Problems with Proteus

I was wondering if anyone has been having issues with Proteus not working. I see the symbol when he hits the enemy, and they aren’t mana full, then able to attack on next turn.

Do you have pictures? Mine is working properly.
A few reasons could explain what you are seeing :

  • mana already full, so he can cast
  • monk talent can resist ailments
  • Cleric talent can resist mana block
  • blindness from Joon, Hu, Justice, Danza, Bane, etc
  • Wu or Ranvir’s special can cause special to miss

These are some reasons crossing my mind right now that could prevent Proteus from working.


They can still attack, just can’t fire their skill for three turns.

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I don’t have pictures, but I will take some screenshots next time. Their mana wasn’t full. I checked to see if they could resist, didn’t see that.

This was the team I was fighting. Open and Kiril left. Proteins hit. They were on 2. Next turn they both attacked. I still won, but didn’t think they could hit me.

They can still auto attack or slash attack. They just won’t gain more mana.


How is it possible to attack without mana?

When the counter goes to 1, that hero will do a basic “slash” attack. It has nothing to do with specials or mana. Its their version of tile damage.


Poseidon’s skill also add a resist mana effect, so only the DoT of your Proteus’s skill works
And the visual of both skill on the hero card are very similar


Totally unhelpful comment, but I am just loving that over-helpful autocorrect. Not sure who Opens is (surely it can’t be Colen as he wasn’t dead!), but Proteins will have me chuckling for some time. I still haven’t got over the time I read a thread about the usefulness of Oatmeal, although Kitchen is a bit too obvious.

Hmm, this should maybe be a thread… of course there probably is one already. (I did search but couldn’t find one specifically. I did find Luncheon as an alternative to Kitchen, though. Luncheon seems funnier somehow.)

Heroes on defense don’t move tiles, so they don’t get to damage your team back with tiles. Instead, their normal attack is a “slash attack” that they get when the little number by them hits 1.

The slash attack will hit one of your team members as hard as 3 neutral tiles by that one single hero would have. Defense doesn’t get to color stack, and slash attacks don’t have strong or weak colors.

It is not a special attack, however. Special attacks have larger animations than the slash attacks. Proteus does not stop slash attacks. It’s just like Proteus on defense doesn’t stop you from doing damage with tiles. Proteus only stops special attacks.

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yes, they can fire their skill if their mana bar is full.

All they can’t do is gain mana.

Yea I agree it’s funny. Hate autocorrect tried to send email stating Colen not open,(didn’t notice Protein)lol, but it was too short of an email, and thought, wtfe. Lol

If Proteus is about to fire and you can’t stop it, get your Rigard or whoever to full mana in time. Rigard can then purify, taking care of the DOT and allowing your heroes to gain mana again. This works even if Rigard was hit by Proteus.

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I have noticed the same mistake with Hel. Opponents have no resistance, no evasion, no benefit to Poseidon. Even so, they continue to gain mana and the mana restriction symbol does not appear.

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