🕵 Prof. Lidenbrock – S4 Hero – 5* Holy/ Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Everyone talking about the overheal and no one’s talking about the priority cleanse, that is actually a huge deal. The first hero to get priority cleanse, heroes like malosi, mist and onyx cannot suppress her heal.


Hadn’t thought of it until you mentioned it. Thank you, just like her that little bit more right now.

Great news, if i manage to get her, maybe my Mica will see some action in the future

I dont understand ailments mentions. Only reset for me when alberich fire. Not minnions. Not attack defence buf. Nothing only work with alberich. Help me if anyone knows.

One of, it not the best bera counter in the game as of now. Perpetual healing every turn

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Fascinating story of Professor Lidenbrock synergy w/ Mica (which I do not yet have).
Incredible ability on this heal and other increases.

ty @Kalis



The overheal heroes makes all the regular healing heroes obsolete. I’ve Vivica and Raffaelle and they are pretty much done. Luckily I didn’t spent any epic mats on them and they will be sitting at 3/60 forever.

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Dont talk her to be overpowered.

  • the OHOT heals ~150 each round and thats not so much
  • a new ailment just resets the OHOT back to 4 rounds, it does NOT heal forever

So, practically yes, she is very good but be aware that the OHOT is weak, doesnt really help to heal a heavily damaged team up again.

All heroes down to 300/1600 hitpoints.

  • Rafaele heals: all get up to 800 and followed by about 300 heal 4 rounds, so… everybody is 1600/1600 and even heals some slash hits away
  • lidenbrock heals: all get up to 500, followed by 4 rounds 150, brings them up to 1100 when NO slash attacks come up

Even if some ailments hit your heroes… those 150 heal are not insanely strong.

But of course there are some funky synergies:

  • with strong minion maker bera/freya, the OHOT may work very fine
  • killhare will lower everybodies defense and therefore you have an option to enhance the OHOT intentionally up to 7 or 8 rounds :wink:

Great information… ty @Enni :sunflower:

Can you list any other heros you may realize also work great w/ her and why?

Thank you!

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Good day to all :sun_behind_small_cloud:

I hope we can have a discussion that will help us realize specifically which heros to line up with Professor Lidenbrock.

Her oHoT and other attributes considered;
What type of heros would be best aligned with her and why? Can you list some of those too?


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One idea would be to use her with Killhare. Fire the Prof, then Killhare, debuff resets the healing timer

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Hi @RGYNthePHOENIX :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s an already existing discussion thread on Professor Lidenbrock and we can continue discussions there:

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At 11.30 mins we can see her special


Got her:


Initially i thought she temporarily raises HP by 600 but no, she actually heals 200HP right away and 600 is HoT (BoT?). 800 HP heal in total is pretty nice. Also the fact that she cleanses first. She also starts with 20% mana so the first time she is effectively average. Also the thing her HoT resets upon status effects is nice as meta is crawling with Velas, GMs, Finleys, Friggs and what have you. Pretty good, especially since I have only slow healers, Grazul and Aeron (1/1 still of course).


Mica (3/70) and Prof Lidenbrock (3/45) battling a 4645TP friendly.

Mica flipping Frigg right off the rip was key.

Queen of Hearts had the OHoT on for 20 turns in a row. TWENTY!!! From the 0:55 mark (the first time Prof Lidenbrock went off) until the end of this 5:30 battle, she had the OHoT active the entire match.

c-Sabina is going to be CRUCIAL against Prof Lidenbrock moving forward.



I think she is mainly designed to counter DoTs with that OHoT. There aren’t many DoTs that do more than 150 dmg per turn. And I agree that those 20% from the start are huge, especially since she can overheal so even if she gets charged quickly she can just fire and that healing won’t be lost. Her abilities have great synergy. Still, some thought will be required to get the max out of her heal, but on defense she still should do well.


Combine the Prof with Baldur… on offense this pair should be unstoppable with some mana controll heroes… Add in any ailment-dealing heroes and off you go…

On defense I’m not sure!

Solid healer but using her means you have to stack ailment-dealers in the def team to support her skill…

Kunchen comes to mind 'cos her heal is not enough to withstand a match-three…

But a party of ailment-dealers plus the Prof should be a pita…

All easter heroes

  • killhare: resets heal for everybody (except herself)
  • lepus: is fast enough to probably keep zhe OHOT for many rounds
  • roostley, also at least resets OHOT for himself and is a holy hero like lidenbrock

Others: all heavy Minion maker of course, because they eat up damage to let the OHOT work over time

Gullinbursti, because same color, awesome hero and another overhealer.

Toxicandra because shes a fast supportin healer that helps fasten up lidenbrocks slow mana, (same counts for Ariel)

Sif because she also is holy and is a great mana boost and life insurance at the same time

[Edit]Lady Woolerton+20 maybe because her “no mana gain” does count as a debuff and she is holy, and she is fast, and she helps healing until lidenbrock is up, and probably helps bringing the team to max hp and then lidenbrocks overheal works better

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Do not forget Baldur…

So Killhare is gonna reset its 4 team members healing back to 4 times … nice!