Problems since PoV

Did not have any problems prior to PoV
Since PoV started, I started having blacked out spaces and other problems. Performed a factory reset on my device (currently using less than 3 out of 25 GB) and deleted caches. Blacked out spaces problem corrected. But, I have lagging at times and have different ejections scenarios: get ejected to initial screen with fortress (can continue to play), or get ejected to shrunken screen which sometimes allows me to return to play but mostly reconnects, or ejected then automatically begins to reconnect, or ejection back to my desktop (without reconnection). When connecting, book cover comes on, the welcome bubble comes on (using my previous screen name) ,the initial fortress screen comes on, freezes, darkens, returns to initial brightness, the welcome bubble comes on again (still using my previous screen name), freezes again, and then continues into the game. I only use this device for this game, Reddit, and research. I don’t do social media or stream videos/music. I have no problems outside of the game. Got ejected twice (with automatic reconnection, while writing this. [time=22:15 date=2020-03-03 timezone=“America/Chicago”]

I’m getting this every time I go to attack in war

That is one of the screens I get also

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