Processing and response time issues

It has progressively become worse in recent months. There is a noticeable period of time between activating certain things and having them occur.

The splash screen (initial load time) displays for longer. Although, that seems to have improved.

What started as an occasional studder between tapping “play” and the level starting has now become several seconds every time.

Certain specials take so long to register that a 3 match combo can finish first. The numbers show up for each combo hit, then comes the special’s numbers along with dispell or whatever else. Might just be a visual thing, I’m not sure.

In the most recent Mythic Titan, several members in my alliance said that using items took so long that their score was impacted. (The rewards are so skewed that I don’t hit it more than once).

Mine is pretty rapid, as usual. Any chance you’re playing on a slower device?

Have you updated to Version 45 ?

It fixes these issues related to events.

I use a Galaxy S9 and everything is up-to-date.

The load time isn’t excessive, just longer. And the amount of time has fluctuated with the release of updates.

The specials are apparently by design. Devana, for example, just takes forever. Similar to anyone with Creeping Vines.

The Mythic Titan issue has been addressed and, I guess, fixed. Again, I see using items on it as a waste and usually only hit it once.

There’s still a delay in the levels starting. Only 2-5 seconds so, not a big deal. But it didn’t exist on this device nor the one before over about 4 years.

I have noticed lately slight delays in raids between hitting ‘Attack’ and the battle starting.

But there has been so much added to the game lately I put it down to bloat.

Its so bad that if I quickly tap 2 charged heroes, the second won’t activate. Both pics will bounce to acknowledge they’ve been pressed but only the first one will go off.

I sent 6 different videos of it occurring to support. They said there’s no issue.

But what started my conversation with support was that my PoV counter went from 24 to 26. I had all 3 daily tasks complete and collected them too quickly. Unfortunately, no pics for evidence. And they said my account was credited with the full 450 points.

In the next PoV, I’ll see about replicating the event and have pics this time. But they’ll probably just say there’s no issue.

It’s different from the topic. But that wasn’t my first time getting shrugged off by support.

I reported a problem about the Ninja Tower a while back. My hero became cursed after beating the boss level. I matched shields, they died, the curse shield still went off and effected my hero.

Support claimed that multiple people would report it or they would’ve caught it in development. Basically, they said there’s no issue. When they fixed it in the next update, I contacted them again. All they did was ignore what I said and thanked me for being a very active player.

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