest of the match.

Even without her OHoT being undispellable she is a powerhouse. I have her at +19 right now (resetted Rigard for her. He was resetted for second time, but given I still don’t have his costume, he’s outta luck) and her heal is very strong and cannot be wasted until you hit 200% of HP, but if that happens even enemy Cobalt shouldn’t be a problem. Combined with her faster first charge it’s rather lethal (or more like ‘won’t die’) combination. Can’t wait trying her in VF tourney or war.


I have Sif, Roosterly and Professor waiting for 1 more darts. I already have Viv-C maxed so is it worth doing the Professor?

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C-Viv is great…but The Prof is from another league in this meta! If you have a well developed roster, I suggest you to go with her; if not, maybe Sif could give you more options.

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