Problems since recent update

Since update for iOS 2 days ago, UK, chat keeps disappearing. Also after update it showed that I was no longer in alliance, had to rejoin and showed that I had left when I hadn’t even been in the game or pressed the button.

Hi Lor,

Based on the player feedback, in 1.6 (the latest update) we changed how the preview pop-up of chat is shown. The preview shows either Alliance or Global Chat - depending on which chat you had open last.

Regarding the other issue, are you sure that you weren’t kicked out of the Alliance?

No, I wasn’t kicked out as I requested to rejoin and was accepted and saw previous comments asking why I had left and saw the system update saying that I had left!

Actually this has happened to me even before the update, and I believe at least once on 1.6.

When the chat screen is populated I typically see “system” type events (i.e. my alliance made got a level, or a titan has appeared, or the description was updated) and then the rest of the chat screen populates.

Occasionally the rest of the chat screen, namely the typical social alliance chatter never appears.

I’m assuming that the data is being pulled from two different sources or at least two different requests, and that second one gets hung at some point with either a connection issue or I suspect more likely some sort of overloaded server or application hang.

Usually it corrects itself fairly quickly, though it is a repeatable event during the duration (switch to global, switch back, system messages still no user chatter). I will try to screen shot it next time it happens, or maybe one of the other people who sees it (I’ve seen it reported in global before) may catch it.

Seen it perhaps 4 times since starting playing, approximately once every two weeks give or take.

Edit: this might be a different issue than what the OP was describing, mea culpa.

Hi there, I have galaxy s5 and have the display jump glitch. Have to restart phone to fix. Also cannot log in on wifi. Have to load on data and switch to wifi after log in

Hi, I am new here and don’t know if this is where I should post. I leveled up from 27 to 28, but the game did not refill my flags like it normally does. Why did this happen??

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Android. Кэш уже чистили и телефон перезагружали. Ничего не помогает