Problems loading game after upgrade to V62 running in Bluestacks


After trying a few more options I found that creating a new Bluestacks instance based on Android 11 and setting the graphics and interface renderer to DirectX seems to resolve the problem for now.

Thanks StrontiumDuck et al. :star_struck:

I was having the same Small Giant loading-screen stall as many since the Nov7 E&P app update in Bluestacks5 (BS5) on my Windows10 PC. :frowning_face:

Tried making BS5 setting adjustments in both Nougat64 & Nougat32 instances with no luck. Note: I have NOT enabled Hyper-V on my Dell Win10Pro PC, but I do have all Virtualization Support options enabled in the BIOS setup (Boot-F2). I usually have no problems playing E&P on BS5 Nougat64.

Well at least the latest E&P updates run fine on my tablet, so been playing on the small screen for the last couple days while searching for a PC/BS5 fix.

Anyway, as suggested, I created a new Android11 instance in BS5 and set Graphics to DirectX (I left Interface on Auto). Logged-in to Google Play Store then installed the E&P app. E&P is once again loading successfully & running fine ‘for now’ on my PC … WooHoo !! :smiley: