Production Farm/Mine Question

I know I have been playing for a while now but I have quite often asked myself this question about the production timer on the mine and farm so figured today I might ask it here.

Example Scenario! So lets use a mine for this one, works the same for both.

Lets say you have 4 mine’s, 2 at level 12 and 2 at level 13 which is only 99 more iron per hour than level 12. But again the same applies if one was at say level 12 and the other at level 15 but with a great gap between them. Obviously all collected at the same time.

You have just collected all your iron and waiting for them to reload. Mine 12 produces 2800 iron per hour and mine 13 produces 2899 iron per hour, so techically they are still both set 1 hour.


Why is it then that the collect symbol pops up on the level 12 mine a few minutes before the level 13 symbol pops up if they are both set to produce a certian amount if food per hour.

Souldn’t it just mean that it produces more/faster during that hour and NOT take longer to reach that extra amount?

Or is the 1hr time factor just another uncontrollable random RNG part of the game which evades all common sense of what an hour is in real time.

On the otherhand if the symbol only pops up once it reaches it’s minimun amount which is what it appears to be doing, which then it’s NOT based on a per hour production timer in which case the written format of produced per hour would be false.

You would think that a 1 hour time worked the same for all the levels no matter how much was being produced and the system would just increase the amount being priduced during that time.

It could be a percentage of the production per hr when the collect button shows up. I have no idea tho.

Whilst I haven’t specifically tested it I have been under the impression that the bubble appears above Farms and Mines once they have produced 10% of their maximum storage capacity but my observations are far from any standard of scientific rigor. Someone who has been observing more closely would have a better idea.


I don’t know the correct number but I agree that the timer is based on percentage of capacity.

When we upgrade mine/farm, the capacity is increased larger than the production, so higher level farm/mine have longer timer.

Ok, well if does work on a percentage bases then it does make more sense.

Had to ask, now I know as we all do,lol.



Flag/ Pop up ( Resource )

You can collect at any time you have 1 resource available from production ( see notes ).

Pop up is white at 10% - 99% of Production Storage Capacity and yellow at 100%.


You can actually collect every second on a farm level 20 ( and mine level 20 ). The production per hour just needs to be 3600+.

Gryphonkit, my wife, will collect from all her farms when she needs a little more food, but the 10% pop up has not appeared. Same with iron.


( Any time resource collection or Collect buttons and 10% / 100% indicators or Collecting from Production buildings ( Farm/ Mine/ Advanced house) )


Thanks but I aware of all of that, I just didn’t know why they where popping up at different times but niw I kniw it’s percentage based then the question has been answered.


Another option I had requested sometime was, let there be a production meter on each mine and farm, such as it is in the watch tower.

Then it can be seen clearly, the rates and when they are going to be full.

The production meter can just replace the description.


Can we have production timer for farms and mines? It will be very much useful. As of post above mentioned, its something like the watch tower where we can see xxx number/full amount.

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