Problem with update

Today i cant open game, on start i get msg “Good news there is a new version available in the store”
When i go to google store there is no update
I miss my tour hits titan hits everything this start at 6 am Central Europe zone
I restart phone, game, hit phone nothing is helping

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Same problem with me. I unstall and install and nothing happens. South East Asian time about 4pm. (Im using android phone)

Same. For 3 days now… can’t log in, can’t play because it wants to download an update that does not exist. Incompetent.

Does somebody from devs will do something. It is sad that nobody answer for one day. I am playing game with bluestack but i dont want to play this game from computer, have much better games on him…

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Bluestacks also dont work… 3 years of play a lot of money given to game and now nothing, great work guys !!!

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They solved my problem today
Send offical ticket on this link

While I am glad to be playing again I am still really tilted by this blunder. For 5 days I was unable to log in because of this update nonsense.

  • 5 titans missed
  • 5 days of PoV progress down the drain
  • Alliance war with 6 unused flags
  • Several raid tournament days missed.
  • 2 days of Valhalla Forever farming missed
  • 1 day of Wonderland missed

And all the other little things in between. Ridiculous.

Sometimes this happen with me, then I clean the Play Store app cache, wait about 1 minute, then the update option appear. Yesterday happened again, i made this process and was able to update my game, I’m Android user

Agreed. Hope this isn’t S4 thing, will we all be in for a treat.

Me got my update yesterday. V36.
But me hadnt face any problems playing the game??! It was smoothly running even there was an update yet to done!!!
Now im on v36. Its smooth as well.
Im on android!!!:thinking::thinking:

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