Problems with my Scarlett's full power

Hi. I have reach the full Scarlett´s power. My attack is 880, my talent grid is 19. However, in spite of that her power doesn’t reflects on the attacks!!! She´s my worse heroe when attacking. I really don´t understand what it means to have 880 attacking power! Even on the alliance my Scarlett is the heroe that has the strongest attacking power, but it doesn’t seem to be real. Please could you review what´s wrong with this heroe?
I send you a picture of my Scarlett. Tks a lot.

Can you take screenshots of her damage compared to someone else?

Who should she be stronger than?

We’d need some numbers to compare and suggest a solution.

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yup. Give me an hour and I’ll upload a few

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Here are some examples. All of this heroes strikes powerfully than my Scarlett even though mine has more attack power.
Look at Azlar’s Attack power. Not even his damage percentage is higher than mine!!! His damage includes every enemy and it´s powerful than Scarlett’s!!!

Hope this helps.

It is true that Scarlett 880 attack is higher than Azlar 823 attack, but you also need to check the attack after boost from troop is applied.

While Azlar skill is only 205%, it hit all enemies equally 205%.

Meanwhile, Scarlett only hit 215% on main target, to the other heroes beside the target it is only 107.5%. On the other hand, she fire faster.

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Ok, can you show some screenshots of this in action?

Here’s my Scarlett with an attack similar to yours after the troop bonus is applied. Does yours do more or less damage?

Can you show Azlar hitting the same enemy as well?

Here’s the best direct comparison I could do

In the same situation, my Evelyn does 210% damage with an attack of 878, compared to Scarlett’s 215% damage with an attack of 889.

And the result is what I’d expect - Scarlett did 584 compared to Evelyn’s 575.

Bear in mind there’s an unknown variable that alters all attacks slightly, too.

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