Problem with war

Click on the link below:

Visit any article and scroll to the bottom to click on “Submit a Request”, as I’ve shown below:

Thank you so much for your help…I am fairly new to the game so I really appreciate your help

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You’re very welcome! Have a good look around the forums, especially the guides as you’ll find some really useful information there.

Happy gaming!

Is anyone else having issues in the Wars with them kicking people out mid fight? My alliance is complaining that they are being booted out in the middle of attacks and therefore getting handed the lose with no points. I haven’t had it happen to me personally but wanted to see if anyone is having the same issue. We have lost 7 Wars in a row now because of it and people are starting to leave the alliance.

We’ve only had one member with issues of losing his connection but we think it’s his device.

Why are they leaving your alliance because of it? If it’s a bug they can’t blame it on the alliance, can they?

Same thing happened to 2 alliance mates. Total 6 flags wasted so far… this sucks.

Add me to the list. Was kicked from the game mid-fight on my fifth flag.

We just had it happen to a player. Kicked off and his team was stuck on it for 5 minutes. Luckily ee weren’t trying to clear their board.

It usually happens at least once during a war … I call it the war bug! It’s been like that for months.

Our allaince having same issue no hits are registering . 14 hit combo and enemy lost no health

They are leaving because of the loss of wars I guess, not due to the bug issues.

Seems a drastic response to a bug.

@princess1 yes I also sent in a problem request

@Legitmr happened to me on two of my flags

Yet again my team edit is gone, i opted in war matching is happening i get this.

I have complained about this for a week or more. I see i am not alone, i have spent several hundred dollars playing this game, being cheated on a continued basis is not going to prompt more spending, by me i intend to spread the word that no effort is forth coming. To date all response has been maybe it is my device, why then are there more than 30 posts about the war being broken?

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After your last post on this issue, I advised you to submit a support ticket to Small Giant and showed you how to do that. Have you submitted a ticket yet?

@Garanwyn yes I submitted a ticket and have heard no response

@Kerridoc do u think u could tag them in this thread again I have submitted a problem request and have had no response as of yet thank you in advance for your help

The forum can make things a little unclear sometimes. I was actually replying to BigAndFurry1. I saw above that you had submitted a ticket a couple of days ago. Hopefully, they get back to you soon.

Has anyone gotten any update from dev about the bug?

@oHms no I haven’t i have submitted a problem request but haven’t heard anything yet

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