Problems viewing Mystic Vision - July 26 2018

again I can not look at the secret vision

Serena, this was updated on Small Giant’s Support/FAQ site two days ago.

‘We are aware of the issue that prevents some players from seeing ads on the Mystic Tower. Please note that there might be limited availability of the ads based on your location. In some cases the issue is temporary, so if you’ve just encountered it, please try again a bit later.’

the link is here if you want to keep an eye out for updates.

Im also dealing with this. A few days ago I was able to view this,but now I can’t

again I can not look at the secret vision, 1 weeks,

That happened to me this morning, I closed the game and reloaded it and was able to look at it


have a the same problem cant watch te vision. Please hepl me. I reload the gamę it dasn’t work

I am also having a.c. issue with music Ch view. It will load the ads but not play them but it’s been going on for the last month so it had not been temporary for me at least

Usually just takes it a minute. I do something else and come back to it and it typically fixes itself.

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