Problems with Old account Need to recover

I got a new Iphone ( not an upgrade Brand new phone and number )and don’t have access to my old number or email, therefore I can’t log into my old account. ( forgot password) Is there anyway to recover my old account? Spent a lot of money getting where I’m at and hate to loose it

If it was IPhone to IPhone it should be automatic.

I just upgraded from my XR to a 12 Pro yesterday and it was really simple. Put the phones together, transferred data and boom - sorted. Logged me straight back in.

Android to Apple I have no clue about though I’m afraid. I know Apple is all through its game centre…but no idea how Android works


Easiest way is to log-in to your Game Centre account on your new phone. Then install the game and it should import progress immediately if you had it synched on your old phone.

If you are switching from Android → Apple see here: Move progres Apple/Android

Otherwise you will have to #contact-support via in game; click hashtag for instructions or visually:


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