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Hello good morning, from the beginning we have always had problems with the pairing in the wars, but this was the straw that spilled the glass.

for this case it is notorious that the alliance to overcome exceeds 10 times the power of my alliance and it should be noted that the war score does not really work correctly … among these problems it is well known that there are 12 levels between 40 and almost 60 while in my alliance 1 level 42 and stop counting.
My alliance

Enemy alliance

I hope you understand my frustration, that of my alliance and of many people who go through this problem almost always and do not know how to make this kind of publications, thank you in advance. Best regards
please keep in mind before answering that the war is going to be played with 18 players, the power of the highest troops and the strongest heroes

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Maybe some players not participate? You must wait for saw that.


I’m sorry friend, but your answer is not enough, if some users do not play they should be the lowest level … equally thanks

They don’t need to have low levels, everyone can leave war if he/she want

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the problem is not who enters or leaves the war, it is the pairing of the war, please no excuses, no incoherent answers, I hope you have this problem in mind, I will continue publishing our discontent when the management of the system fails to put the alliances

His point is that you don’t know what the pairing really looks like until you see who is actually participating in the war. The pairing algorithm takes into account who is opted out.

If you have only 18 participating from your side, that means that 5 of your players are opted out and 4 of theirs are opted out.

Additionally, you all have a higher war score than they do. So either you have been winning a lot and they have been losing a lot, or the bench depth of the opted-in players on both sides is pretty close.


Then do not rely on what they really say when it comes to matching! just based on war score … where they leave the strongest heretics or teams etc. … there is really a failure. I will be posting as soon as the war begins to retract or keep posting my disagreement when making the match.
Thanks for your time!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. What Small Giant has published as the criteria for matching is:

  • Top 30 heroes of each opted-in player, with extra weight given to the strongest hero of each color
  • Best troop of each color for each opted-in player
  • Win-loss record of the alliance (this covers the last 10 wars)

This all goes into calculating the war score, and matches are done based on war score at the time when matchmaking is done. But the war score you see displayed isn’t frozen at matchmaking. It is allowed to continue moving.

Players who leave or join the alliance after matchmaking will affect the war score shown for the alliance, but that doesn’t change who is participating in the war.

Sounds good. I’ll definitely be interested to see how the match on the field looks, and how the war progresses.


I apologize for posting late, effectively predicted … lost war !! the difference of power is exisive, please solve the matches.
we love the game, but it’s boring to attack in a war when you know what the outcome will be. Thank you very much for paying attention to my problem

Both alliance used all/close number of flags? Your alliance or they alliance have a strategy? Like 1 color tanks, cleaning board?

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