Problemi di perdita attacchi in guerra

Hello support, I write here to specify 2 technical observations, and I also demand an answer.
First of all I present myself as the leader of the alliance vittorius)) Equilibrium ((given the various situations of loss of attacks in the war of alliances, we are practically very sorry that the attacks are not counted, and that when the connection falls lose the ’ We agree but when you have a great connection you make 2 attacks and the third you beat the opposing team and gives you 0 points and in addition you can not reuse the heroes, you allow but the situation makes you angry … that there are people who do not want to wage war and more when they are pushed to do it for the group spirit … !! And the attacks are lost and the pleasure and the desire to play are reduced. So I ask you to make up for it. the bugs during the war to be able to enjoy the game, for the leaders of alliances this is important, because in this way we are not trying to motivate the participation of the allies in battle …

See if it is linked with this problem

So support, I have the proof that the lost vain attacks have made the resumption of my combat, which I will post so you can see how it ends, I already say it and annoying because you have to strive a lot for everything in the game, you can not make the what a little more pleasant ??? Then I take this opportunity to tell you that I have spent more than 25,000 gems per alaise and I could not get it !!! Why??? Give us some more margin in the odds because there really are a lot of players pissed off, including me and half of my alliance.

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