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Hello there!

Since my currect Alliance was dying, I applied to another one and about 1 minute later, I got a pop-up that I had an invite to join an Alliance. I naturally just assumed it was from the ones I had applied to, but it turned out it was just some random Alliance, so I left it. I then tried to re-apply to the other Alliance, but I’m just getting the message that I’ve already applied to this Alliance.

I’ve also gotten confirmation from one of my previous Alliance members that’s moving over with me, and is in the Alliance right now, that they had tried inviting me, but I’m getting no such invite and I’m still getting the message that I still have applied to that Alliance.

So is there a fix to this or is this basically ruined forever?

With love,

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Welcome to the forum, If your mate can get in to the alliance. Get them to say you want to join aswell they will have to change there alliance to open so you can get into it,
Good luck

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Yes, this is the solution. Good luck!

Aha, I see. So if they don’t change it to Open, then I can’t join basically? I guess my invitation is sort of just stuck in the ether now where I can’t re-apply and they can’t re-invite, but my application to join is still pending? But OK, I’ll see if I can get a hold of someone and tell them. Thank you!

You might also want to check you have the required minimum amount of cups. If its invite only, you won’t be able to join if you have less than this level. :thinking:

Setting the alliance to open or lowering the minimum cup requirement would work too.

This part stands out as rather odd. As far as I’m aware there currently still isn’t an option to just invite people to join an alliance.

Also as far as I’m aware, you have to request to join an alliance if they’re ‘invite only’, and even then you can only request if you meet their minimum trophy count. If you don’t meet their minimum trophy count then you can’t even request to join. And even if you do meet that trophy count, someone in that alliance of at least Elder status has to accept the request.

At the very least, something odd is going on.

It’s like popping ad, when you are not in ally. Which says this ally want you to join or something like that. I think, that ally there is selected randomly, noone really send message just game sending it.

Yep, it’s this.

Once you have attempted to join an alliance, you need to wait a set amount of time before you can request to join again. (I think 10 hours). I believe that this is to prevent players from basically spamming alliances that have rejected their request. Just make sure that you meet the cup requirement before you try again.

The alliance can’t invite you. It’s just a poorly worded game thing. If they’d like to have you join sooner than the game enforced ‘cool off’, the alliance would need to change their status to open.

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It’s been sorted now. I got them to change it to Open and that should obviously fix any problems with requesting to join, so thanks for the tip!

I should also clarify that I’m not a total noob. I’ve played for about 1,5 years and have 2300 cups and the requirement was 600 cups. And it’s also like someone said, that if you don’t meet the requirement, then you can’t even request to join.

But yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. I left my Alliance and applied to theirs, and about 1 minute later I had a pop-up to join some Alliance. I didn’t think much of it and just pressed accept, but that turned out to be another Alliance. And that’s when the troubles started.

But like I said, it’s all sorted now, so thank you :slight_smile:


The pop up happens when players go nekkid. It’s a fancy little pop-up box that says “This alliance wants you!”. It’s really only a suggestion from the game server

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