Problems in war

In our alliance we are 29, since before the timer had activated, how come we can only deploy 28 players


Someone have opted out from war. So he don’t show on map.

I have the same problem!
I’ve found out that the sistem puts out from this upcoming war ! I’m not sure if I it’s a bug , or I’m pushed that button by mistake, and if I did it’s probably from over playing the game , and if there was any alarm that shows me that issue! For sure it wouldn’t happened! It is really painful for me that I can’t help my alliance to win this war . And I wish that SG will change that before the war starts! So maybe I can make a different for my alliance for this upcoming war .

If you were not part of the matchmaking, then it wouldn’t be fair to let you enter the war.

I understand it’s highly frustrating, two of my alliance mates had similar problem in last war. If you think you didn’t opt out, then you could create a support ticjet.

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No one has given up … Then the player is missing and a constant !!

He is the one that is missing. As you can see, she’s been part of the 14-day alliance

Maybe she turned off her AW

I’m here to post that this has happened in our Alliance. We are up against an alliance with 28 players, and like you we too have 29. One of our top players was randomly put in spectator mode this war. Now it’s 28 vs 28. I sure hope this is coincidence and not randomly selecting a member to opt out to even the match (random theory).


Honestly I do not think it’s a bug in the game … Even our and one of the strong players … And we are very sorry! He did not select anything, he did not go out of the alliance and he was mere in spectator mode and that’s it.

I would contact Game Support to ask them about this:

(Scroll to the bottom and click the “Submit a Request” link in blue.)