Problems with using Skadi or Frank

I don’t know is this bug or it is normal but whan Vivica or Freya or some other heroes put defence up it puts also defence up on minions, it is so difficult than to kill any minions.

You need to use other heroes like attack up/defence down for skadi to get the kill. She alone cannot ensure minion kills. Don’t know why this is under bug thread

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As far as I know this is because the damage is calculated with the stats of the hero who owns the minion, not on minions stats…

Like @Tidyup said, you need atk+ or def down (ideally kiril or kiril costume) in order that Skadi / Franck can kill the minion and put the stack on opponent…
or you weaken the minion health with some low attack power aoe hero and finish the minion then with Skadi / Franck

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Skadi kils OK, I use kiril for attack up, but if vivica make defence up than I can’t kill any minions no meter what i use kiril before, that what im asking is it defence up puts also on minions

Defence is from the defence of the hero. Any damage from that hero, the minion will take the damage. Kiril only boosts 30% attack, while against vivica’s +63% defence. The only way to counteract defence up is defence down

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You can use a dispeller ( Sabina, Melendor) to dispell Vivicas defense buff before you hit with Frank or Skadi.

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I often use costume kiril then skadi when firing, charge at the same time (assuming no sorcerer debuff gets applied).

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