Problem with war

War is horribly messing up after the new update … I was kicked out for first flag ( lost my whole team and flag)…second flag it wasn’t registering any of my red hits ( had a full rainbow) …and third flag wasn’t registering my yellow hits ( had a full rainbow)

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I’ve also noticed hits not registering even in raids, quests and against Titan

I am not happy …this needs to be fixed …yes and they had not even hit me yet so there was nothing to lower my attacks

Just happened to an allaince mate, just got kicked from fight for no reason, and this matchup was hugely lop sided to start with, could have used all the help we could have gotten, not have a weight tied to your leg.

Well hopefully they will address it…I basically lost all 3 flags and all 3 teams and got 26 points and I have a few good teams…but it wasn’t registering my hits

I lost a 2 flags and my 2 best combination of heros,without using, bcoz of your connection server error, plz fix this issue ,

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Cant make a new topic, but at War my Wu Kongs ability was not working… Wu Kongs ability was active, but counter colour hits still registered ~42 points instead of the usual 300-400 (Elena Vs. Green hero)

Enemy had a lower defence debuff active against my heroes, but usually that doesn’t affect Wu Kongs ability.

Yeah maybe they will address the bugs with this new update…it seems to have many bugs …I got messed up with war as well …

@ tharock me too… … kicked me out of very first match and wouldn’t register my hero hits

@petri @sara @mhalttu — this looks like a systematic bug. Could someone at HQ please have a look?


@Kerridoc thank you for addressing this so quickly

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Unfortunately it’s Saturday—even in Finland.

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@Kerridoc yes but I appreciate your efforts and speedy response

Sorry slightly deviating from the OPs post but we have had players unable to access the war (he’s been on the team for ages, the war box is ticked etc). Not sure if it’s a bug or not…

We have a player who won the attack and wasn’t awarded the points. :(.

Yeah the new update has some serious issues

My first 3 war attacks have been wasted. Went to attack the other teams half way through and the game glitched & kicked me out of the match went to go back into the attack but I had lost 1 war attack each time & my heroes had been used even though the game crashed. Noticed that the other team I was attacking on all occasions I got booted there were blurry heroes in the other team, don’t know whether this has something to do with the glitch.

It really sucks as my alliance is currently losing this current war & im one of the heavy hitters for my alliance so my points matter greatly in wars as I tend to go for the higher teams & catch us up, can’t do that now because of this glitch. So not happy.

Just wondering if either of you have sent a support ticket? If not, it would be a good idea - include screenshots, timezone/date/time it occurred.

Also, bear in mind it is the weekend so you may not get a valid response for another day.

I don’t know how to do that I would be happy to if u would be so kind and explain it to me …thank I in advance

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Yeah it did the exact same thing to me …

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