Problem with Tokens

I have a question i lost my old account and I had to make a new one and I made it to level 22 since I started the my new account I haven’t gotten a epic hero token did empire and puzzles make it hard to get because. I haven’t gotten a epic hero token I just keep getting troop summonings and just daily summonings. It is getting annoying.

No. Just bad RNG.
No fun that you experienced this but not much more to it.

Mine was different, but same result vanished or missing where’d it go? So, that’s why I’m replying. It occurred yesterday night around/between 9:30 -10p on a quest mission and was very challenging which I won got all the nice prizes including either an epic troop or hero token, I go to the summons and it’s not there. I posted under vanishing rewards/ tokens & reported it , just waiting to hear back from support. I understand, it is frustrating!!!

I fully understand you, I am getting one EHT every, idk, 3 months?

Wow, I think SG has slowed on gaining & more on certain quest/events to obtain then, especially if you pay!!! Good thing I’m a free to play & have the patience…lol to obtain them!!!

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