Problems after new update

Just downloaded the new update today and now my game keeps either freezing up or kicking me. Been having problems with screen jumping sometimes and have to restart phone now this…PLEASE FIX!!!


please submit a ticket to customer support - the forum is not the right place for this…

The game crash after update

The heroes card


I did submit a ticket…but umm…how is this not the right place to say something about a problem? Bugs and Issues…pretty sure this fits in that category…


After Last Update (1.12.5 Built 733 ) in raids when wanted to revenge it says you cannot attack right now. However the enemy last active is 4 hours ago, 5 hours ago etc…

Because they haven’t updated to the new version yet.

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And I have no intention of upgrading until they fix the minion bug.

Same afraid to raid because it crashes and I lose my flag. If I try to summon everything is fuzzy and the game crashes. Connection issues.

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Same here lost titan hits and raid hits

Just updated to latest version. Halfway through battle phone went completely black but could still hear the game background music. Had to restart game. Lost the energy … first time game has crashed on me.

I also updated and can’t connect to the game at all now. Version 1.12.5 Build 386

Ребята! Ну это уже совсем беспредел! После обновления пошла на войну! В итоге первый бой, игру просто выбило, написали сервер не доступен. Второй бой, поле загрузилось, а противник нет. Пришлось самой игру перезагружать! Минус две сильные команды и ноль на счету! Верните команды! Мы не должны терять ресурсы из-за ошибок системы! С интернетом все отлично!:рыдать: Очень обидно!

@petri can we get some answers on this please? Haven’t gotten a response to the ticket I filed either :disappointed:

Could be the known display glitch. Have you checked this topic out?

I have but thank you. The display glitch is my other problem where the screen just starts jumping around all of a sudden sometimes. Mine has been doing that every so often for a while now. I can restart my phone and it stops so I can deal with that. Can’t deal with this :confused:

I’m with you. I downloaded new update, and now I can’t even open the game. I’ve cleared my cookies and rebooted my phone, but I still can’t access game. If I try to open in play store, it sends me right back to playstore. If I open from my game screen, it kicks me right back to that. I’d love to submit a problem ticket through the game forum, but it’s kind of impossible since I can’t open the game. This is one of my favorite games, but I’ll be deleting it soon if it’s only purpose is to take up space on my phone.


Got the same problem! When I was bitten titan the game just stucked and I get 0 points for my attack!

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